Lush do Makeup?!

Lush do make-up? Who knew! I thought this product might be of interest to makeup junkies. The product in question is the Multipurpose Base Colour.

The supplements are all made without mineral oil (great news). Lush have used rice bran and soya oils to nourish the skin. This stuff is also suitable for vegans. The leading ingredient is Fresh Rose Petal infusion, I like!

The supplements can be mixed with your moisturiser to make a tinted moisturiser or used on its own as a foundation. It  can also be used as a concealer by dabbing it on blemishes.

It comes in 4 shades:

  • Dark Pink is the darkest colour for people with a pink skin.
  • Light Pink is one of the lightest supplement. It can be blended with any of the others to create the right tint for you. This one is suited to people with pale or pink complexions
  • Light yellow, If you have a porcelain complexion this is the one for you.
  • Dark Yellow is a natural rose petal base with a darker shade for olive or yellow skins

I have Light Yellow and Dark Pink. There’ll definitely be some blending required to get the right shade. I’ll be giving these a try for the next few days. I will post a review in a few days.

Have you tried these?

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