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Make-up Musings: 8 Reasons to Say Yes to Powder

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with powder. When applied well it can leave me looking polished but if too heavy handed it can look cakey.

In the Summer I rely on my MAC Mineralise Skin Finish Natural. But during the rest of the year I can get away without it as I’m not too oily. In the interest of wearing less make-up I have abandoned my powder in the last few months. Aside from my makeup not lasting as long, I do look a lot less polished. This has led me to ponder a little more about benefits of powder.

I have come up with 8 reasons to say yes to powder:

1. It sets make-up – It makes your make-up last longer and stops transfer and smudging. It also stops liquid products slipping.

2. It prevents shine – Powder absorbs moisture. The key is to keep it  light to avoid cakiness.

3. It mattifies – An essential for ladies with oily skin.

4. It blends make-up – It softens edges and blends make-up bringing your overall look together. Adds an even texture and helps balance the skin tone.

5. Corrects make-up –  Powder can be correct a foundation that is too dark for you, bring down  a blush that’s too bright, blend an eyeshadow that is too harsh etc

6. Polishes bare skin – If you decide to wear no foundation a touch of powder will mattify the skin and leave you looking more groomed and polished.

7. Provides protection – Some powders help protect the skin from the sun.

8. Mineral Powders that are good for the skin – Some, certainly not all, mineral powders are designed to promote healthy skin.

After all of that thinking I think I’ll go back to applying a little powder.

What are your thoughts on powder? Is it a staple for you?

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  • Gena

    Hey Amy,
    I was wondering if you knew a good, affordable, foundation that does not clog pores or slide off. I was using Loreal’s True Match with an Almay setting powder and my skin got really oily and it would just come off when I touch it. Also, I started breaking out more often than usual. I have combination skin if I’m not wearing makeup or if I just wear mineral. But when I wear liquid I just get oily. Any suggestions of foundation that does not create breakouts and stays on? What about finishing powders?

  • Sara

    Hey Amy, it wont let me comment on your mac colours post so im posting a reply to that here instead. Patina is a gorgeous colour its my go-to lid colour for everday eyes, i use it with cork in the crease and dazzelight as a highlight and I always get nice compliments when i wear it like this :)

  • Amanda

    My favourite powder is the BECCA loose powder, it’s barely noticeable and evens out my makeup nicely. It also comes in loads of colour choices. If I over powder I spray a little MAC Fix + and I found that settles down the cakey look.

  • Kerry

    I wear it over concealer for any spots just to keep it in place, I don’t wear any foundation or anything though. I love Rimmel London’s Clear Complexion mineral powder, it’s fantastic! They do a lovely Matt one as well x

  • Laura J

    I have oily skin so i always use powder. My favourite powder to set my foundation is natural collection pressed powder from boots. I always carry Mac select sheer powder compact (nw20) in my bag for touch ups.

  • lorraine

    love my rimmel stay matte powder. gets rid of the shineness when it happens :-) . ya cant go wrong with powder i think.

  • Kat

    Hi Amy, which platform do you use for your blog? WordPress, livejournal? I love the clean look of yours. What did you mean in your MAC eyeshadows post about moving away from blogger for colour reference? Are colours in photos distorted when uploaded through blogger? Thanks!!

  • Chanel

    Hey! I agree with Emily, the collection 2000 one is really good. It never leaves my side either hehe… and it’s cheap. But I think I need to change to something with SPF in it for Summer =/ … any reccomendations?


  • Charan

    hey amy,

    I just wanted to let you know that Debanams in blanchardstown has sale on Urban decay 24/7 super stash which has 9 eyeliner pencils. they are on sale for € 14

  • Amanda

    For a while I had a Clinique loose face powder for a while, but it has a little shimmer in it so I got a new one last week and I got Rimmel Stay Matte powder and I’m loving it! I just started wearing foundation too, so this adds a nice polished look :) I feel all grown up. haha

  • Ashley

    Ive recently became a powder fan and have been using the MAC Prep + Prime Transparent finishing powder. Its very soft and silky but I feel like it does wonders for smoothing out my complexion! I do wish it was colored because it can leave you looking a tad pale.

    • Amy

      @Ashley I hate when they don’t sell coloured versions. Must try this :)

  • Emily

    I love powder and if I didn’t use it by nose would be super shiny. I mainly use it when I’m out and about, I just have a little collection 2000 compact and it never leaves my side!

    • Amy

      @Emily Oooh Must give that one a try :)

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