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MAC & Disney Collaberation – Venomous Villains Collection

It’s a rare moment that I get excited about an upcoming MAC collection. I generally tried to avoid the hype – excluding the In the Groove collection, but more on that later. I almost squealed with delight last May when I heard that Disney and MAC were collaborating in an upcoming collection.

To explain my delirium, know that Disney and MAC are two of my favourites things in the world. When I first heard the news through the grapevine I wondered whether the collection would based on the Disney hero/heroine’s. Even more excitement ensued when I discovered that the villains were the inspiration – I’m giggling with glee as as we speak.

The collection will include a line inspired by the best villains – Cruella De Vil, Evil Queen, Dr Facilier and my favourite, Maleficent. If only there were a lipstick line inspired by Ursula the sea witch.

I would prefer is the Disney images weren’t on the compacts – the packaging is a little tacky but I can make my peace with that. The names of the products have the usual gimmick factor, which never fail to draw me in; Bad Fairy nail polish, Strange Potion Lip Glass, Toxic Tale Lipstick. They remind me of the names of my soap range.

Briar Rose Beauty Powder? I don’t care what it looks like, I’m in!

I particularly like the sound of Innocence, Beware! Lipstick which is described as a light yellow pink with a Cremesheen finish, Sweet Joy Creamy pale gold (Frost) which is a re-promote from the Passions of Red collection and Oh So Fair beauty powder which is a mid-tone pink with gold pearl.

The range launches this Autumn.

Oh sweet Jesus this is going to cost me a fortune!

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