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Make-up Tip: How to Correct Facial Masking

I recently received an email from a reader who is concerned about her facial masking. She wanted to know how best to correct it. I decided to post the information for all.

Facial Masking is where the skin appears to have it’s own natural mask. The edges of the face tend to be darker and the centre of the face lighter. It sometimes affects those with dark skin.

If the colour difference is subtle you have already achieved definition; Make-up artists often use a slightly darker shade of foundation on the outer edge of the face to create definition. If on the other hand the difference is much more noticeable it is very easy to correct.

I have worked with a few women who consider masking a big problem. It’s not usually noticeable to others but it’s very easy to correct if it bothers you.

Choosing Foundation

When buying foundation you will need to buy two shade –  one to brighten the darker area and one to deepen the lighter area. When you’re choosing colours you want the light shade and the darker shade on the opposite area and the goal is that the shades meet in the middle and look the same. I would recommend getting some help at a beauty counter with this. Just make sure you highlight the masking to the sales assistant and tell her your needs.


Apply the darker shade to the lighter area and the lighter shade to the darker area. Make sure you blend very well. I like to apply both shades and then blend the line between the two with a damp cosmetic sponge of stippling brush.

Finishing Touches

Finish the face by highlighting cheekbones with a highlighting powder and contouring powder below the cheekbones and at temples.

Et voila!

I hope this helped!

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