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Love for Lip Gloss

I’m in love… with lip gloss. I am a self confessed lip gloss addict, admittedly I have been enjoying lipstick quite a lot lately. I find it’s hard to find a gloss consistency that everyone likes. Personally I enjoy a slightly tacky gloss that isn’t too sheer or too sticky. Sticky is good for staying paying whilst sheer glosses look really pretty for about 2 minutes and then they’re gone.

Enter my new love…

The Body Shop Love Gloss (sounds way fancier in French ‘Gloss Coeur’ Ooh la la). I was expecting these to be sheer and pretty with little staying power, I’m not sure why. I am delighted to report that I was wrong. They smell divine, add subtle dimension to my lips and are slightly tacky so they have great staying power. I was wearing the clear pink on Easter Sunday and it was still on after dinner, impressive.

I knew I would love the peach and pink. I thought I was going to hate the  purpley looking one and the brown but they are very pretty on, take a look at some swatches:


Left to right: No 16 , No 15, No 17, No 02, No 01 (would love if they had names, that always makes products more memorable)


PIC_1227The best thing about these for me, other than staying power and scent, is the applicator. I know people are fussy about their applicator choice, some girls like brush tips, some doe foot. Once the colour is good, I’m, easy. I have never come across an applicator like this one though.



At first I though it was  going to be difficult to apply, it wasn’t. The little hole in the middle stopped mountains of product clinging to the applicator, that sometimes happens with my doe-foot glosses. The tip at the top is great for me as I like to bring a soft gloss right around the line of my cupids bow, this makes my lips look fuller.

No 15 is my favourite at the moment (closely followed by No 17). I have been wearing it over Victoria Secret Satin Sheets, Natural Collection Apple Blossom and MAC Shy Girl (pictured below).


Love Gloss gets my love!

What is your favourite gloss? Do you wear it alone or over a lipstick?

Le grá,

Amy x

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  • Laura J

    I went shopping with my mum and she has some of these and they look great on her so they are on my shopping list now too. I really want the purple colour. My mum is the one who I inherited my make up addiction from!
    My current favourite lipgloss is the Mac cultureclash lipglass from the spring colour forcast collection (pink)

  • Lyndsey

    My current fave is by E.L.F and is one of their mineral lipglosses in Trendsetter. I then dab a little bit of a lighter sheen Rimmel gloss in the centre of my lips – it has been well used and as a result has non of the print left on the tube!!

    • Amy

      @Lyndsey Sounds gorgeous! Really like their mineral glosses

  • lorraine

    @aoife, thanks aoife il keep that in mind, next time im at a benefit counter. yeah it does suck when the nice colours get discontinued, i luv the smell and taste of kiss me. i hope the new ones are similar.

  • Desi

    I discovered these glosses about two months ago and although I have bought only one, it has become my favorite gloss. Mine is #13, which looks exactly like #15 on your pictures. I love the scent as well, it reminds me of a grapefruit, but the sweet part, if you know what I mean. I like to wear it on its own or with a lipstick, again from the body shop in #54. x

    • Amy

      @Desi Oooh never tried any of the lipsticks, yet haha

  • Anita

    wow these lip glosses look very pretty! i’ve never seen them before, but then again i haven’t ventured into my local Body Shop to checkout their makeup in a while. i like their body products but don’t usually pay much attention to their makeup line. thanks for the review! xx

    • Amy

      @Anita No problem Anita thanks for stopping by :) x

  • Brandi Stagg

    I love Sephora glosses. I think they last really well and smell great. I have one I have almost used up in 02. It’s champagne colored with little gold flecks. Loves it!

    • Amy

      @Brandi Stagg Completely agree :)

  • Alethea

    Hi Amy,
    I am loving the estee lauder ultra glossy lip gloss in flamingo at the moment. not too sticky or sheer.
    I am looking for a wearable nude lipstick at the moment, and was wondering if you had any recommendations???

    • Amy

      @Alethea Revlon Nude Attitude is quite a sheer true nude. I like to pat a tiny bit on with my finger over a lipbalm, love it. I also like Gosh Darling, it has a gorgeous consistency x

  • chaz

    My favourite gloss has got to be either pixi gloss or maybelline watershine in cutie pie, do the bodyshop glosses have the same texture as the lip butters?, cause i found them drying and lumpy x

    • Amy

      @chaz No not like the lip butters at all. They are glossy and a little sticky, much nicer than the butters x

  • Aoife

    @lorraine I loved Kiss Me too. It’s such a nice shade. I was checking out makeupalley last month and someone had said that from the new glosses, “Who are you wearing?” is the same as kiss me. I haven’t been near a Benefit counter to see if she’s right but it could be worth a try. It looks a bit pinkier to me though. WHY do these companies have to discontinue all the good stuff?!!

  • Rosie

    My fave is pink lemonade dazzleglas, it’s a beautiful beautiful colour :D

    • Amy

      @Rosie I had my eye on that one before, it looks so pretty!

  • Charan

    at the moment, I am loving the bourjois 3D max lip gloss and it has the same wand as the body shop one. It has a fruity scent which I like. I have it in shade 63 and 65.

    • Amy

      @Charan Love Bourjois 3D, The rose Idylic was my first lipgloss ever :)

  • bethr82

    Hi Amy, I just came back from shopping and sat down to read this and guess what? i just bought one of these lipglosses, I got it in 13, it pale glittery colour. Love the smell and seems to stay on well. Body shop are doing buy 2 get one free so might get more. Thanks for review x

    • Amy

      @bethr82 Really? That is cool! haha can’t believe you just bought one. Let me know how you get on with it x

  • lorraine

    hi amy, my favourite lipgloss for the last few yrs now is benefit’s the gloss in kiss me. i like to wear it on its own or over mac’s angel. its fairly sticky and lasts fairly well. though i think kiss me is gone now, which sucks, but i have seen on benefits stand a kiss you gloss. it looks similar but it looks like theyve put glitter in it, which im not too keen about. as i have my loreal glam shines for that effect, or my mac dazzle glass.

    • Amy

      @lorraine Why do they discontinue things when we get addicted! So selfish of them haha

  • Aoife

    My favourite lip gloss is a L’Oreal Glam Shine. I am pretty sure it’s discontinued. It’s a Glam Shine Moon Shine in Nude Moon (98). I love it! I had to buy 3 on eBay!! I’m not a great one for nudes but this is perfect for me. There is no sparkle in it which I like – I hate gritty ones and how you can end up with just glitter left on your lips.

    It’s tricky to explain but there is a silvery (ish) shine off it. My lips look fuller and shiney. I wear it with No. 7 lip liner in Nude. Fabulous with a smokey eye!!

    I’m probably way behind on the times but I’ve only just come across Illamasqua’s website. (I haven’t been in BT2 in aaaaages). Their intense lip glosses look like my kind of glosses! It goes on the ever growing list!!

    • Amy

      @Aoife Damn you Aoife, you’re making me want to look on ebay! haha I hate the dry sparkle effect too!

  • Kelly

    Lancome Laque Fever glosses have a similar applicator to those.


    • Amy

      @Kelly Never tried these, taking notes :) x

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