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Make-up 101: Choosing foundation for you Skin Type

Most people I come across use liquid foundation. I get so many questions about what foundations to use for a particular skin type. I thought I would post a little information about the types available to help those of you who are new to make-up choose the right one for you.

Many women (myself included) choose foundations based on friends recommendations. That can work out fine but more often then not you won’t get the same finish your friend got. You have to consider your own skin type and your suitability to the product. For this reason most of us are on a quest for the the Holy Grail foundation. In reality what is holy grail for you, may not be for the next girl.

When we delve in to foundations it’s clear why finding the perfect one is such a long journey of trial and error.

There are 3 things to consider 1.The type of foundation 2. The Coverage and 3. The Finish

Liquid Foundation:

These can be oil or water based. It is important to check which and factor in your skin type. If you have oily skin and you choose an oil based foundation, chances are you’ll end up with a shiny face a few hours in, or even have no make-up left.

If you have dry skin and you choose a water based foundation it could be too drying leaving a caked on look. If you have normal skin you will probably get away with either but you’ll probably have to experiment to find one that’s perfect.


  • Matte: Zero shine
  • Luminous: glowing, shimmery
  • Satin/Velvet: Semi-matte finish


  • Invisible: For very clear skin. Less than 50% pigment
  • Sheer: Light coverage for skin that has a few tiny flaws
  • Medium: Covers around 60%
  • Full: Bad acne, scars,birthmarks etc Can look very heavy.No need to use all over

No wonder it’s taking us so long to find ‘the one’. When I am considering a foundation purchase I factor in type, coverage and finish. If they tick the 3 boxes I am a happy woman.

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  • Steelnpurple

    Excellent post!
    Foundation is the one single thing I change around the most. Yes, one is always on the quest for the perfect one! It is tricky because for me “perfect” depends on occation, season, general skin health.. I guess one wants “one size fits all” hehe. :)

  • Shannon

    Great post(:
    I know what you mean, i am still looking for my perfect foundation. My friends have suggested foundations but as you said, they never have to same effect.
    Love your blog(: xxx

  • Katherine

    Thanks for the wonderful post! I love how you explained and broke down all the types of foundation! GREAT!

  • Amanda

    This will sound like a really silly question – but what’s the easiest way to tell if it’s oil or water based? Do you just look at the ingredients?

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