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MAC eyeshadows to De-pot & Z Palette

My MAC palettes are at full capacity. They have been this way for many months and I have yet to buy another palette. This means that some of my newer shadows have not been enjoyed.

There are a few I need to depot. I have been putting off doing this too as it’s a bit of a chore. I always buy MAC shadows in the refill form rather than the pot. This is not an option if you buy limited edition products.


For those of you who have never heard of depotting – it involves taking the pan out of the eyeshadows packaging using a knife and a hair straighteners. Sounds perilous right! I will blog about the process with a step by step when I finally do the job.

That leaves the problem of palette space. I have been waiting for my MAC Pro card replacement for three months now, I have been assured it’s on it’s way, so popping into town to replace it is not on the cards. I could of course take out the insert from one of my existing palettes and make some more room but I hate cluttered make-up, especially if I’m on a job.

Enter Z Palette.

I’m sure many of you have heard of these gems already. They are magnetic palettes with a clear top. They are fantastic. A few months ago I depotted lots of single shadows from different brands and popped them into the palette. This way they might actually stand a chance of being used!

They come in this size and smaller. I have ordered myself a second one which should arrive any day now. I suppose I should depot the mac shadows soon so. Ugh!

They are easy to buy in the US as you can order from the main site right to your door. For those you you here in Ireland here is a link to a distributor. They are €19 for the large palettes and €14 for the small. You can also buy magnets for the back of your pans there too. For UK customers their on sale at Love-makeup (they probably ship to Ireland too). I bought my second one from the US site and had it sent to my bundlebox, expect a haul later this week!

Have you tried a Z palette? Do you think they’re a good idea?

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