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Lush Almond & Coconut Smoothie

I have been testing Lush Almond & Coconut Smoothie and thought it was about time I shared my thoughts with you. Here we go…

The good:

  • It’s not drying on my skin
  • It doesn’t cause a kp reaction (the yuck bumps on the backs of my arms) although¬† it didn’t get rid of the bumps when they had flared up
  • Suitable for vegans
  • The creaminess feels luxurious in the bath
  • Can be used to shave cream


The bad:

  • The biggest disappointment for me is the scent. It’s pretty bland. When I saw Almond & Coconut on the label I was so excited but unfortunately they mean it’s made with Almond and Coconut oil (neither of which has much of a scent). In fairness it does say on the packaging that it makes your skin smell like vanilla and ylang ylang. To be honest it smells a little weird to me but some people love it.
  • Doesn’t leave any scent on my skin, this time that was a good thing
  • Although it didn’t dry out my skin it wasn’t any softer than usual.
  • If your a fan of lathering then this one might not be for you.
  • Although this is a delight to use the bath, it’s a little trickier in the shower. Water got in the tub and more of it plopped on the shower base then on my skin.

This one is definitely a try before you buy. Some of you will love it and some of your will be indifferent. If you have sensitive skin it’s worth a look, smell it first though. Would I get this again? If I didn’t make my own soap then I would.

Have you tried this? Have you come across a shower/bath product that doesn’t irritate your skin?

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  • emma

    heya. i have never tried any lush products.. but want to try some soon i was jus wondrin how much did u pay for it and is there any store closer than the one in henry street… i think thats where it is haha … love ur videos.. keep up the good work .. xx

  • Kerry

    I don’t get very irritated skin, so I can use the soaps and stuff.. None of the Lush things have actually irritated my skin, so I’m lucky about that. My Mum really wants to try one of the smoothies though, so for her birthday I’m going to get her Ring of Roses soap and Turkish Delight smoothie, she loves floral smells! :D

  • Steelnpurple

    I’m lucky that way, I hardly get irritated skin (on the body) so I can pretty much use anything. I am dryish though so I do need to moisturize. The smell of things are super important though. After I quit smoking scent has become super important LOL! Lush Flying Fox is a great example; many love it but to me it smells disgusting. Like burnt plastic or something like that.

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