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Lush Dream Cream

I have been testing Lush Dream Cream for 2 months now so I thought it was high time for a review.

Lush market this cream to those with troubled skin. Chamomile and lavender are amongst the calming ingredients, however, for some Lavender can cause irritation. It’s designed to reduce redness and banish blotches. I have sensitive skin and always got those dreaded bumps at the backs of my arms (I haven’t got them anymore thanks to my lavender and oat scrub soap). I was interested to see if this cream would make the bumps return.

When I got this pot my sister tested it first. She smeared it right on her eczema which then started to sting. I have to point out that EVERYTHING we have tried on Eimear’s skin has lead to stinging (E45 being the worst culprit) but this didn’t bode well for Dream Cream.

For the first week or two I kept it on my nightstand and smothered my  hands and feet it before bed. After a few days I noticed my feet were super soft, my faith began to be restored in this product. Next test was to cover myself in the cream after my bath. It didn’t cause any reaction and moisturised well. It also didn’t cause a return of the bumps (kp).

A few weeks ago I ran out of my lavender oat scrub bar and had used shower gel in the shower. Low and behold the lovely arm bumps returned. I saw this as a testing opportunity. I applied Dream Cream to the bumps before bed for the next few nights. The results? After 4 days of application there was no change.

The conclusions I have come to is that this cream

  • is a good moisturiser, not a wow moisturiser
  • smells mild but a little weird
  • works great on  my hands and feet
  • doesn’t calm my kp (aka dreaded arm bumps)
  • doesn’t cause a kp breakout
  • makes my sisters eczema sting
  • doesn’t interfere with false tan
  • absorbs fast on my sensitive dry skin

I have read many reviews on this cream and many people love it. It has been recommended on mother baby websites, one mother said it was the only cream she could use on her babies highly sensitive skin. To come to think of it, if I had a baby I would much rather use Dream Cream on their sensitive skin that Johnson’s Baby Lotion (which contains the ingredient ‘pure evil’). Some people found it helped their kp, didn’t irritate their eczema etc. so it’s definitely worth a try. Maybe you could ask for a sample and try before you buy.

Everyones skin is different and what works for one won’t work for everyone but I am happy with this moisturiser at the moment.

It costs about €16.50 In Europe, £9.85 per pot in the UK and Northern Ireland, $24.95 in the US.

Have you tried this? What Lush products work/don’t work on your skin?

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  • 婚外情

    1 love your blog template, and will subscribe to your rss to keep up with writing. l do enjoy reading them.

  • Lydia

    Hi Amy.

    I recently went looking for creams to help my sister’s eczema. She has tried nearly every cream on the planet and I did think about buying her some Lush products, but after your review I realise that it probably isn’t the best.

    However, I did buy her a product from the new Simple Derma range. It is the Simple Derma Intensive Relief Cream. (I find that creams are a less annoying to sensitive skin, in the way that they’re more dense and not as sticky/runny as lotions.) It’s aimed at those with extremely dry skin and eczema. Her main problem areas are her arms, back and neck. So she began to apply it every night, and just after showering/bathing.

    It has worked a real treat. She doesn’t itch any more, and the redness has been turned down a notch. Her skin is a lot softer also, and she said it didn’t sting at all. However, it is definitely not a itch relief cream, it’s more of a preventive cream.

    And it must be said that if she doesn’t use it for a couple of days her skin reverts to its old ways. I hope this might be of use to your sister. :)


    • Amy

      @Lydia Thanks so much Lydia, so helpful!

  • Elizabeth

    Hi Amy, I love your blog and vids:) My favorite Lush products (*I nearly can’t live without them products):
    1. Dream Cream*
    2. Big Shampoo*
    3. Retread Hair Conditioner
    4. Smitten Hand Cream
    5. Prince Shave Cream
    6. Lush Deodorants ( yes, it’s unbelievable that they would work well enough, but they do, and I hope that they are safer than the drug store variety).

    My 2¢ worth:)

  • Julia

    I totally agree with the “lush smell issues” though I can recommend all the ‘marilyn’ products for blonde hair and the ‘buffy’ scrub bar – it does smell a little weird but it is an amazing scrub and moisturizes really well! it actually got rid of my dry skin during winter :)

  • Richella

    I have never purchased dream cream due to its smell. Totally agree that E45 strips and burns the skin, when my eczema is bad I find pure coconut oil is great – very cooling and doesn’t irritate. Lush coco lotion is nice but your sister should get some pure coconut oil to start. Taking omega 3,6,9 oils has also greatly improved the condition of my skin.

    • Amy

      @Richella Thanks for the great tip Richella, I have some coconut oil here so I’ll get her to try it. Thanks a mil

  • Erica (madameir)

    I agree with Chrissy, I don’t like the smell of the majority of lush products! Lush has never done wonders for my skin or hair. Only every made me smell like cheap sweets or wheetabix (one of there srub bars) not a fan I’d much rather Amy’s soaps or else bodyshop products! I really don’t get the lush hype at all.

  • Mollie

    Ughh I have kp on my legs and back of my arms, so I feel your pain. St. Ive’s blemish control apricot scrub (with glycolic acid) does wonders for it though. I recently started using whipped shea butter as a moisturiser and it’s helped the kp considerably too.

    Have never tried lush products but they look so appealing. I’m not fond of the smell of lavender though. I was considering trying the ‘gorgeous’ moisturiser.. anyone tried it?

  • Hannah

    My little sister has HORRIBLE eczema all over her arms and legs and face, but she is only 9, so she doesn’t really care to work on it. All the products we try “burn” and really stress her out. I really want to help her with this before she starts getting teased for it in school… kids are so mean. So any advice on that would help! Are there any products or natural remedies that have helped your sister?

    Also, I have tried a couple times to request information on a personalized video tutorial, but I haven’t gotten any response back. I may have done it wrong though…
    But I would love to hear from you!

  • Tricia

    I am dying to know which ingredient you consider “pure evil” in Johnson’s baby lotion! I tried the Dream Cream and the smell weirded me out, and I didn’t think it lived up to it’s hydration promises. Also, I would love to order your lavender and oat scrub bar, but will you ship to the US? If not, i will have to have my next Galway-Chicago visitor bring some over!

  • Alethea

    I feel your sister’s pain. I have eczema and psorasis on my face and body which makes my skin particularly sensitive to skincare and beauty products. I can recommend the new Vichy Essentuales (I think thats how it is spelled) moisturizer for being a good rich moisturizer and not irritating your skin.

  • Chrissy

    I love reading your detailed reviews. Unfortunately I don’t/can’t use Lush products because somehow the smell of most of them is too much for my liking. But I looked up the price in Euros for you. The Dream Cream (230ml) sells for 16.95€

    • Amy

      @Chrissy Thanks Chrissy :)

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