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Make-Up Artist Series: Colour Co-ordination/Choosing Colour

Hopefully you have already read my post on Colour Theory and are now ready for colour co-ordination. (click here to see colour theory post)

As a make-up artist it is important to choose products that co-ordinate when working on a client. The colours you chose should relate to each other in the completed look.

Eyes: The prime objective is to improve and define the eyes. You should ensure that the eye make-up harmonises with the overall look.

Cheeks: The biggest blush mistake people make is matching their blush to their outfit. Blush should be harmonious with the skin tone. What you are wearing should have no bearing on your colour choice.

Lips: When choosing lip colour consider the outfit/costume, skintone and hair.

Foundation: When choosing foundation ensure it matches the clients skintone exactly. This often means mixing shades.

Eyebrows: The eyebrow colour should match the hair colour  or harmonise with it. A tip for working on blondes, use a taupe colour, reddy browns look off.

Click here to read about choosing eyeshadow for different eye colours.


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