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Make-Up Artist Discounts – What’s available?

Here is a list of the discounts available for make-up artists. Pro discounts make building your kit much easier. Each company will have different requirements for application so you will need to check their website for a full list. Here is some more information on the brands that offer a pro discount, what percentage they offer and how to apply.

MAC Pro –

Makeup Artists receive 40% off when you download their pro membership application online and send  2 credentials (certificate, letter from employer, credits etc)

Makeup Forever-

You will need 2 credentials. 40%. See website

Nars –

You can receive 30% off. You have to buy online. See website.

Sue Devitt Studio –

40% for professional makeup artists


Email for an application and receive 30% off.

Laura Mercier –

40% pro discount. See their website

Smashbox –

35% discount. They require 2 credentials (tear sheets,crew call list, certificate etc)

Benefit –

40%. Send request to 685 Market St. 7th floor, San Francisco, CA 94105

Cinema Secrets-
10% discount.

40% discount, provide credentials etc. Discount for mail order only

40% discount, 2 credentials (bus. card, certificate, etc) plus a copy of a photo ID along with address & phone number to:
Stila Cosmetics, Inc.,Corporate Headquarters, 2801 Hyperion Avenue #102 Los Angeles, CA 90027

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