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Make-Up Artist Series: Different Types of Foundations

Here is a list of the different types of foundations used by Make-up artists and what they are used for:

Liquid: Used when trying to achieve a natural look. Perfect for young or clear skin. Usually applied with a foundation brush, stippling brush or damp make-up sponge. Professional liquid foundations are best.

Cream: Use for more coverage or on older skins. Use a very light touch.

Tint: Used often on mens skin or very clear skin.

Panstick: Used for theatre work. They are grease based so they need to be set with powder. It’s best to buy them in a palette to have a variety of shades.

Camouflage: Used to cover scars, acne etc

Pancake: Used when trying to create flat make-up.  It’s usually used on the body or fantasy work. They are water based, dry quickly and doesn’t rub off on clothing. It is applied with a damp sponge.

There will be more from my Make-up Artist Series tomorrow.

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  • sharon

    can you give me a few name brands that are used by professional makeup artist?

  • Clare

    Hiyaaa. I use Max Factor’s Second Skin Foundation and sometimes when i apply it, it goes on perfectly, matches my skin tone i love it, but other times it goes blotchy and doesn’t match my skin at all. i cleanse and moisturise my face in the same way every day, so why does this happen?

    • Amy

      Clare, it could be to do with your own skins ph balance on a particular day. I find that happens with my foundation too. If you’re skin care routine is always the same and you always apply you foundation after the same amount of time it’s probably slight changes in your skin.

  • Inês

    Please show us what we need in a professional makeup kit and how to work with diferent eye shapes…

  • ciara

    Today i got the L’oreal True Match Roll on foundation.
    THought it looked very gimmicky, but tried my friends and really like it. they could do with some more shades(or paler ones). But apart from that im very happy with it:)
    Its quite fun and gives nice coverange. And theres 4.95 off so its now €15 in boots.
    I have no idea how to clean it though!
    (sorry for the essay length comment!)

    • Amy

      Ciara, thanks for sharing, haven’t tried it yet!

  • Melody

    You didn’t include powder in here ?
    and I was sort of wondering about those. Thanks (:
    i love this series btw.

    • Amy

      Good question. Do you mean mineral foundation? Mineral and mousse foundations are not in the professional list of foundation types. A mua who mainly does bridal work might use them but for TV, Photography and theatre they wouldn’t really come to mind. they’re more something someone buys for personal use because they’re not everyones cup of tea. Thanks for asking that, I’ll update the post.

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