Hauls, M.A.C

MAC & Estee Lauder Haul

So I’m not supposed to shop but I happened across a blog sale and couldn’t resist :)

I bought MAC Penney Shadestick, Estee Lauder Golden Apricot Shadow Creme, MAC Aquavert, MAC Fashion Groupie. The lovely Avril sent me loads of samples too.

MAC Shadestick in Penney

MAC Fashion Groupe

Estee Lauder Golden Apricot 07


I’m really excited about playing around with these. Particularly Aquavert, I feel a Barbie inspired eye make-up day coming on. The Estee Lauder shadow is absolutely gorgeous! Swatches to follow.

Blog sales are a great way to pick up pre-loved limited edition products at discounted prices. I’m addicted!

I hope everyone had a lovely Tuesday!

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  • Lisi

    I looove blogsales because you can’t get Nars and MUFE in Germany :)

  • mommasuy

    OoOh goodies^_^
    want that green-ish eyeshadow=)

  • Keevel

    I don’t have access to a mac shop either so this is a great idea. never heard of blog sales before

  • Caroline

    I would love if you had a blog sale amy :)

  • Michella

    Love blog sales. Ever thought of having one? :)

  • Andrea

    Hi Amy would you mind saying which is the web site you bought the stuff of? Cause i don’t have a BT around and i only pick up Mac when i go to Dublin so it is a bit of a hassle would loooove to buy it online and at discounted prices… brill!

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