Lush Easter Range V Easter Eggs

Easter is coming. I can hear the cries of joy from the ladies down the back. Yes, the sadists who gave up chocolate for lent!

I have to admit that chocolate doesn’t interest me. I know, I know,  you can have me stoned to death later. Every Easter I get approximately zero Easter Eggs. Instead I get a different kind of pressie, ranging from a box of Fizzy Cola Lollies to perfume.

This year I knew what I wanted instead of an chocolate egg… although I am tempted by the Jedward Egg (that’s when you know you’ve arrived). I wanted a Lush egg, the pink one.

Long story short, I couldn’t wait (don’t pretend to be shocked). Look how pretty they are! So instead of having chocolate guilt this Easter and having to open my jeans, I will have a lovely pink bath. Very Amy.

Who’s with me on the no chocolate egg for Easter plan?

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