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Make-up & Brushes Haul (BITE)

I promised I would blog about the make-up goodies I picked up at BITE (Beauty Industry trade event) last weekend.

My first stop was the Boujois discount stand. They had a great offer on…one I could not resist :) I choose 5 items for €10. They didn’t have the full range by any means and to be honest the baskets got a little repetitive.

The women huddling around the stand were viciously elbowing others out of the way. Sale behaviour never ceases to amaze me – maybe it’s just me, but there is never an appropriate time to be physically aggressive. Some of these ‘ladies’, and I use that term loosely, seemed to disagree and felt that discounted Bourjois items were worth fighting for. I think not.

Anyway, I politely choose these five items; Healthy Mix Concealer, Ultra Care Mascara, Healthy Mix Foundation, Eyeshadow in Vert Petalant and Cream Eyeshadow in Gold.

Next it was the Crown stand. They had a huge variety of brushes on sale. Having never tried any of their products but not needing more brushed I selected two that were different to any in my collection.

Crown Brushes: Tiny eyeshadow brush, bronzer brush

There were quite a few Salon type make-up suppliers there. Generally I find these make-up brands are disappointing. I was drawn to a sale stand by a brand called Karaja. I have never even heard of them but an eyeshadow and a gloss caught my eye.

Karaja Gloss, Eyeshadow

This is all I bought! Nothing else appealed to me. I couldn’t believe that I wasn’t even tempted by the Jessica nail stand. It was a good  Sunday morning but I don’t think I would be in a rush back. The best part of my day was actually the amazing Full Irish Breakie I had in a restaurant on the seafront after the event.


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  • Claire

    I love that Bourjois stand!! But you have to be brave r you will be pushed out! They are often at shows in the RDS – Including Toys for Big Boys! Its a great way to stock up on foundation and mascara! €20 goes really far!!

  • http://lipglossandme.blogspot.com kate

    Pity you didnt get any Wow Brown Tan, it was only €10 and its great, id compare it to St tropez Step 3 lotion. Also fake lashes!!! Wearing a pair right now they are very unique, something i havent seen anywhere else! Maybe i havent looked good enough haha x

  • http://lovelygirliebits.blogspot.com/ Karen

    I love the look of that bronzer brush, I’m on the lookout for a flat topped brush like that which won’t break the bank. I was thinking about going to BITE this year but didn’t in the end, deffo next year :)LovelyGirlieBits Blog

  • Ciara

    I absolutely LOVE Bourjois foundations and the Healthy Mix is my current favourite!! :-) I can’t believe you got all 10 items for €10 considering the foundation alone is about €12!!!!

    Also that Crown Bronzer brush looks great! Do you think it would be good for stippling foundation? Or are the bristles quite coarse? I currently use the ELF powder brush, but I’m always on the look out for good brushes!! :-)

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