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MAC Nail Trend A/W ’10

Yay, new nail shades for Autumn! But before I dash out and part with my money I will ponder over which I actually want. No Amy, you don’t need them all! I read that Jin Soon’s inspiration for this season’s nail trends are from Imperial China. This makes me want them more, surely exotic nail polishes are fancier? :)

Overlacquer, Earthly Harmony, Imperial Flower, Ming Blue, Jade Dragon, Concubine, Rain of Flowers.

Here are a couple of pointers about the range – 1. They need a few coats to get even coverage 2. Apparently they dry a little flat so a top coat is necessary (sure they have to sell Overlacquer now don’t they) and 3. The consistency is on the thin side in some.

That being said I find myself pondering on which to add to my collection. I’m not too excited about Concubine which is a ruby shade with  scarlet shimmer flecks. Although the colour appeals to me it’s a real case of ‘been there, done that’. I think I’ll give it a miss. Imperial Flower looks interesting. It’s an orange with flecks of gold and orange shimmer. It sounds so tacky but somehow I’m drawn to it. Not sure if I’ll have the guts for this one though!

I have bought so many taupe shades this year that there is no way I should buy Earthly Harmony . I’m usually terrified of blue shades but I find myself drawn to Ming Blue – maybe it’s the shimmer factor!  Jade Dragon (deep forest green with flecks of green-teal shimmer) and Rain of Flowers (black-purple base with flecks of violet shimmer) are definites for me. They’re different to anything I have in my collection already…at least that’s what I’m telling myself.

This nail polish rant actually increased my heart rate. Man I’m sad.

Hopefully sad with a delightful bag of new nail polishes. Soon my pretties!

Are you planning on picking up new nail polish shades for Autumn or will you be making use of what you’ve got?

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  • Anita

    Love them all, want them all!:)

  • Habiba

    Wow, they are sooo pretty! i love the Jade Dragon adn RAin of Flowers :]
    I was dissapointed with the Emerald gree from Barry M, hope this one will be nicer :]
    Just curious, how much is one? in £? and have they come out in stores yet…or when will they be launcehd?
    Im excited now :]

  • toni

    i’m a nail polish addict. i want all of these colors. i don’t think i’ll get all of them but i’d really like to. i often find myself realizing i have the same colors but i usually just give the older polishes to my sister. every time i see a new polish collection i like i just make excuses to buy it, lol.

    i’m definitely going to be picking some of these up as well as more of opi’s swiss collection. i also would like some of essie’s fall collection and china glaze’s vintage vixen.

  • Lorna

    I want Jade Dragon!!!

  • Irman

    They all look so pretty. I must have imperial flower :)


    Oh my god I want them all!!!

  • Elle

    I’m not usually a big green nail polish fan, but Jade Dragon is calling to me. They are all such beautiful colours, I love the rich, warm colours of Autumn.

    • Amy

      My thoughts exactly :)

  • Cassie McFadden

    I really want Ming Blue, Jade Dragon and Concubine. :) How much are they ? x <3

  • Lyndsey

    Jade Dragon is so beautiful, that would be my first choice I think.

  • Ashley Tiernan

    Wow those are some amazing colors. I am very interested in the new e.l.f nail polishes they just got.The Mango Madness one looks so awesome. You should check them out. I want to order them but just made a huge order so i have to wait. :)

    • Amy

      Never tried the elf polishes. Let me know what they’re like :)

  • karen

    i have my eye on that orange one too, like yourself i don’t own anything that similar so i feel i can justify it!

    • Amy

      It’s good reasoning haha

  • deepika

    oh my. the imperial flower is PERFECT for transitioning between seasons!! ugh, i want them all

    • Amy

      That is such a good point! Yet another reason I must have it!

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