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L’Oreal Double Extend Mascara

I picked up Loreal Double Extend mascara at the height of my mascara addiction. I have quite a few on the go and this one got lost at the bottom of the drawer.


Left: With mascara Right: Without

I mentioned in a video that this product was a nightmare to remove. I received about a hundred comments from people telling me that it clearly states on the package that warm water is needed to get this stuff off. Who reads mascara packaging?

I have revived this mascara, my initial intention was to use it up before it expired. My experience:

The good:

  • I loved applying this mascara. I like the idea of the white conditioning later
  • It made a huge difference to the length of my lashes after only one coat
  • The black coat needs to applied immediately after the white or it goes clumpy
  • It lasted all day with no fading, smudging or flaking
  • It didn’t irritate my eyes
  • Widely available and reasonably priced

The bad:

Impossible to remove with eye make-up remover or wipes. It does state that warm water lifts the mascara right off. My dilemma is that there is rarely warm water in my tank by the time I’m removing my make-up. Last night I had to boil the kettle to take it off. That is a major downside to this mascara for me. The water ran down my arms as I wiggled the lashes (I hate that!). It also came off in tubes of product which frightened me as I thought I was pulling out lashes.

The bottom line:

I do love the effects but because of the removal process I won’t use this everyday. I think I’ll save it for special occasions. Loreal have a newer version of this mascara which comes in a blue tube, I think I’ll give that one a try.

What is your favourite mascara? Have you tried Loreal Double Extend?

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