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MAC Creme Cup

MAC Creme Cup is one of those lipsticks that I wanted for ages and kept putting it to the bottom of my wish list. I did this because I have so many nude pinks in my collection. I eventually caved and bought it last April. To be honest I have not used this particular lipstick very often. When I tried it first my skin was more tanned and for some reason it didn’t really work on me. I picked it up again last week and I was surprised to see that it works really well on my now fairer skin.


I love the texture and finish of the Creme Sheen lipsticks. It is a gorgeous pinky nude shade that is well pigmented and leaves a lovely sheen on the lips. I have worn this six days in a row and I’m in love!

I borrowed my sister Eimears lips for the swatch as mine don’t look good in photos.

What is your current favourite lipstick?

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    what is the cost of MAC Creme Cup

  • TaraToby


  • nazzzaaa

    had love to get this lipsticks but a dont know were to get mac comestics from? any help?

  • emma p

    hey Amy, I have just recently discovered your site and i must admit im now on it every other day! i am looking for something for my lips for my wedding day in sept and this looks like it could do the trick. im wearing phloof, sable and a touch of nocturnelle on my eyes and benefits dandelion for cheeks. what do you think?

    • Amy

      @emma p Sounds gorgeous! Creme cup is a pink though maybe test it with the blush to make sure it’s not too much, should be beautiful :) Thanks for stopping by so regularly!

  • Meg

    I just got this one and I love love love it! It is my new fave, but my all-time is #3 from the Body Shop Roseflower collection. <3

  • nicola

    Aw this look gorgeous! I must get this! lol <3 xxx

  • Desi

    Usually it is very hard for me to find a lipstick that I like and is different from the ones I already have, maybe because my skin is very fair and because all peachy pink and peachy lipsticks look pink on me (which is very disheartening really)
    My favorite lipsticks at the moment are from Estee Lauder’s Rouge a levres collection. One is in Pink Sand (Number 1) and is a very nice pink shade, the other one is number 17 (Tender Mauve) which has a very close color to my natural lip color. The lipsticks are soft,moisturizing and long lasting and I really love the way they smell.

    • Amy

      Thanks for sharing Desi :)

  • Marina(Makeup4all)

    Blankety is a soft pink beige (Amplified Creme) and I really like it :)
    Those glosses are nice but not the best. I will give you the link on twitter to my review ;)

    • Amy

      Thanks Marina x

  • cliodhna

    hi amy!
    i was lookin for a good pinky nude colour so as soon as you posted this i went out and got it.
    i love the colour, it suits me perfectly! and the finish is lovely, you dont even need lipgloss its that shiny. thanks so much for reccomending it, its my new favourite!

  • Jess84

    I love the shade. Reminds me of cremé de nude which I’m hunting for. I can’t find it. Wherever I go it’s out of stock:( I saw it in one of your videos and I loved it.

  • Larissa

    I think THE best lipstick I have ever used is YSL Rouge Volupte. I am now using it in #2 and it is the perfect lipstick in my opinion. Soft, moisturizing and long-lasting. Oh, and the packaging is gorgeous!! The only problem is the price, I paid 22 euros for it at the Duty Free in Madrid. From MAC, I recently purchased “Please Me” and “Myth” and I really like the colors.However, they can be a little dry.

  • susie

    my favourite lipstick at the moment is Barry M lip paint in 129 and it it like a pale lavender colour, sounds odd but i definetely recommend it :) x x

  • Dee

    That is really pretty – just the kind of colour I like! I don’t have a current favourite, but what I’ve been wearing most often lately is NYX Tinted Lip Spa in Copacobana. It’s a sheer lip balm with the texture of a lipstick (weird, huh?), and it’s a lovely nude pink colour. It’s summer where I am, so heavy lipsticks are out for me right now.

  • MaquillageTalk

    My go to combo right now is Victoria’s Secret Femme with a layer of MAC Tanarama on top. Deliciously nude and frosty :)

  • Marta Rodrigues

    This colour is sooo amazing!

    It would look good on me because I can’t wear pinks during the day, they look neon on me o.O

    To bad I don’t have the money to afford mac products.

  • Laura

    Ooh it looks like a lovely peachy pink! I’m B2Ming at some point this week and Creme Cup’s just gone on my possibilities list!

  • Heather

    My favorite lipstick right now is Chanel’s Rouge Allure in Audace. It is my FAVORITE red lipstick and was bought for me by my husband last year. I wore it out for the first time this past Saturday and got complimented so much by total strangers. It was fabulous :)

  • Sarah

    Hey Amy, I’m not the biggest fan of lipsticks but I love tinted lip conditioners, Although I find them hard to find. My favourite is MAC Strobe Current SPF 15, Having said that I got a Stila one before christmas in plum, it’s a little bit more pigmented then I thought it would be but it goes on really well and I love it.

  • Evelien

    It looks gorgeous on her!!
    I live in Belgium and in february there will open a new MAC so I will finally be able to get myself some MAC stuff! yeeey :)

  • Pasiphae

    From Mac I love Angel and Creme de Nude. I usually go for nude colours except if I’ll do a 50’s pinup look so I wear red. Creme cup seems interesting so I might try it. You can never have enough nudes!!! :)

  • Brittany

    I like it!

    I’m always scared to try lipsticks, I must admit, because my skin tone is very difficult to coordinate. My skin is very very fair, so you’d assume I have pink undertones, but I actually look quite yellow next to most other fair ladies.

    Do you have any suggestions for lipstick colors for me? And don’t worry, if you suggest something, and it doesn’t work out, I won’t hold you to it! I’d swatch it on my arm first anyway to see if it works. =)

  • Marina(Makeup4all)

    Hi Amy! I am not the biggest fan of lipsticks, I like glosses better. But if to talk about MAC – I live Blankety lipstick righ now :)
    PS. I’ve got my Stila glosses :)

    • Amy

      Do you like them?? I’m really enjoying them. Must try Blankety :)

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