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Make-up Musings: 8 Reasons to Say Yes to Powder

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with powder. When applied well it can leave me looking polished but if too heavy handed it can look cakey.

In the Summer I rely on my MAC Mineralise Skin Finish Natural. But during the rest of the year I can get away without it as I’m not too oily. In the interest of wearing less make-up I have abandoned my powder in the last few months. Aside from my makeup not lasting as long, I do look a lot less polished. This has led me to ponder a little more about benefits of powder.

I have come up with 8 reasons to say yes to powder:

1. It sets make-up – It makes your make-up last longer and stops transfer and smudging. It also stops liquid products slipping.

2. It prevents shine – Powder absorbs moisture. The key is to keep it  light to avoid cakiness.

3. It mattifies – An essential for ladies with oily skin.

4. It blends make-up – It softens edges and blends make-up bringing your overall look together. Adds an even texture and helps balance the skin tone.

5. Corrects make-up –  Powder can be correct a foundation that is too dark for you, bring down  a blush that’s too bright, blend an eyeshadow that is too harsh etc

6. Polishes bare skin – If you decide to wear no foundation a touch of powder will mattify the skin and leave you looking more groomed and polished.

7. Provides protection – Some powders help protect the skin from the sun.

8. Mineral Powders that are good for the skin – Some, certainly not all, mineral powders are designed to promote healthy skin.

After all of that thinking I think I’ll go back to applying a little powder.

What are your thoughts on powder? Is it a staple for you?

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