Lush do Makeup?!

Lush do make-up? Who knew! I thought this product might be of interest to makeup junkies. The product in question is the Multipurpose Base Colour.

The supplements are all made without mineral oil (great news). Lush have used rice bran and soya oils to nourish the skin. This stuff is also suitable for vegans. The leading ingredient is Fresh Rose Petal infusion, I like!

The supplements can be mixed with your moisturiser to make a tinted moisturiser or used on its own as a foundation. It  can also be used as a concealer by dabbing it on blemishes.

It comes in 4 shades:

  • Dark Pink is the darkest colour for people with a pink skin.
  • Light Pink is one of the lightest supplement. It can be blended with any of the others to create the right tint for you. This one is suited to people with pale or pink complexions
  • Light yellow, If you have a porcelain complexion this is the one for you.
  • Dark Yellow is a natural rose petal base with a darker shade for olive or yellow skins

I have Light Yellow and Dark Pink. There’ll definitely be some blending required to get the right shade. I’ll be giving these a try for the next few days. I will post a review in a few days.

Have you tried these?

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  • Caoimher

    Do you think it might be good for dry skin?xx

    • Amy

      @Caoimhe Prob not in pure from but will do an update after a little trial. Would be grand if you mix with your moisturiser x

  • Dorothy

    Yes, Lush do indeed to make-up! As Tracey said, they have an entire make-up LINE called “Never be to busy to be beautiful”! It is only available in England and Austria (random, huh?) tho! :(

    Also exciting Lush news if you’re into that kinda thing: they have FAKE TAN now!!! Even in Dublin! I saw it in the Grafton St. shop the other day!

  • Tara :)

    Oo i want to try this!!
    What lush did you get this from?x

  • Sheena

    I am very pale, and got the light pink. Its ok… easy to blend but coverage very light even without moisuriser, in my opinion! didnt last all day, but great for when you are in a hurry and just want to slap something on yr face before leaving the house! xx

  • Alex Linford

    I have ended up with the light pink, i say ended up because I wasnt sure if it was the right colour for me when i bought it. I havent got round to trying yet as i need time when i dont have to worry about leaving the house if it goes horribly wrong. I need industrial coverage, will let u know how it goes. Voted for u xxx

  • Essjay23x

    I love the idea of mixing this with a moisturiser but when I think about it, if I want more moisture then I have a tinted moisturiser and on more then one occasion have mixed my normal foundations with moisturiser. It sounds good and if I read this in the shop, I probably would have brought it before I realised that actually I kind of already do what this product does and don’t really need it. Of course, if the colour was amazing then maybe it could become my staple base but with only four shades, it is unlikely that I would find an exceptional colour match. More natural ingredients are enticing though! Will be interested to see if you manage to customise a colour well for yourself. How much is it?

  • Georgie

    These are the old tinted moisturisers from the old sister company B Never. Lovely stuff!


  • Tracey

    Yeah Lush have been doing Cosmetics in the UK for quite some time. I heard this from the Lush near Grafton St. Its called
    Be never to busy to be beautiful.

    It is named after the original name of the shower gel which is now known as Flying Fox. I think they still continue the original shower gel.

    Their eyeshadow colours are amazing. It’s all half price on ASOS

  • Lucy

    I had this in dark pink based on the lush womans advice, why I went along with it I don’t know, I have olive skin that’s really light at the moment so I should have got one of the yellow ones. But anyway, the colour only worked for me if I mixed it with moisturiser which then didn’t give me any coverage so it was a bit pointless.

    Didn’t like :-(

  • Caitlink31

    sounds lovely! i love lush!! do you know the price???xx

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