Lush Easter Yummies – Say no to chocolate!

Easter is on the way. That means chocolate temptation everywhere. I’ll pass this year and do what I did last year – a Lush Easter product instead of an egg.

They all look so pretty!

The Immaculate Eggception (€8.75)

Lush’s new innovative double-layered bath ballistics, this one is a hollow egg that you can shake and hear a surprise rattling inside.  Crack open the bubble bar and ballistic mix eggshell to reveal either a mini chick or bunny ballistic inside! Available in pink and yellow.


Fluffy Egg bath ballistic (€3.70) – sweetie scented pink egg adorned with a candy flowers


The Carrot re-usable bubble bar (€6.25)

Hold the top of these reusable bubble bar carrots and swish them around the bathtub to create masses of skin softening bubbles.


Chick Knot Wrap (€3.75) – Perfect for wrapping the larger Bath Ballistic Eggs


Hoppy Easter (€14.50) – contains The Carrot re-usable bubble bar and Fluffy Egg bath ballistic

What choccie egg have  you your eyes on?

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