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MAC Studio Fix Fluid – a huge reaction

My very first YouTube video was a review on MAC Studio Fix Fluid. In a nutshell, I loved the coverage, the packaging and the quality.

However, I was not so fond of the horrific cystic breakout I got after 3 days of using the foundation. I have never had acne and had no idea how painful it was.

Sufferers, you have my condolences. I gave away my bottle after 3 uses and happily cut my losses (after 3 weeks of acne reaction I could have flung it out the window!)

Eleven months on, in the midst of a great skin week I paid my local MAC a visit. Whilst testing eye-shadows I noticed that my Clinique foundation had let me down and gone patchy on my chin. In a moment of sheer madness I picked up a tester bottle of Studio Fix Fluid and patted a teeny tiny amount onto the patchy area.

I was happy with the effect. I continued shopping without realising what I had in fact done. Den, den, den…


It has been three days since I put that pea size amount of ‘Satin in a pump action bottle’ on my skin. The result, well judge for yourself… Yes, red, sore, swollen, painful, oozing skin… I’m a silly, silly girl!

I would love to know if any of you have had a similar experience?

Amy x

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  • eraine

    the same thing happened to me too after i tried sample of SFF recently :( my skin was so horrible !
    may i know any others recommended foundation, i’m asian and i had a sensitive skin, how bout bobbi brown?

  • LB

    I had a similar experience with studio fix where my skin turned really red around my nose and on my chin and broke out in these tiny bumps. However, mine happened after I started using the concealer pallet the comes with six different concealers. But I never had the issue before using the concealer. Unfortunately I can’t use the foundation anymore b/c I now have that reaction to the foundation even though I stopped using the concealer. What cleared my skin up very quickly was using an over the counter retinol product. I used the peter thomas roth one in the blue bottle and my skin looks perfect again after about 3 days. Without using the retinol it takes several weeks.

  • Eda Seal

    Wow! I am shocked! GREAT!!!

  • Laura J

    this foundation has been on my wishlist for a long time but after reading some bad reviews I don’t think I will get it. I used to have terrible cystic acne of my cheeks it was horrible and so painful I had to go to the dermotologist so this product would almost certainly cause a bad breakout for me.

  • catherine

    I had such a different experience with this foundation.I love it and i found it was better for my skin.but you have said on You Tube that you have normal or combination skin and i have quite oily skin.The person at the MAC counter had said to me that this foundation was designed for oily skin.So that could be the problem?

    • Amy

      Catherine, I think most people who use this foundation love it. I have oily skin on my chin and thats where I got the breakout. To be honest I think I probably have an allergy to an ingredient in it because I popped a tiny bit on my chin a few weeks ago and the reaction appeared within minutes. That sort of reaction is an immune response. I’m delighted it works so well for you, it’s a gorgeous foundation.

  • makeupdivaa

    Aww look at u :( I don’t trust mac foundations. I prefer my loreal true match. It has light , natural coverage. I was plannin to switch to mac but now NO THANKS.

  • Tracy

    This happened to me too when I used Studio Fix!!!!! I love the color and the coverage, but it broke my skin out too. Do you have any recommendations of another product that works just as well???? I was so disappointed to have paid this much for a foundation and then have it break out my skin.

    • Amy

      I know the feeling, it’s a little tragic :) x

      • Angie

        What did you use to get rid of it!!??! I threw out the MAC Foundation because I got the same thing and I’m trying to find anything to prevent them from coming back! I never had any acne problems before I always had clear skin and this foundation ruined that :(

        • Amy

          I just had to leave it alone Angie. I binned it and went back to my usual routine. It took a few weeks to go away. I woudnt use too many acne products etc as they’ll dry out your skin and might cause the issue to linger.

  • Amy

    I had the exact same experience last week with the mineral studio fix fluid..the studio fix fluid had made me break out a while ago but i just thot the mineral one wud b ok. i was very very wrong!!! thanks for the essential oils tip…will definetly give that a go!!!

  • nicole

    i have never used ANY of MACs foundations for this reason- they all scare me! hope your skin recovers soon :)

  • Aggeliki

    Hi!!I ‘m from Greece and a huge fun of your blog.I had the same experience with this foundation, it ‘s the worst!!!!I also got clinique’s super fit and it breaks me out too…The only make up that works for me is unifiance fluide mat by la roche posay.If anyone suffers from acne try it and you will remember me!!!!

    • Amy

      Thanks for sharing that with us, I’m sure there’s many ladies in the same boat :)

  • DG

    While I love MAC’s lipsticks and shadow I always stay away from their foundations. Same exact thing happened to me. I swear by my Chanel MMat Lumiere.

    • Amy

      Dying to try a chanel foundation :)

  • beautyjunkie

    oh wow, i never knew studio fix fluid did this! i got a sample of it the other day but unfortunatly (or fortunatly in this case) it wasnt the right colour for me so i havent used it! im so glad i havent! my skin is sensitive to stuff like this.. i dont think i could face a break out atm!

    • Amy

      Then I wouldn’t try it just yet. Some people have no problems with it but it has some sort of butter in it which is way too heavy for sensitive skin I think

  • Sarah

    I was talking to you about this yesterday on twitter!

    This is exactly the same as what I have after a moment of madness trying MAC Studio Fix ‘just one more time’ after it has taken me a year to get my skin back to normal from when I first used it.

    I hate MAC foundation.. HATE!!

    You know what has helped to clear mine up? Nivea Creme.. they are still there but not as red and sore as they were – so weird!

    • Amy

      What sort of Nivea cream? I need it whatever it is Haha

  • Fee

    Amy, i have that foundation and i loved it. A week into using it and i have a chin just like yours.
    I left it, then the other day i couldnt find my foundation and for some reason, put that on. What a mistake. I have acne so bad on my chin. I hate it.

    • Amy

      I feel for you, although I’m glad it’s not just me Lol x

  • kelli

    omg!! thats so terrible.. luckily i have never tried the stuff and now i dont think i ever will! hope you clear up soon, love :o(


    • Amy

      Thanks Kelli x

  • carlinn

    OMW how awful! I am so glad i have never tried it.

  • Emma

    Oh my god!
    Thats crazy ,poor you.
    Its funny ive used Studio fix fluid for about 4 years and never got a reaction.
    i suppose its different folks different strokes!
    im currently loving revlon colourstay, its like fix fluid but more coverage lasts longer and its cheaper yay.

    • Amy

      I think most people that use it have no problems with it. Just the unlucky few :(

  • Lucy

    Wow, is that not an allergic reaction rather than just “something the foundation does”? Is your skin sensitive at all?

    • Amy

      Not really. The girl at MAC said it could be a reaction to the butter type in it

  • Beautyjunkielondon

    That’s really shocking that you had such a bad reaction so drastically and so badly! I was thinking of getting a MAC foundation, but after that I think i’m going to avoid it.

    • Amy

      I think most people love it and have no problems, maybe you could ask them for a sample pot first :)

  • Laura Nathan

    The MSF Natural does exactly the same thing to me after a few days! It took me a while to realise what it was that was causing it, my face still hasn’t recovered!

    • Amy

      Wow with an msf? not good!

  • Sabrina

    I love it, but your looks soo paintful:(

  • Klara

    I had the exact same problem with Studiofix. I gave it 3 tries all up but each time my skin was horrible so I ended up swapping it in the end.

    • Amy

      Glad it’s not just me :)

  • Connie

    Ouch! Thankfully I’ve never had a reaction quite that bad. I’ve just ended up with a cystic acne here & there, but nothing that spread any further than my usual breakout spots.

  • Jane

    Ugh MAC foundations did the same to my face.

    I tried studio fix fluid and it made me get pimples on my cheeks. I NEVER break out on my cheeks. I should have known better since this foundation is notorious for making people break out. However, there were good reviews about MAC’s studio sculpt foundation which is gel based. The foundation ended up being too light on me so after I bought it I decided to just use it under my eyes and within a few days…I had 3 pimples under my eyes!! who gets pimples there??? I decided to give it a second chance bc there is a patch of skin on my face that is a bit darker than the rest of my face…i decided to try and counteract that with the MAC foundation since it was lighter and within 2-3 days..I had a pimple there!!!

  • mary

    I used SFF for the first time earlier this year. I loved everything about it – color match, amount of coverage, matte finish, price, availability of pump, etc. I used it for a month w/o problems (but sporadically, not everyday as I don’t use foundation everyday) The second & third month I started breaking out – not cystic acne but whiteheads, one every few days. I stopped using it b/c I thought it was the culprit. But then even after no longer using it, I was breaking out so I’m not sure if it was/is hormonal. Just recently visited the derm and am about to go on a round of doxycycline and topicals. Hopefully that’ll clear it up. I don’t know what I’m thinking, but I do think I will try SFF again afterwards to see if it REALLY was the cause.

  • Lillian

    Oh my goodness! You poor thing, that looks horribly painful. I’ve never tried a MAC foundation because they don’t have one close to my skin tone, but even if they did i’d be very reluctant to try now!

  • Sarah Mathieson

    The same thing happened to me with that foundation so i sold it! I found that it made my skin a little itchy when i eva i wore it & then the next day i wud have all these little bumps under my skin (especially on my chin too)! it took me a wee while to work out what it was but i narrowed it down to that! I’m thinking that we must have similar skin – what foundation do you reccommend?

  • Kerri

    Gosh that looks so painful. I didn’t have reaction as bad as that but my cheeks used to break out in alot of small bumps and my face would itch, be oily and look gross. God knows what they put in the stuff to make it do that to people’s skin.

  • Taylor

    I had a reaction like this to a retinol night cream I was using! it was awful. I did the exact same thing as you, once my skin was better I tried it again not thinking and it was worse the second time! I will NOT be using it a third time.

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