Make-Up Artist Series

Make-Up Artist Series: How to Accentuate Eye Colour

The main objective of eye makeup is to accentuate and define the eyes. As a make-up artist you must consider accentuating eye shape and colour. Today I will deal with eye colour, accentuating different eye shapes is a whole other day’s work…or weeks!

When choosing colours for a clients eye make-up it’s important to consider eye colour. You should also consider attire, hair, purposes of make-up(is it for an event, photoshoot etc) as well.

Green: Violet and plum shades are great for green eyes. Here are some other shades that look great with green eyes: bronze, gold, copper, deep greens deep purples, mauves, peaches and apricots, lilacs, and medium pinks are good choices. Avoid very cool shades like silvers, blues, pastels and whites. For highlighting the brow bone avoid white, it will look cheap with green eyes, try peach, taupe or apricot instead.

Brown: Brown eyes are the easiest to compliment. Eyeshadows that look tacky on other eye colours are much easier for brown eyed people to wear. Some shades that compliment brown eyes: Purples, pinks, blues, grays greens, golds, browns. Blue is going to look fantastic with brown eyes, cooler tones contrast well with brown eyes and make them stand out. Also, earthy colors look great with brown eyes.

Blue / Gray: Contrasting shades in the brown, rose and violet families bring out blue eyes.  Other shades; soft peaches, lavender, lilac, fuchsia, rich browns, golds and warm taupes.  Using shades  darker in tone than that of the natural eye color works very well.

Hazel: Hazel eyes stand out with deep greens, lavenders and shades with soft ochre undertones. To bring out the gold flecks in eyes, choose golden based  shadows. To bring out the green specks in eyes choose a brighter green shade like emerald in three different intensities. To bring out the blue specks in eyes use purple in three different shades. To highlight the brown base of hazel eyes use natural shades of brown. Colours like pale pink and light purple also look great with hazel eyes.

Many people have flecks or pools of other colours aside from their dominant eye colour. To deal with this I would suggest deciding which colour in their eyes you are trying to bring out, usually the dominant colour. For example, if the client has green eyes with flecks of brown, you may choose colours to accentuate the green only or vice versa. Trying to bring out 2 colours in the eyes is a little counter productive as it could have a neutralising effect rather than accentuating the eye. Of course, this really depends on the client. Very often what you learn in make-up courses and make-up books teach you something a particular way and when you are practicing you need to make quick judgement calls.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the Make-Up Artist Series. Tomorrow,

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  • Naoise

    The tip about the white highlight for green eyes is totally true . I knew something was wrong . haha

  • tine

    hoow i realy like the picture in this post! do you think you can do a tutorial for that??
    would be nice

    lots of love from belgium

    • Amy

      Certainly will x

  • Kirsten

    Hi Amy,

    I would love to see a series of photos with one eye color and different eye shadow colors (to show the difference colors make in enhancing one’s eye color). I haven’t been able to find anything like that, but it would be most awesome if you did a photo post with your own eyes!


  • louise

    thank you :) x

  • kerrie

    I have dark hair an blue eyes so browns usually wrk for me really makes my eyes pop. But i have to say lilac looks totally wrong on me! its the one shade i really cant carry off, but it looks good on my mum who has hazel eyes.. lol

    • Amy

      Kerrie, Lilac looks vile on me too, did I add it in to the blue eyes section? Ooopsie will edit

  • Fee

    I was going to ask the same as louise, except both my eyes are blue but one has a brown freckle in it if you like. =P

  • louise

    i dont suppose you know any tips for people with heterochromia iridium?

    (think kate bosworth) i have one brown one green :)

    • Amy

      Thanks for the question Louise. Great idea,I’ll address this in a post of it’s own this evening.
      Thanks x

  • Carissa

    Thanks! But what about gray eyes?

    • Amy

      Hi Carissa, the colours that look good on blue eyes will do the same for gray eyes. I’ll update the post, thanks for bringing it to my attention:)

  • Robin

    I would Love it if you did a make-ip tutorial on the pic you posted!!

  • Anita

    i think this is very true. i have brown/hazel eyes and my fav colours to use are purples & blues cuz i find they compliment my eyes the most. it really works :D xx

  • Desi

    Very informative! Thanks so much! I think that the whole Make-Up Artist Series would be of interest to any girl or woman since we all want to enhance our beauty by emphasizing the beautiful features and neutralizing the imperfections. Once again, thank you!

    P.S. I absolutely adore the eye make up on the picture :)

  • Essjay23x

    Ooh, thank you. I always scrub white hlight off from above my green eyes yet in all these tutorials they always say white hl and i wasn’t sure why it didn’t work. I actually thought that it was my skin tone or my brows. It just looked wrong hling above my eye but maybe it was not the fact I’m hlighting but because I was using white!

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