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Make-up Trend A/W 2010 – Red Lips

Red lips is a regular Autumn/Winter trend. It’s a true classic! This season the red lip trend is much more contemporary and a lot less retro.

Instead of vintage fire engine, Reds injected with berry and raspberry were seen on the A/W catwalk at Dolce & Gabbanna (left).

A few tips for re-creating this look:

Keep the rest of your make-up neutral. Be careful though, neutral does not mean bare. Your skin, eyes and cheeks should look polished.

Use a sharp lip pencil for precision (if you have trouble getting the point sharp place the liner in the fridge for a while before paring).

The Cupid’s bow is the focus – draw on deep to re-create the D&G look.

Experiment with the shape, tone and texture until you find what works for you.

If you look at closeups taken backstage at Dolce and Gabbanna you can see that the lips are drawn very slightly beyond the natural lip line. A word of caution, unless you’re experienced at this, practice.

D & G went for a moist-matte look but hyper-glossy raspberry red lips would also hit the spot.

I think this seasons red lip trend will be easier to wear than the 50’s red look. It’s more forgiving and it’s also more contemporary. Don’t be afraid to try it – you might love it!

Enjoy experimenting!

What are your thoughts on this trend?


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  • bmx cranks

    Super good!

  • Aoife

    Hi Amy,

    Have you any red lippies to recommend? I need a good one!


  • LittleMiss

    If you want to pull off the hot reds, I would definitely recommend picking up Crest Whitestrips if you’re in the US. People constantly ask how I get my teeth so white whereas before they were sort of dull! I just think white teeth add a certain sparkle and pop to your look and allow you to pull off tones that you might not consider if you’re concerned about them emphasising the yellowness of your teeth. :) Great blog Amy I’m addicted to checking it every day :) xxx

  • Robin L

    Hi Amy, I’m actaully really excited about trying this :) I’m usually a terrified of lipstick in general. Thanks for telling us about it xx x

  • Michelle

    I’m very pale. do you think I could pull this off?

    • Amy

      Definitely Michelle – would look amazing on your skintone!

  • elena

    I like the look of the satin matte lips, so sick of gloss. It’s such a pain to reapply every 20 minutes! x

    • Amy

      Amen to that! haha

  • Anya

    Thanks for this Amy. I read red lips were back but assumed it was the usual bright red (which I so will never wear). Might give the berry reds a go

    • Amy

      Much easier to wear :)

  • Livy

    I need to be brave and try this!

    • Amy

      Your bravery will pay off :)

  • Kat

    Love it! Been dying to try some dramatic lips for a while, I can do dramatic eyes no problemo, but lips elude me. I bought Benefit Wild Card about a year ago (then was sickened to see them giving it away with Flakes!) to try a vampy lip, but I could never get it to apply evenly. I used a liner and lip brush, but within a few minutes it would wear away in the middle of my lips. Any application tips to help it last longer?

    • Amy

      Kat you could try using a velour powder puff with a minuscule amount of powder on it before lipstick. If you use lipbalm first apply it before you start your make-up and then use a tissue to pat off excess . Otherwise lipstick will slide.
      You could even try the timeless granny tradition of blotting and reapplying to the middle of your lips.
      Also make sure your lips are in good condition and well exfoliated. If you have dead skin on your lips (which tends to be worst in the middle of the lip) and then apply lipstick this could encourage shedding.

  • mariga

    Loving the berry colours. Much more forgiving on less than perfect teeth than hot reds.

    • Amy

      That’s a very good point Mariga :)

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