Lusting after Nars

My Nars collection consists of Sheer Glow Foundation, Lola lola eyeshadow, Orgasm blush, Deep Throat blush and Turkish Delight lip gloss. Only 5 items!

I have been feeling a strong urge to add to my limited collection but have been trying to behave myself thanks to the hefty price tag that comes with Nars products.

Thanks to my MAC Pro card I feel guilty about spending money on other high end brands. My rationale goes something like this, For one Nars gloss I could get 2 with the MAC discount. Sometimes I listen, mostly I ignore haha

I find that everytime I look at Lollipop26’s or Miss Natty’s blog they have a photo of themselves looking amazing in Nars products. I add them to my Lust List and then I don’t buy them. I can feel change in the air.

Some of the Nars products I am lusting after…

  • Albatross (highlighter)
  • Lovejoy (blush)
  • Casino (Bronzer)
  • Penny Lane (Cream blush)
  • Nepal (eyeshadow)

Oh my poor laser card!

What are your favourites from Nars? Anything you recommend?

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  • June

    I go on the NARS website every wekk or so. I fill a basket with the same products:

    deep Throat blush
    Various lipglosses ( Pomegranate’s the flavour of the month)
    At least one lipstick
    eyeshadow primer
    Volumising mascara

    Then one by one I remove them from the basket because A) I have so much make up already it’s not funny and B) my children need to eat meat at least once a week.

  • PPPenguin

    Oh, Galapagos eyeshadow, amazing :)

  • PPPenguin

    My favourite Nars are (I own waay to many but….)
    Penny Lane Cream Blush
    Silvana Blush
    Ondine Single Eyeshadow
    Voyage Single Eyeshadow
    Himalayas Single Eyeshadow
    Egea Double Eyeshadows
    Barbarella Lipstick
    Corfu Cream Eyeshadow …

    I also have many I don’t like (such as Super Orgasm Blush.)

  • Aoife

    Amy, id love to have something from MAC or Nars but ive no money :P How do you afford everything? Are you rich?

    • Amy

      @Aoife haha Jesus no! I save and save and then get some things on my list. I sometimes get a professional discount which makes it more affordable for me. Saving is what gets me by :)

  • Laura J

    I used to be a Mac addict but now I am feeling drawn more towards the Nars counter. The Nars products I want are;
    1. Sheer glow foundation
    2. Deep throat blush
    3. Turkish delight lipgloss
    4. Albatros hilighter
    5. Orgasm illuminator

    I only own two Nars products so far (sad face!) which are Orgasm blush and Laguna bronzer which I love.

    • Amy

      @Laura J I love sheer glow!

  • Beccy

    i have never tried Nars! but in a few weeks i’ll be buying their laguna bronzer, so excited :) x

    • Amy

      @Beccy Ooh let me know what you think of it! x

  • Innerbelle

    Hey Amy! Great Post – I Love nars too… Penny lane for u is a must have, honestly its such a pretty colour and itd look so fab on u! Oh by the way u shud definately get at least one of the new limited edition multiple, i tel they are soo long lasting i like them better than the originals.

    My fave is cactus flower, damage lipstick (must have for every nars lover) deep throat, taos, u no wat im goin to stop listin and just tel you i love it all!!!

    my fave is cactus flower

    • Amy

      @Innerbelle Oh no now I need a multiple hee hee I have added your favs to my list :)

  • misswhitemilkyway

    You have allready everything i would recommend! But it would also like to have the albatros!

  • Lee

    I splashed out on Nars Orgasm blush & Orgasm Illuminator with a birthday gift card and I am so disappointed. The illuminator does nothing for me, I think it just doesn’t work for my skintone and the blusher is ok, but I don’t understand the hype and I wouldn’t re-purchase, xx

    • Amy

      @Lee Completely agree. Orgasm only works on me at certain times of the year. Deep Throat is much nicer. Heard terrible things about the orgasm illuminator. Apparently albatross is the only way to go. Well we’ll see :) x

  • Whitney

    Deep Throat blush over the Orgasm multiple!!

  • nicole

    i love NARS madly blush !

  • roxy

    My favorite NARS items are the Gina and Orgasm blush + Laguna bronzer. They make awesome products even though they’re a bit pricy.


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  • Stephanie

    I’m also lusting after Lovejoy (and Madly – can’t decide between the two)! Penny Lane is great. I would also recommend Cairo eyeshadow (light taupe), the Kalahari eyeshadow duo (bronze & purple) and Cactus Flower cream blush (shimmery poppy)… sigh… NARS is just heaven xxx

  • Amy

    You got five stable items there though… the most important ones! I’m really lusting after the Penny Lane cream blush after i read Lollipop26’s blog… Stunning :) x

  • Elizabeth

    Nepal’s a great colour. I’d take a look at Madly blush as well – it’s one of my favourites

  • Sweet Tea

    I, too, lust after NARS and cringe at the price tag! For what its worth, I own Lovejoy blush and Nepal eyeshadow and definitely think you would love them. I also have Lola Lola and the texture and pigmentation of Nepal is just as fabulous! :)

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