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Make-up with The Body Shop’s Karim Sattar & Winter Trend 2010

As you know from my previous post I was invited into The Body Shop on Grafton Street on Friday evening to meet their celebrity make-up artist, Karim Sattar. It was such a treat!

I had a lovely facial after which Karim did my make-up using products from The Body Shop’s Winter Trend collection. More on that later, first I’ll give you a little look at what came in my gift bag from the new collection. After all, that’s why you’re here.


The Sparkler All Over Shimmer

Winter Trend 01 Eye Palette Twilight

Shades: Violet Sky, Damson Velvet, Lilac Mist, Pink Champagne, Pearl

Spiced Vanilla Body Butter

Star Dust Shade 02 Gold

Love Gloss in Twinkling Pink 19

A note on the aloe range…

The lovely Niamh gave me a mini facial when I arrived. Since my skin is a little temperamental this week she used the aloe range. I have never tried any of The Body Shop face products so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. The cleanser, scrub, toner and moisturiser smelled delicate and subtle. There was also no stinging or drying of any kind. Best of all, my skin looks great today. I think I may have to invest in a few products from this range.

I have never enjoyed having my make-up done as much. Karim is absolutely hilarious and his Beyonce inspired dancing was worth the visit alone. I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

And yes, Amy now has a shopping list…

The downside is that I had a few minutes to kill before my make-over. How can this be a downside I hear you ask. Well, I sampled and smelled plenty of testers and proceeded to fall in premature love with a few products I have never heard of before. The one that caught my eye the most  (and the one I will be popping to The Pavillions to buy tomorrow) was a body spritz oil. I will update you on my purchases, as always :)

What is your favourite Body Shop product?

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  • emma

    just went and bought literally the whole spiced vanilla range , ive never loved a scent this much , the lip balm is really nice!

  • Mel

    i’m alll over the all over shimmer. Buying that today!

  • Kusum

    i have tried body shops tea tree face cleanser and toner..also now using the aloe vera face cleanser and toner but the thing is is the stinging sensation from the toner good or bad?

  • Amy

    The neroli jasmin range smells divine! I spritzed one of the oils and fell in love. I’m def going to buy :)
    As for sexy cookie? I’m in! haha

  • Alanna

    Looking forward to reviews and swatches :)

    • Amy

      I will get them up soon :)

  • P Peachy

    They range looks gorgeous!!!

    • Amy

      So so pretty!

  • VIcki

    I have been using the Body Shop aloe range for years and totally love it. It has never irritated my skin, and feels really nice on the skin. I love the Body Shop all around actually… Olive body butter is AMAZING!

    • Amy

      Aaaah Vicki!! Now I HAVE to buy the aloe range! haha Thanks for letting me know. I have also kept note of the aloe body butter :)

  • Jeneille

    The eye palette looks lovely!

    • Amy

      I wore it today, very soft and pretty :)

  • Karen

    I had a small pot of the Vitamin E cream earlier in the year and loved it, but I wasn’t sure if I loved it enough to purchase the big container of it. It was nice and light and not too perfumey which is always good. I love the look of The Sparkler All Over Shimmer, the container is too cute!


    • Amy

      I know, I was sold once I saw the pump. How friggin adorable is that!

  • Birminghamlady

    i have the aloe vera range which was pretty ok so far for my really really damaged skin.
    i’d adore to try on more of their stuff, I am a crazy user of their body butters, their Neroli Jasmin range and hubby uses their vanilla body lotion. he smells like a sexy cookie :))

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