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Luminess Air Kit

On Friday morning Mr UPS, in his smashing brown shorts, delivered an exciting package. Luminess Air sent me one of their systems to try out. I thought I would give you a little look at what arrived.

I have been wanting to try an airbrushing system for a while so I’m looking forward to figuring it out.















This is the compressor, plug and gun. The plug is two prong so I will have to get a voltage adaptor.















The kit came with four foundation – 2,3,4 and 5. I plan to use the 3 for conceling, the 2 for highlighting and 3 or 4 as foundation contour. Sounds fussy but I’m hoping it’ll be easy.















The Eye Kit box housed a black mascara, a black Calligraphy Liner and a brown one.















Now these look like fun! A primer/moisturiser, a pearlescent highlighter, a bush and a bronzer. The bronzer looks very pigmented with gold reflects. The blush is a pretty pink. I’m not sure about the pearlescent highlighter, I think a very light touch might be the order of the day.















The Eyeshadow Kit is a little alarming. I’m wondering how pecision will be achieved on the eye area so I’m looking forward to experimenting with these. There is an application tips sheet in the box too which should help me a little.















The airbrush itself. Pretty standard and hopefully straight forward.















The kit comes with an instructional dvd (thank god!) and a few brochures with product lists and tips.















Overall I’m excited and a little intimidated. Bring it on! I need to have a good play with this before I am in any position to pass judgement.

What are your thoughts on airbrushed make-up?

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