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MAC Studio Fix Fluid – a huge reaction

My very first YouTube video was a review on MAC Studio Fix Fluid. In a nutshell, I loved the coverage, the packaging and the quality.

However, I was not so fond of the horrific cystic breakout I got after 3 days of using the foundation. I have never had acne and had no idea how painful it was.

Sufferers, you have my condolences. I gave away my bottle after 3 uses and happily cut my losses (after 3 weeks of acne reaction I could have flung it out the window!)

Eleven months on, in the midst of a great skin week I paid my local MAC a visit. Whilst testing eye-shadows I noticed that my Clinique foundation had let me down and gone patchy on my chin. In a moment of sheer madness I picked up a tester bottle of Studio Fix Fluid and patted a teeny tiny amount onto the patchy area.

I was happy with the effect. I continued shopping without realising what I had in fact done. Den, den, den…


It has been three days since I put that pea size amount of ‘Satin in a pump action bottle’ on my skin. The result, well judge for yourself… Yes, red, sore, swollen, painful, oozing skin… I’m a silly, silly girl!

I would love to know if any of you have had a similar experience?

Amy x

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