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Maybelline Dream Creamy Foundation: A Review

This is a screen shot from my latest YouTube video. I had quite a few comments and questions about my skin/foundation. Time to confess, it was a cheap  product I picked up in Boots.

I got suckered into buying  Maybelline Dream Creamy Foundation the other day whilst perusing the make-up isle. Man am I happy with it!

It’s a a cream to liquid product that is designed for dry skin (which I don’t have).On the label it says it will hydrate the skin for 14 hours.


I applied this with my foundation brush. I used the tiniest smidgen and the coverage was very good. It left my skin smooth and soft and quite flawless. Best of all it didn’t dry or cake.

I have combination skin (oily chin, normal everywhere else) but lately I have been enjoying foundations designed for dry skin. Don’t ask me why they work on my skin but for some heavenly reason they do. I am a happy girl! This foundation won’t be to everyone’s taste. If you tend to get greasy, the oils in your skin will probably dissolve this foundation after a few hours.

Maybelline are on 3 for 2 in Boots so I had to pick up two lipstick as well hee hee. I’ll share those with you tomorrow, they’re gorgeous.

Have you tried the Maybelline product?

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  • Sophia

    What shade of the Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse do you use? (b/c your skin tone looks very similar to mine)

  • Shelley

    i have the Maybelline Dream Creamy Foundation and i wear it every day to college. but i have very oily skin! ahhh! thats the problem. for me the foundation is extremely nice and comes out nice on my face but it only last for about 4 hours then i reapply on my face. i have no idea which foundation to use on my oily skin which will actually last all day! xx

    • http://www.makeupandbeauty.ie Amy

      @Shelley The dream cream is for dry skin so I’d imagine it just slid off your skin. For oily skin I think it’s worht spending a bit more on a foundation designed for your skin type; mattifying products, oil free liquid foundations, powder foundations etc The later doesn’t have to be heavy with the new products on the market. I found that when my skin was oily I wasted a lot of money on drugstore products that just didn’t last. I eventually found Make Up For Ever Face and Body which is oil free and waterproof. This worked great for me but it’s not everyones cup of tea.

  • Saoirse

    Hmm..I tried this right after it came out. I bought it in Boots. First of all I find the lightest shade is a bit orangy for me. It’s still okay though. My main problem was it made my skin look oily.. and accentuated the dry areas. :( It wasn’t the worst for dry skin I must admit. I find it so difficult to find foundation for combo skin and this just didn’t work. It’s not the worst I have tried. And at the price it was it’s not too bad!! I think if you have better skin than me you’ll be okay. :)

  • Bianca

    I’m a bit scared to try this foundation. I tried the Dream Matte Mousse and it broke me out badly after using it for about 10 days. Hm….

  • elaine

    i picked this up the other day too and i have to say i love it! i saw the add on tv and it just looked so tempting! :) i also got the falsies mascara which i think is AMAZING and an eye shadow in the 3 for 2!

  • Aoife

    So glad you tried this foundation! This is my new day time foundation! It’s so easy to apply and the number 04 colour works great for me. I have quite dry skin so this is lovely and creamy. By the end of the day, I have rubbed it off but I am comparing that with my Double Wear that doesn’t budge!

    Great budget foundation! My wallet will take a hit in Boots this weekend if there’s 3 for 2! I blame you! :)

    PS Nearly through my first of your magic lavender soaps. The skin on my arms has never been better! Thanks so much!

  • http://shesthequeeen.blogspot.com/ Maggie

    Ugh I just bought this &I hate it!. I have combo skin, sometimes oily sometimes dry. Right now my skins a little bit of both. I am using moisturizer on my face every day & before makeup application. But man when I put this stuff on all it did was make me look flakey. It made my soft &smooth &primed face and made it look like I just rubbed liquid all over my face before I moisturized & primed. I’m happy this worked for someone though because the price is right! But I’m still looking for an amazing foundation! :/

  • http://ladysugarsheen.blogspot.com/ Whitney

    I haven’t tried their foundation yet, but it looks amazing! Their lipsticks are really smooth, and I like them a lot! I know other people like the foundation as well!

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