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Make your own hot oil hair treatment

I’m on a mission to look after my hair. As you know I had the 12 week blow-dry a few weeks ago so I need to keep any type of sodium away from my hair. That means using organic haircare or making my own. I have limited access to ingredients here in the Canaries but I do have a few essential oils and some olive oil.

I have it on good authority (the professional kind) that this DIY hot oil treatment will do the same for your hair as a salon treatment so off I go, let the mission continue.

All I used was…

  • 40 ml Olive oil
  • 8 drops of sandalwood essential oil

This treatment is great for dry, colour treated, frizzy, course, unmanageable or permed hair. My hair is quite brittle so I’m onboard with this one.

I warmed the olive oil gently in a saucepan until it is warm. I then added the sandalwood and stirred. I covered my dry hair in the oil and combed it through in sections, root to tip. I also massaged some of the oil into my scalp. I marched around the villa with my hair wrapped in a huge towel for about 20 minutes, glass of wine in one hand, bar of chocolate in the other. I then shampooed twice with my shampoo and conditioned as normal.

The results were better than I expected. My hair is smooth and feels silky. The ends of my hair look much better. I will never buy a hot oil, chemical laden treatment again. No more laziness Amy!

I highly recommend this treatment. It’s well worth it!



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  • Malvi

    Hi! Can it be done with any essential oil??

  • Kate

    Sounds fantastic. Will olive oil work just as good on its own?

  • Noris

    Thanks for the recipe Amy…Do I have to wrap the hair in a hot or warm towel? x

  • Ellie

    oooh, I was going to do a treatment today but this sounds better :) Thanks Amy xox

  • superficialgirl

    Ohhh i so need to try this! I am out of treatement and my hair is looking awful

  • Kate

    Oh sounds amazing Amy but where can i get sandalwood oil? :( I live in Ireland also, you recommend any shops in Dublin?

    • Amy

      @Kate You can get it in any health shop in Dublin x

  • Erica (madameir)

    Oh joy! Love it when you post DIY treatments/recipes. More hair ones please!! Sandalwood is one of my favourite oils. reminds me of when i was a child. tell me amy is the wine and chocie mandatory for this to work? ;)

    • Amy

      @Erica (madameir) Oh absolutely haha

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