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I’ve been busy transferring my old posts from Blogspot to the new website. I have compiled a list for you in case you missed any of them or are new to my blog :) Let me know what you think!

Lancome Le Crayon Kohl – Product rave & Review

Breakouts Sorted! – Clearasil 3 Day Acne Treatment

Fashion Buys –

MAC Paint Pot Experiment – Dark V Light

The Product that changed my skin is…

Accessories Haul

Dry Hair Rescue: John Frieda Review

What’s in my MAC Palettes

My Favourite Nail Polish

Johnson’s Holiday Skin Review

Pink Eye’s Looks

Body Shop Haul

False Tan-Off: St Moriz V St Tropez

Waist Cinching Belts

Autumn Style

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  • michele

    thanks! loved the paint pot experiment!

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