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Lush – Be a Vegan Beauty

Lush have launched some Vegan products for World Vegan Day (November 1st) – thought you Lush fans might like a little look at the new products.

SKIN DRINK (€17.90 for 45g pot) – This is for dry, parched skin.  It has a heavier textured formulation for Winter.

Oatfix (€6.90 for 75g) – Contains a blend of fine oatmeal and fresh organic bananas that will soothe and calm dry or sensitive skins and illipe butter to reduce redness.

Maple Taffy lip balm (€3.25) – Made of 20% maple syrup.   There’s also a blend of super moisturising butters like illipe butter, shea butter and carnauba wax, as well as glycerine.

CINDERS bath ballistic (€2.50) –  Warming, fizzles and crackles like a Winter fire. Contains sweet orange to lift your mood.

Glögg shower gel (€4.95 for 100g or €9.95 for 250g) – spicy, warming, containing fresh orange and lemon juices, red wine, brandy, cinnamon and clove.

I’m definitely going to buy the Maple Taffy Lip Balm and Glogg shower gel. The moisturisers sound too rich for my skin type. I may even pick up the Cinders bath ballistic.

What do you think?

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  • Amy

    I was in Lush today and let the SA convince me to buy the Maple Taffy lip balm.. Haven’t stopped using it sinc feels quite rich on your lips and smells divine! xx

  • sherrie

    Hi Amy! Im a new follower and have loved reading through your old posts :)
    I popped into my local Lush store and stocked up on lots of goodies some of which were Oatifix which i used last night and it was lovely good enough to eat! I also picked up Sugar plum fairy which is lovely used together with Snow Fairy! My new love though is their NEW massage bar Once a year this truly is LUSH! ha ha
    I recently did a post check it out if you get a sec :) on my blog :) xx

  • Amy

    Becky left a comment to say that it didn’t smell to cinnamony, that’s good! Your weetabix comparison made me giggle :) I usually keep my lush creams in the fridge (don’t know if your supposed to but it works for me) to keep the mould away :)

  • Alanna

    oooooooh Aaaaaah :) Must take a look at these!!!

    • Amy

      Haha my thoughts exactly! :)

  • R.R

    mmmm.. the idea of fresh orange and lemon juices, red wine, brandy, cinnamon and clove sounds so nice for winter!

    check out my blog, and if you like it please subscribe :


    • Amy

      Thank you :) x will check out your blog

  • bebiv

    Hey I picked up Maple Taffy he an’t to cinnamony (don’t really like that sent myself). Its lovely really enjoying. Have a trail run for a job in Lush tomorrow so trying to suss the products out at the min, I LOVE EVERYTHING. Became obsessed with ‘Buffy’ xx

    • Amy

      Thanks for letting us know about the maple taffy!
      Best of luck with your trial run! Let me know how you get on :)
      Must try buffy! x

  • Tracey

    Sounds lovely…the cinders ballistic sounds great. What a nice idea to promote World Vegan Day…although i am just Vegetarian, i have stages where i live a vegan life anyway without making an effort to be like that. Unfortunately, i dont know if i will be buying anymore Lush products,as recently i got 11 Bath Bombs, 2 x 500ml Retro Shower gels, 4 x soap, and a few other small things massage bars etc…me thinks it could be a while to get through them 1st “I <3 Lush"

    • Amy

      Haha that sounds like a good idea Tracey! I would love to have a lush stash like that, I would never get out of the bath! :)

  • Kat

    Mmm… I used to work in Lush (Cork) before I moved to Waterford and to say I miss it is an understatement! Maple Taffy, Glogg and Cinders sound like the perfect winter antidote. There’s nothing better than a hot bath or shower with some lovely warming, comforting Lush goodies, after coming home sodden and cold on a horrid winters day!

    • Amy

      Amen Kat!

  • Karen

    I might try the lip balm depending if it smells too cinnamony, I’m not able for that smell if it’s too strong hehe I’ve tried the Oatfix mask before and it’s nice, kinda felt like putting Weetabix on my face, but my skin felt lovely afterwards. The only thing about the masks is they don’t last very long, maybe 3 weeks or so, which means you have to use it up quickly before the green fuzz starts on it :)

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