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I am often asked about what make-up to buy if you’re on a tight budget. I get asked this question so often from Irish ladies that I decided to dedicate a blog post to it.

Let me start by saying that I don’t think there is any one great drugstore brand. I tend to pick and choose from each brand. After much testing (haha) I have decided that each brand has their strengths and weaknesses; for example Natural Collection make great lipsticks but poor eye-shadows.  Revlon is my overall favourite drugstore/pharmacy make-up brand. However, it is more expensive in Ireland (colourstay costs €17! Add a few euro to that and you could buy yourself a high end foundation)

  • Concealer: Essence Trio, Maybelline
  • Nail Polish: Essence, Rimmel
  • Powder: Rimmel Silky Loose Powder
  • Lipgloss: Essence, Bourjois 3D
  • Foundation: Revlon, Boots 17, Rimmel, Max Factor
  • Blush: Collection 2000
  • Mascara: Collection 2000 (purple tube) if you’re after Dior Show but can’t afford it. Maybelline Lash Stilleto is my favourite.
  • Lip Liner: Natural Collection
  • Eyebrow Pencil: Rimmel
  • Eye liner: Loreal
  • Highlight: Prestige Sun Baked Bronzer
  • Bronzer: Prestige Sun Baked Bronzer , Barry M, Rimmel, Natural Collection
  • Eye-shadows: Ok this is the one area I recommending spending a little more. I am happy to buy cheaper brands for most make-up items, but not eyeshadow. The reason for this is that they tend not to be very pigmented or long lasting. I do love Barry M Dazzledusts though.

What are your favourite drugstore items?

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  • Laurie

    the max factor pan-stick is a brilliant foundation especially for beginners because theres no brushes required, you HAVE to try the maybelline dream matt pouder (I actually perfer it to M.A.C’s mineralized skin finish natural) and bourjois do excellent pencil eye liner and shadows. Barry M do my favourite lipstck ( its 129) hope this helps! :D xo

  • Bianca

    I really started liking Catrice but I wonder where to get it. Some Dunnes have it but the counters always look manky.

    • http://www,facebook.com/janettecunningham Janette Cunningham

      They Also Sell Catrice In Penny’s

  • karen

    Im always looking for makeup on a budget but still of good quality. My favourite drugstore eyeliner is Catrice Stay On Eye Crayon. Its really easy to use and lasts ages! :) But when i went to Walmart in America I bought a load of Covergirl makeup. It is the best drugstore brand because the makeup is amazing and its very rare for anything to be over $11. But I cant find any in Ireland so does anyone know where its avalible in Ireland? x

    • Orla

      Max factor is like the same as covergirl. The false lash effect mascara is an exact copy of covergirl lash blast!

  • Clare O Leary

    where can i buy revlon makeup?im having trouble finding it?

  • Hannah

    I have so many drugstoe favourites!
    Sleek makeup do some beautiful eyeshadow palettes sold in superdrug, the colours are amazing and so pigmented. You really should check them out! I love the eyeko mascara (also sold in superdrug), it doesn’t look special, but it’s amazingly good, also they do a 3-1 highlighting cream which is amazing. Rimmel nailpolishes are beautiful colours, and last for a while. The maybelline dream matte mousse concealer is really good, covers up alll my inperfections! I also REALLY love collection 2000 blushes, i have mine in the shade bashful, it’s lovley :) Natural collection also sell good bronzers & blushes. For lipproducts I’d recommend rimmel lipsticks & barry m lipsticks :D
    hope that helped!
    x x x

    • http://www.makeupandbeauty.ie Amy

      Thanks Hannah, I need to find a sleek palette! x

  • http://alteregoishere.wordpress.com/ Charan

    Recently I have become a fan of the Catrice cosmetics :) . I love their nail polishes, eyeshadow, lipstick and their lipgloss as well. The lipgloss smells amazing and quite a good pigmentation unlike essence which always goes on clear.

    I have been using a lot of NYX lipstick and lipgloss.

    I love the Natural collection blushes. I have the peach melba and dusky rose.

    For me, the best mascara is the Maybelline one with the pink and the green packaging.

    I love prestige and 17 eyeshadows.

    • Lieenie

      Hi I know that this is an older post but where can you get NYX in Ireland? I’ve been looking. Thanks

  • Nancy Gisele Piche

    I tend to make myself fall in love with higher end products as it always feels like you get what you pay for. However, sometimes lower end brands do have a few hidden treasures for less.

    I LOVE Rimmel nail varnishes, they last wayyyy longer than my Chanel’s and OPI’s.

    As for eyeshadows, I tend to buy on the higher end, but I do like Maybelline’s quads. The texture and colour ranges are quite nice.

    For concealers, I LOOOVE Maybeline’s Mineral liquid one that comes in a tube. I have MAC and YSL and I always go bac to Maybelline’s as it is much better and doesn’t crease.

    As for mascaras, I love my hypnose ones, but do get suckered into buying the odd drugstore one. Maybelline, again does do good ones. That is unfortunately, as far as I have ventured in the drugstore range.

    I tend to love pretty and long lasting packaging. Lower end brands do not offer that. I usually end up breaking the eyeshadow covers and such. That, and wanting to try the best of the best, is usually why I often stick to higher end brands…oh shallow, I know I am! hahahah

  • desiiGirl87

    i love rimmel lipsticks!

  • Sarah

    lol. I think I bought the same green one. I also bought a purple trio of theirs it has like a white a lilac and a dark purple to wear with a black dress. I got a pink one for a vampire look for halloween which I fell in love with and love to find excuses to wear again.

  • http://macalicious-iheartcosmetics.blogspot.com/ sarah smith

    I find sleek cosmetics eyeshadows good quality

  • http://princesa-livia.blogspot.com Princesa Livia

    This post is great! Thanks for listing down the strengths of the drugstore brands :) I’ll check them out more… Oh, Rimmel does amazing lip liners, if that’s worth adding to :) xx Livia

    • http://www.makeupandbeauty.ie Amy

      Definitely will,thanks :) x

  • sarah

    I love the Boots 17 eyeshadows for when you need a colour to match an outfit but wouldn’t wear it enough to buy an expensive one. I love the Mac eyeshadows, the colours apply well.

    I also have a dark aberginey sparkley Benefit dust eyeshadow I bought in New York,it’s a bit messy but when you’re brave enough to wear it, it looks great!

    The Natural Collection eyeliner goes on quite well.

    I love love love the Rimmell kohl eyeliner pencil.

    I don’t really wear lipstick that often but when I do I have three that I wear heather shimmer by Rimmell, Natural Collection and a mac one not sure of the name of them but they are a light brown/pinky shade.

    Don’t leave the house without Mac tinted lip conditioner in strobe current. but I don’t think they make it anymore I can’t seem to find it ;(

    • http://www.makeupandbeauty.ie Amy

      Thanks so much for sharing :) I agree with you on the 17 shadows. I bought an emerald green one last year to wear with a black dress!

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