MAC Painterly Paintpot – A Necesity!

Why oh why did I wait so long to buy Painterly Paintpot by MAC?! I finally picked it up in Chicago in December and have used it every day since.

I have a few paintpots in my collection and to be honest this is the only one I own that I would recommend. I once had Delft and Girl Friendly which are gorgeous but not very practical. I prefer Painterly as it can be used every single day, regardless of the shade of eyeshadow you choose.



And some swatches…



Bear in mind that I swatched Painterly on my inner arm and hand, both are a few shades lighter than the skin on my face. When applied to my lids it’s pretty much the same shade as my skin, it may be a little lighter actually which is ever better.

It keeps your eyeshadow on all day, it doesn’t crease and it ensures the shadow you apply looks true to the pan colour when it’s applied to your eyes.

In my opinion, discoloration on eyelids is something that always needs to be corrected before you apply eye shadow. Many people have a purple or blue hue tot heir lid that makes them look tired and older. If you prepare the area and  get rid of the discolouration your make-up will look a hundred times better.

I used to apply concealer and powder to my lid before eyeshadow and that’s really the reason I never bought Painterly. I wondered why I would need it that technique worked fine. I was very wrong. Painterly is much thinner and easier to apply than concealers and setting powders. Most days I don’t even look in the mirror when I apply it.

Bottom line – do you need this? Yes, yes and hell yes!!

What are your thoughts on paint pots?

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  • Oshinsr

    I’m glad to see your review. I’ve heard so much about the paintpots, esp. painterly. I gotta try them.

  • Lex

    Painterly is great :). I have a nearly identical product from Prescriptives, though, and the shade is “chamois”. I got it at the CCO for cheap, but it’s basically the same product just a little lighter, which is even more perfect for my paleness :). When I run out of that, I’ll probably go back to Painterly.

  • deepika

    i use rubenesque daily. it’s like crack. rubenesque with all that glitters shadow over it. haha, i clearly like my sparkle

  • http://www.dishfromtrish.blogspot.com/ Tricia

    Painterly is the only Paintpot I own, and I LOVE it! I have pretty much stopped using my Benefit and Urban Decay primers since I am infatuated with the Paintpot consistency. Mine has dried a bit in the 6 months or so that I’ve had it, but still very usable.

    I also agree that you really should neutralize the discoloration of eyelids before applying shadow. I don’t know how many girls have asked “why doesn’t my eye make-up look good when I do it at home” and the simple answer is they’re just not prepping the surface of the eyelid!

  • http://www.trulymadlybeauty.blogspot.com Aysha

    I’ve never ventured into primers & such, I mainly do what you used to & just apply concealer & powder before eyeshadow? But after hearing what a huge difference it makes from so many bloggers, I think I may re-consider :)

    Love Aysh xoxo

    • http://www.makeupandbeauty.ie Amy

      Definitely worth your consideration Aysha x

  • Glittens

    I’ve been using soft ochre paint pot. It works perfectly to make my shiny purple eyelids look normal, and works brilliantly as a base for eyeshadow. Mine is starting to dry up a little bit though :(

  • Annette

    My Painterly Paint Pot dried out too quickly, but I totally agree that it provides an even colour base prior to eyeshadow, covering veins etc on the eyelid.

  • caitriona

    This is my most used paint pot. It’s the same shade as my skin and I’m quite pale. I’d definitely repurchase this.

  • Lieenie

    Ooh I might to have get one. Will Brown Thomas rip us off tho?

  • sharon

    I managed to pick this up at a CCS a couple of weeks ago and love it. Sometimes I’ll use this on its own just to even out my eyelids – great product.

  • Joy

    Agree 100%. I must own a dozen types of lid primers, but Painterly is by far the best for my pigmented lids. It’s great on its own or as a base.

  • Jo

    Ooh it looks nice, if perhaps a tad orangey/reddish for my v. pale skin. I use Bare Study and have just hit pan on it ~ like you I’ve used it every day since buying it so defo got my money’s worth! I find it makes whatever shadow you put over it look better and also looks lovely on its own. Yay or MAC paint pots

  • robyn

    Amy! I have been back and forth with painterly for some time now….this post is probably going to make me take the painterly plunge!

  • Emma

    I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve repurchased this, it really is essential!

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