Nominated for 4 Net Visionary Awards! Eeee!

I can’t really believe this but I have just found out that I have been nominated for 4 Net Visionary Awards. I’m a wee bit shocked to say the least. This is all thanks to you ladies, you’re truly amazing!

This is where I need your help. The winners are decided by votes. Voting closes 30th April It would be utterly fabulous if you would cast your vote. I have been nominated in 4 categories:

  • Best Business Blogger
  • Best Business Video & Podcasting
  • Internet Entrepreneur
  • Best Use of Social Media

Click here to vote for me (don’t forget to vote for the 4 categories) They ask for your name, email address and company, so just enter “None”, make up a company name or put in the company you work for.

Thank you so much ladies,

Grá mór,



*Update; WINNER: Alanna B

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  • Ellen O’ Flynn

    hiya!! :) I voted at 17:07
    Good luck, ill touch some wood for you ;) X

  • Ramlah

    just voted at 2103 gmt+1 time

  • sarah

    voted today at 9.52

    good luck!you really deserve to win

    fingers crossed

  • Tracey

    Just voted for you 23.49 (france) 19th april

  • cyberallie87

    Don’t let people get to you! We know how awesome you are! just voted! 15:08

  • Anthea

    I voted for you at 17:23

  • sarah

    hello darlin! jst voted for d four categories at 17:16 pm. good luck :D x

  • Mollie

    I voted on all four at 17:01

    Good Luck you deserve to win !!!

  • Hannalisa

    I voted for you at 3:33 pm (Germany). GOOD LUCK GIRL!

  • Christina

    Hey, i voted in all four categories at 14:28pm (London time) Good luck!!

  • Louise Walsh

    I voted in all 4 at 14:27

  • Maeve Curry

    Hey Amy!Voted for you at 12.05approx! Besta luck!:D

  • Rachel C

    voted at 11.20am! best of luck!

  • Andreea

    Hi Amy, I voted @ 9.39, Mon.19th.
    Good luck to you, you deserve it!

  • maja pastori

    Hi there,
    i really hope you’ll be the winner!!! I’ll keep my fingers crossed!!!
    BTW I’ve just voted for you (it’s 8,21 am).
    Good Luck, again!
    MAYA (alias Makeupaolic83)

  • Soccer_gurl05

    I voted for you at 10:28 EST. Good luck!!

  • Kelly

    I voted in your categories at 9:18 pm 4/18! Good Luck!!

  • Laura

    that was 00:47 am enlgishtime btw :) xx

  • Laura

    Hey i voted at 00:47 english time…Good luck xxxx

  • Caoimhe Dillon

    I voted at 00:45,
    Best of luck. X x x x

  • accessorizealways

    Good luck, just voted for ya! I didn’t see the time but right now….it is about 7:38 pm Eastern time, and that is 4:38 cali, ihope i did it right.

  • accessorizealways

    Good luck, just voted for ya!

  • accessorizealways

    Good luck

  • Anete Dziluma

    Hi, I voted for you Amy in 2:03, (19th april). Hope you’ll win! :)

  • Brix Anna Ziemann

    I voted at 00.28 am.
    good luck;)

  • Mari

    My vote: 23:27.
    Good Luck!

  • Elaine S

    Wow this sounds so exciting! Good for you Amy :)
    I voted at 3:25pm on April 18th
    Best of luck!

    xoxo, Elaine

  • Ana Celina

    I have just voted, not sure about the time in Ireland, it was 19:24 here – around 2 minutes ago…

  • Desiree Holmes

    I voted at 3:22 PM (pacific time)
    Good luck!

  • April

    I voted on Sunday April 18th @ 7:13 AST (Canada)…Good luck Amy! You deserve to win :o)

  • Tami

    i voted in all four categories best of luck (: xxxxxxxxx i voted at 9:56pm <3<3<3

  • Lois

    Voted for you in all categories at 21.49 (GMT) 18/04/2010 .. Well done for getting this far and good luck :) xx

  • Josephine

    Voted at 21.03 Good luck :)

  • Charlotte

    voted for you at 12.56
    good luck (: xxx

  • nazia

    hey amy,

    i voted for you at 8:46 :) really hope you win all four!

  • Helen

    Voted at 20:48
    Best of luck Amy

  • Cáit

    I voted for you at 20:25 on the 18th of April. Well done for getting nominated!

  • Claire Halligan

    Hi Amy,

    Voted for you in all categories at 19.39 Irish time!

    Best of luck, hope you win! :)

    Claire x

  • Carol Davis

    Voted at 19.35

    Good luck missy!

  • Victoria Evans

    Hello Amy!I voted at 19:22 on 18th April.Best of Luck!:)

  • Charity G.

    I voted on April 18th at 2:18pm. I hope you win!!!!

  • Emma-Louise

    I voted at 18:44 UK time on Sunday 18th of April.

    Good luck Amy, love your site! : ) xx

  • sarah kelly

    hi Amy
    good luck
    all the best =]
    i voted at 18:42

  • Ellen Rosenfeld

    I voted at 1:30p. EST

    Good luck!

  • Finola

    Best of luck…voted at 18.25 :-)

  • Rebecca

    voted @ 4.46pm today.

    best of luck!! :) x

  • Jani

    Hi! Voted for you at 16:48 on the 18th. Good luck!

  • casi

    I voted in all four categories at 11:48 (eastern time)

    Good luck Amy :)

  • Ailbhe Long

    Hey Amy, I voted a few days ago but totally forgot to comment after so I voted again under my hotmail account today at 16:14 irish time :)
    Best of luck, no doubt you’ll win with all this support!

  • Bekka D

    I voted at 16:07 on the 18th April :)
    Good luck Amy :) x

  • Laura

    Hi, I voted for you 18th April at 16.06hrs. Best of luck!

  • Bonnie

    I voted for you at 8:54. Good Luck, Amy!

  • Aine Mullen

    I voted 18-4-10 at 2:41 pm (irish time)
    Best of luck!! :)

  • sadaf hussain

    i voted on 18th april 2010 at 14:43 for all the catagories hope u win!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sinead

    Best of luck Amy! I voted at 14:38

  • Shannon ROSE

    hey i voted for you at
    14:26 (uk time)
    :-D xx

  • Shazza R

    hey i voted for you at 14:20 xxx

  • Rachel

    Hi Amy,
    I voted for you 18/04/2010 at 13.59.
    Love your blog and videos.
    Good Luck x

  • Kate

    Good luck Amy!!!

    I voted at 14.00

  • Laurie

    I voted for you in all 4 categories at 1:35 today, the 18th of April 2010.(Irish time)
    I really, really hope you win! I love all your videos and your so pretty!

  •!/sophiemoran2?ref=profile Sophie Moran

    Whoops i voted before i saw that i was meant to comment with the time :S i’ll estimate it was around 13/4/10 some time in the afternoon…ha whoops :)

  • heather hasson

    i voted at 13.38 18/04/10 hun, i hope you win, it is amazing how things are happening for you, i have my fingers crossed

  • melissa

    hey, i voted at 13.12!

    all the best!! :)


  • Daniela Merli

    Hi Amy! I voted for you in all 4 categories today 18/04/2010 at 13:40. Good luck from Italy!

  • Louise Manning

    Hey amy i voted on the 18th April 12.48pm Irish time :)

    Best of luck xx

  • Emilie

    The best of luck Amy! :) voted at 18/03/2010 12:27pm x

  • Sibhers

    Hi Amy! I voted at 12.14pm Irish time! Best of luck!

  • Katie Boland

    Hey amy! Fellow irish guru here :) I just voted for you in all 4 categories at 12:06 our time :)

    Best of luck!


  • Sophie Warburton

    Voted 11.59 am. Good luck Amy, love your vids! Xx

  • lauren gleeson

    i voted for you at 11.35 irish time:) Good luck i really hope you win :) xx

  • Naoise Galvin

    I voted for you in all four categories at 11:43 am Irish time :) good luck babe :)

  • Elize

    I voted 18th April 12:38 Dutch time (so I guess 13:38 Irish time :D) .

    Good luck! I truly hope you win, you have a great site!

  • Sparklycupcake

    I voted at 11.36…:D pope u win..! :)

  • Lea

    i voted for you in all the categories on april the 18th at 11:33 irish time
    love yer vids :) x

  • sophie keeping

    i voted for you at 11.11 uk time x

  • Alice

    10.57 English Time :) xxx
    Great videos btw <3

  • olivia nolan

    i voted on the 18th of april at 10:49 am GMT. hope you win!

  • Roberta

    I voted for you, too – in all categories and at 11:44 UTC/GMT +2 hours on 18/04/2010

  • Niamhh

    Good luckk amyy(: i voted at 10:32 am irish time:P x

  • Sarabeth Hoggarth

    I voted 10.23 am (18th) Good Luck, I hope you win at least one of the categories x

  • hannah

    i voted at 9.33am (irish time) 18/4/10!! best of luck, hope u win!! x

  • Sophie Kwalk

    Hey Amy,
    voted at 4:12am EST
    good luck and hope for the best!

  • aimee lovric

    i voted at 8:56 am , good luck you shining star!

  • Jannika Gerbitz

    I votet <3

    9:53 a.m.
    from Germany)

  • Gerri Eirich

    Voted at 01:20 April 18, 2010
    Good luck!!

  • freewing78

    Hi amy , i voted at 2:52 am,good luck :D

  • Em Crawford

    I voted in all four categories at 1:19 am (Central)!

    Best of luck to you!

  • Kimberlee Ornbaum

    I voted on April 17 at 11:07 pm Pacific Time. Good luck!

  • Alanna B

    Love your site!!
    Voted @7.06am
    Would vote for you regardless :)
    Good luck!

  • Victoria

    I voted at 11:00 California time.
    I love your videos!

  • Brittany

    i voted at 10:40pm mountain time (US)
    good luck!!

  • samantha

    i voted at 11:36pm cst! good luck and love your new haircolor :)

  • Stephanie Y

    voted at 12:35 from the U.S. good luck!

  • Karen

    I voted for you in all four categories at 12:32 am EST, on 4/18. I HOPE YOU WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Karen

    I voted in all four categories on 4/at 12:32 am EST. I HOPE YOU WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rachel Kelly


    I voted at 11:47pm (Eastern time – Canada).

    Good luck girly!


  • Eileen

    I forgot to put the time and date.. :) I voted all four at 9:37 P.M. MDT. Good Luck!

  • Eileen

    I have vote for you in all four categories. Hope you win.

  • cidercidergirl

    Hi Amy, I voted at 8:59 p.m. Mountain Time in the U.S.A. on Saturday night (4/17). I don’t know if my vote counts since it’s an Irish award and I’m from the States, but just in case I voted anyway.

  • julie

    I voted at 9:58 p.m. central time. Congrats igrl

  • Pam Brooker

    voted at 11:39 Atlantic time

  • Kate

    I voted for you at 9:43pm Good luck!!!! :)

  • Morgan

    Just voted! 8:37 4/17/10 All four categories, hope you win!

  • Jennifer Greene

    I voted for you Amy at 9:24 p.m. EST….good luck girl!!! you deserve it!

  • Ally

    I voted for your gorgeous self in the 4 categories at 11.15AM.


  • Racha Mennad

    Voted at 01.28am
    Irish timee :)
    Gudluck :D

  • Anita

    Good luck! I voted at 8:05 pm EST

  • Lorna N

    Hey Amy just voted at 00:48 am :] good luck!! x

  • huda b

    hi amy, just voted for you at 12.25am , hope u win!!

  • Erin

    Congrats, Amy!!
    Good Luck!!
    I voted at 5:16pm MST

  • Emma

    I voted at 7:14 est go Amy!

  • vicky lane

    heya i just voted for you:) at 12.06 hope u win good luck:)

  • Laura Gibb

    i voted in all your categories at 23:57
    :) good look amy! xxx

  • Mark

    Voted @ 8:37 Newfoundland Time. Good luck!! <3

  • Emma

    hey (: i voted at 23:36 GMT.
    Good luck!

  • happyandyouknowit10

    i voted at 11.28 UK time. hope you win!! xxx

  • Shannon H

    Good Luck!!
    I voted for you at 23:25

  • Becca Russum

    I voted at 23.24 :)
    Good Luck!! xo

  • Shannon

    good luck
    i voted at 23:23

  • taylor

    good luck amy!!!!
    i voted at 23.15 GMT

  • Jessica

    I voted all 4 at 23:15! :-) Hope you win Amy you deserve it! Love your vids! Good luck everyone! :-) x

  • Joyce Demers

    I voted
    Hope you win a few!

    <3 April 17 6:15pm

  • Anita

    hey girl! i voted for you in all 4 categories at 15:08pm (PST). good luck and thanks for entering me into the giveaway! :D


  • Robin

    I voted at 5:07 pm central time (USA).

    Good luck Amy! I never comment, but I enjoy both your videos and blog.

  • Ellie

    I voted all categories at 23.00 (pm) xx
    Congratulations and good luck (not that you’ll need it!!) :) xxx

  • Farhana Patel

    Hey Amy! I voted at 23:01 BST. Good Luck!

  • heatherGEE

    Just voted at 5:55pm April 17

  • Mikey Ariel

    I voted for you at 00:46 GMT +2:00 (Jerusalem)

    Good luck!

  • eadaoin burke

    i voted for you at 22:45 irish time
    good luck amy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Cat

    I voted for you at 22:40 Dublin time! =)
    Really hope you win in all four categories! All the luck! Love the blog!
    P.S.: i just adore your hair colour!

  • Lea

    voted at 22.43. good luck x

  • Masen Bruce

    Good luck Amy! I voted for you in all 4 categories at 4:25.

  • madeleine

    I voted at 5:23 on April 17th!

  • Miranda

    I voted at 5:21 p.m.!

  • Tiffany

    i voted for you in all the categories at 5:17pm EST. good luck ! :] ♥

  • Jean :)

    Hi Amy :D
    Congratulations you completly deserve it. As an Irish cailin myself you’re defo the best irish make-up guru on youtube & blogger!
    Voted at 19.55 gmt.
    Hope I win .. never win anything though :P
    Agus Ádh mór ort my love

  • Amanda Culley (MakeUpMadeEasy)

    I voted at 22.03 on 17/04/2010

  • natalie

    Voted at 22:01 british time! xxx

  • Nicole

    I voted for you in all four categories at 1:57pm Pacific daylight time. Good luck and I hope you win!

  • Susan Whyte

    I voted at 21.43!! Bonne Chance :)

  • Niamh D

    i voted for you at 21:38 good luck amy!!!!

  • Cristi Crider

    I voted at 3:30 PM on April 17

  • Tiffany Dawson

    I voted at 4:26pm eastern standard time!
    Good luck!!

  • Elly

    Voted at 21.25 :)
    Good luck :)
    I love you and your blog and videos :)

  • Annah K

    Hey Amy I voted at 21:21 xx
    good luck hope you win!!

  • Liza

    i voted at 4:09 US time

  • rachel wicker

    Good luck amy!!! i voted for you on april 17, 2010 at 1:08pm usa time.

  • Agnes

    I’ve just voted (21:08). Good luck!


  • Maxime

    I voted at 21.04 :D

  • Louise O’Malley

    I voted at 9:02pm
    good luck i’ll have my fingers and toes crossed for you x

  • Nicole

    I voted at 1:55pm ..central time? lol I’m not good with timezones, I’m in Canada tho! Good luck Amy!!

  • Amber

    I voted at 20:45
    I hope you win X

  • Sarah

    i voted at 3:16 I so hope you win!!

  • Jennifer

    Good luck! I voted at 13:15 Mountain time

  • gabriella dixon

    hey : )
    i voted in all four categories at 20:07
    good luck I hope you win I love your videos on youtube i watch them all the time :D
    fingers crossed x

  • cristal garcia

    i voted for you at 2:03 good luck!!!!

  • Sally

    Hey i voted @ 19:59 irish time :) good luck :D

  •!/iownya.morrison Iona Morrison

    I voted all four catagories at 19.58 pm :)

  • Alicia McNulty

    Hi Amy, I voted for you in all four categories at 19:47. Best of luck!!

  • Clare Mooney

    voted at 7:38 Good luck. love the vids and blog!

  • Victoria

    I voted at 19:45 on 17th April 2010 :) Good Luck!

  • thumbalins

    I voted for you at 7:23pm (uk time)

  • Ieva

    I voted at 21.20 :)
    Good luck :)

  • Mana Smith

    I voted for you at 2:19 pm from the U.S. All four categories, I wish you the best of luck

  • Agilya Tultabayeva

    Hey Amy! Just voted at 7.16 pm UK time!

  • Brooke

    good luck Amy! I voted at 11:08 am western time

  • Evenny

    Forgot to tell you i voted , 19.05 :O x

  • Evenny

    Hope you win Amy!
    My fingers are crossed :P xxx

  • Steelnpurple (Christina J)

    Voted at about 7:57 PM, swedish time
    Good luck!

  • Hayley Greenwood

    Hi Amy i voted for you on all 4 at 6.37pm :) Good Luck my sweet! xxx

  • Julianne Long

    Amy, I voted for you at 12:31pm (central time USA) in all 4 categories. Best of luck!

  • angelica

    19.30 rome time
    good luck amy!

  • Rose

    I’m so happy for you !!
    Congrats :D.
    Voted in all 4 categories just now.
    About 11:27 AM, MST.
    (GMT -7)

  • Laura

    I voted at 18:24 GMT
    Good Luck!

  • carina

    Hi amy , i voted at 1:26 pm
    Good Luck :)

  • Ali

    Hey! I voted for you in all four categories! I voted at 18:25! Best of luck! Xx

  • Sive

    just voted :D 6.17pm irish time.
    best of luck, your blog and youtube are amazing and a great help.
    a great inspiration!

  • Julia

    I voted at 2:34 my time! Hope you win! :)

  • Louise O’Connor Browne

    I voted in a 4 for you. Good Luck

  • Agnes

    I voted for you at 17:53 GMT! And well done for getting nominated :)


  • Natalie K

    I voted at 12:51 PM from Canada!

  • Niamh

    i voted at 17.44 on the 17/4/2010! gud luck! :)

  • Hailey

    Heyyyy hope you win :D
    Voted : 17:34 Irish time:) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Enna Finch

    I just voted for you at 17:31 :) Good luck!!!

  • Allie

    Hi Amy! I just voted or you))) 20:30, Russian time))
    Good luck!

  • maria

    i voted at 05:28 irish time,,

  • Vanessa

    Voted at 5.25 pm (: x

  • Ellery Allison

    I voted in all four at 9:25 eastern U.S. time.
    Good Luck!
    I’m glad you have this opportunity.

  • Chantal

    Hi Amy, I voted for you in all the categories at 12:21 pm EST. Good luck!

  • nasira

    i voted 17th april17.14

  • Ellie

    i voted at 17.11 :) good luck amy xxx

  • Kei Kei

    Good Luck! ^_^ Voted at 4:59pm

  • Nicole

    Hi Amy! I voted at 8:58 AM.

    Best of luck to you! :)

  • Laura

    Hi Amy, I voted for you at 16.55 (UK time) on 17/4/10, good luck!

  • Angel

    voted at 16:55 GMT
    best of lucky!!!!
    hope i win ^^

  • erin

    I voted for you at 16:55 GMT :D
    GoodLuck :)

  • Carmen Hutchison

    I voted for you in all four categories at 16:52 uk time :D i really hope you win.

  • Leah O’ Sulliva

    Heya amy best of luck! I voted for you at 16.50 (irish time) :) xxx

  • Sarah Hutton

    I voted at 16:37 BST! Good luck!!

  • Christina

    Hi Amy, I voted at 16.35 Irish time in all 4 categories. Best of luck :) x

  • tj

    i voted 16:34 on 17/4/10 good luck but i am sure you wont need it !!!!!! xx

  • Christina

    Hi Amy,

  • Kim

    Hi Amy –
    I voted for you 11:28 a.m.
    Keep up the great videos – love em!
    Cheers from Canada :)

  • Becky

    Good luck Amy, I’ve just voted (16:22)

  • Emma Doherty

    Hey amy voted at 16.19 ireland time :) gluk sonners xx

  • Deirdre

    I voted at 16.15 irish time

  • Fiona K

    Well Done on the nominations Amy. I voted at 16:15 and Good Luck. :) x

  • Corrin

    I voted for you at 11:12 AM today :)

  • Helen

    Hey hun… Great job and congrats on your nominations!! I hope you do really well.
    I voted @16.07 pm 17/04/10

  • Julia

    hey, I voted for you in all 4 categories at 17:06….. hope I helped :D

  • Ashleigh

    16.02. all four catagories :)

  • Emma

    good luck! I just voted at 11:00 am est :)

  • shenniah

    i voted 15:57 hope you win good luck

  • Nini Mohammadi

    heyy, i voted at 15:52 UK time. Good Luck :)

  • Katie Nolan

    Hi amy I voted for you at 15.30 good old irish time!! :D :D best of luck, do us proud!



  • Vivi Mello Brooks

    Hi Amy, I voted at 3.25pm for the four categories you’re in. Hope you win! : )

  • Katie Dale

    Hi Amy. I voted 15.23pm. good luck :) x

  • Anne-Marie

    I voted at 15.16 on Sat17th! Congrats and Best of Luck Amy! x

  • Emma

    Hey i voted at 3.14pm :)

  • Caroline

    Hey Amy (: I voted for you at 3:13 pm Irish time. Hope you win! x

  • Kayla-Ann Flood

    Hey i voted for in all four categories at 15:07 GOOD LUCK HOPE YOU WIN!!!

  • Hayley Taylor

    Hi i voted for you at 3.06PM. Good luck!!

  • Jenn

    Hi Amy I voted, good luck! :) 9:02 a.m.

  • Denise

    Hey Amy!!! I voted for all catogeries at 14:42 today!! Best of luck even tho you dont need it!! X x x x x x

  • Esther Gomez

    I voted for you in the 4 categories at 14:37 GMT (in the previous message I made a mistake in my email address… sorry)… I wish you good luck

  • Esther Gomez

    I voted for you in the 4 categories on 17th April 14:37 GMT…. Good luck Amy!!

  • Amy Murphy BeautyTherapyPro

    I forgot to add I voted for you in the four categories at 17/4/10 at 14:36PM,


  • Kathy

    I voted for you at 8:40 a.m. :)

  • Sophie

    I voted for you in all 4 categories at 15:35 on 17th (: .
    Good Luck! You should definetly win ^^ xoxo

  • Nicole

    i voted 9:37am ET Time

    best wishes & luck!!

  • Anna

    I voted at 15:37 (GMT +1). Good luck, Amy!

  • Amy Murphy BeautyTherapyPro

    Hi Amy,

    I just voted for you, best of luck :)

  • Leah

    Hi Amy! Congrats =) I voted 4/17 at 8:36 AM!

  • Pasiphae

    Hi Amy, just voted for you 16:32 (Greece time). Good luck!

  • ann

    hey i voted for you in all four categories on 17/04/10 at 2:27pm. good luck! xx

  • Fiona O’T

    Voted at 14.19 Dublin time on 17th April! Best of luck. Go n’éirí an t-ádh leat.

  • seana-rose

    i voted in all 4 at 14:16 irish time :D
    best of luck amy :D x

  • Aisleen C

    I voted you in all 4 at 2,00 p.m. the 17th of april :)

    hope you win

  • Iona Cudbard-Baldry

    Hey Amy, I voted for you at 2:03pm GMT. Good luck!

  • Romana

    Hey Amy voted at 15:00 (italian time so that would be 14:00 Irish time) I hope u win xoxox

  • Sorcha

    hi amy !! i voted at 1:57 pm irish time on the 17th april ! good luck :)

  • Claire Robinson

    I voted at 13:54.
    Good Luck x

  • Anna

    I voted at 8:46 a.m. EST. Good luck!!! =)

  • Sian

    Voted 13:53! Best of luck! xx

  • desigirl55

    13:52 hope u win!

  • Dee

    Good Luck – voted at 13:49!

  • Aoife

    Well done Amy thats amazing!!

    Just voted for you!
    17/4 @ 13.49

    Good luck! xx

  • Tilly

    I voted for you at 13:50 GMT on the 17th april 2010 :)

    good luck!

  • Jo White

    Hi Amy, i voted for you at 13:45 :) goood luck! x

  • carla

    14.46 GMT +1

  • bronagh

    i voted on thursday at 19.28
    well done and best of luck :)

  • bebiv

    Voted at 1.42pm hunni…Congrats xxxxx

  • Danielle

    Voted at 13:41pm GMT :-)x

  • Tallula Hales

    I just voted for you on all four categories at 13.37 on 17/04/10!
    Good luck :)

  • Anna

    Hey amy, voted for you at 13.33 GMT. Best of luck!

  • Karolina

    voted 17/04 at 13.32 ;)

  • Danielle N

    I voted in all 4 categories at 8:26 am (my time, EST). Thanks, and GOOD LUCK!! :D

  • Ailish O’Reilly


    I voted at 13.26.

    Hope you win, you deserve it!

  • Clare Butler

    13.25 (GMT) voted for you. I would say good luck but you don’t need it at all. You will win hands down.

  • TIffanie Harouff

    I voted for you in all of the categories at 8:25 AM! Best of luck to you :D

  • maryam

    maryam i want to win lol 1:22

  • Aida

    Voted for you today at 14:15 pm!
    Best of luck to you, really hope you win! you really deserve it!

  • alina

    i’ve voted for you, time Saturday, 17 April
    12:16:22 p.m., good luck!

  • Pippa Melanie

    Voted :) good luck.

  • Serena

    Voted :D
    1.01pm xx

  • Shaeli

    Voted in all 4 at 6:56 AM CST. Hope you win all of them!

  • alex mitchell

    hey amy, I voted for you in all four categories on sat 17th April at 12.55pm (afternoon) GMT

  • Chrissi

    I comment on 17/ 04/ 2010
    at 13.50 p.m.

  • Joanna Lee

    I voted at 12.51 (uk time). Good luck!!! xx

  • Angeliki Kardamaki

    I voted..good luck and i hope you win!!! 14:43 17/04/10

  • melissa hutchison

    voted for you at 12.35
    Good Luck xxx <3

  • Amanda

    voted on the 17th of april at 12:31pm……….hpe u win…!best of luck…xxxxxxxxx

  • MissFitz

    Voted @12.31 17th April. Best pf luck Amy, you deserve to win!!

  • Sarah

    Hi Amy … I voted for u at 12:25 … btw Im Eimear’s friend xx Hope u win x

  • Sarah Egan

    I voted for you at 12:25 on the 17th, good luck, i hope you win all four :)

  • Niamh Kelly

    Hey, voted at 12.24 pm on 17/04/10!
    good luck! x

  • kitty tully

    best of luck amy :D 12.17

  • hanne

    voted 13:19

  • Sheree Murray

    i voted on the 17th of april at 12:10pm :)
    good luck! xx

  • Emily

    Voted at 12.09 on 17th April 2010.
    Good Luck !! xx

  • Celine

    Hey amy, good luck!!! voted at 12.07pm 17/04!!

  • suzy

    I voted 9pm 17/4/10 Australian time
    Good luck with the awards hun! Hope you win.

  • Charlotte Matten

    I voted on Saturday 17th April at 12:03.
    Hope you win! :)

  • Hayley

    I voted for you in all four categories at 12.01 :) Gooood Luck!!

  • Irma Mikulenaite

    Hey Amy, I voted for you at 11:53. Good luck to you!!! xx

  • Ellie

    i voted for you in all the categories you were in at 12:55. I hope you win getting my friends to vote too.
    Do votes form the netherlands count??

  • Sanna

    I voted at 12.50 CET 17/4! :) Godd luck!

  • louise healy

    i voted 11.52 good luck xooxxoxo so proud of u girlie hope u get it from louise in cork.

  • Megan

    Best of luck Amy! I voted at 11.49am. :D

  • 5gorgeous

    Just voted for you! Best of luck!!! ;-) <3 Marina

  • Alina Eshghi

    hey amy(:
    i voted in all four categories at 11:44/11:45. best of luck, i hope you win!:D

  • Ada Boremanse

    Hi Amy, I voted for you at 12:37.
    Good luck ! I hope you win

  • Adele

    Just voted – 11:38 am GMT 17/4 – good luck Amy!!

  • Lisa McGarva

    I voted for you at 11.35am on the 17th April 2010 :D Good luck and I hope you win! xx

  • Zarah Louise White

    Hi Amy, I just voted for you. 11.37 GMT. Good luck!

  • Stavroula

    I voted for you at 11.34 GMT today (17.04.10). Good luck!

  • Alex

    !!!Hi voted for you!!!
    at 12.32

  • Jessie Gregg

    i voted for you today (17/04/10) at 11:25 gmt
    good luck, i hope you win all what youve been anominated for x

  • Annabel van Leeuwen

    Voted @ 12.25 on the 17th of April 2010

  • Ciara J

    I voted at 11.16am :D

    Congrats Amy, you really deserve and I absolutely LOVE your blog and videos! :D :D

  • Annie Maslin

    I voted 11.16 UK time :D Good luck!!

  • Camryn T

    I voted at 12:10 pm on April 17th. Good luck!

  • Rachel

    Voted at 11:08 GMT. All the best!

  • Ana

    Hi, i voted for you today at 11.09 in all categories. good luck ;)

  • Samntha Johnston

    Voted for u hun at 10.59. Gud look!!

  • Livvy Tomlinson

    Hey Amy, i voted for you in all four categories at 10.54am :) good luck, i hope you win- i love the blog!

  • Orla Bolger

    Good luck in the voting Amy(:

  • Annika

    hey amy!

    i voted for you at 11:43 am( Germany)

  • Laura

    I just voted :) 10.45am GMT 17/04/10

    Congrats Amy, you deserve it :) xxx

  • Kirsty


    Good luck!

  • Lize

    I just voted for you in all 4 categories at 11.39am here where i live, in Belgium!!
    Hope you win, you are great!

  • Melanie

    I voted at 7.37pm australian time. Good luck, i know with all the support you win all 4 catagories.

  • Sharon Wilson

    i voted 7.35pm good luck Amy

  • Christina Hickey

    voted @ 10:27 am . best of luck, hope you win !

  • Hazel Westman

    Just voted for you in all 4 categories @ 10:32 am

    Good luck Amy =) Hope you win


  • Mollie

    Voted at 10.25am (british/irish time) 17th april. Good luck sweetie!

  • Carol Dawson

    Hi, Amy! I voted for you at 4:25am CST. Good luck!! =)

  • Robyn

    10:22am 17th april
    Good luck in the contest!
    I hope you win because your blog is AMAZING!!!! :)

  • Pippa Stacey

    HI Amy I ticked all boxes for your and voted at 10:23 am.

    good luck,

    Pippa xx

  • Annika

    I voted at 11:20
    Good luck! :) x

  • Anna K. L.

    Hey, I voted at 11:20 :) GOOD LUCK! ♥

  • Sara

    hey amy, i voted @ 10.10am on the 17 april… good luck :D x

  • Ally

    Voted at 10.14 17/04/10 :) Best of luck!

  • liene

    i voted at 10.12 am

  • Ciara Dowd

    :) Good Luck.
    Vote 10:12am

  • cristina

    hi! i voted for you in all categories at 11.08 am and rt….good luck!!

  • katy

    hey amy i voted at 10.02

  • Niamh

    Voted =]
    time : 10:05am
    Good Luck Amy xxx

  • Georgia Hunkin

    hey amy, regardless of the prizes you seriously deserve to win! I voted at 09:56am xoxo

  • Fiona McG

    I voted for you at 9:59 am.

    Hope you win ^_^

  • Tine

    oops forget to mention the time :)
    it’s 10:54 AM here in belgium right now

  • Tine

    I voted :)
    good luck you deserve it!

    much love from belgium

  • Laura

    i voted for you at 21.54pm

  • Izzy

    Good luck! Voted at 9.51am

  • shaheen

    hi amy i voted at 9:50am good luck!!

  • Laura O’Keeffe

    09:47 xxxxxxx

  • Kirsty

    Good luck Amy!!

    I voted for you in all 4 categories at 9.40am GMT. x

  • catherine

    I Voted at 09:43 am
    Good luck..x

  • Eloise Allan

    i voted at 9:34 am on sat 17 april!
    In all four catergories
    Good Luck Amy :)

  • Eimear :)

    Voted 09:28 :)
    Love you Amy :D <3

  • Caz

    09:28 on 17/04 !
    Good luck!

  • Georgia

    I voted at 09:26 xx

  • fatima essaid

    Hey Amy i voted on 17/04/10 at 9:26 Am

  • chaz

    I voted at 09:20, best of luck from essex england! xx

  • Marie Drachsler

    Hey Amy
    I voted for you @ 10:20 am on April 17th.
    You’re my fav. BeautyGuru! Hopefully you win!!

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!

  • Anna Werema

    Hi Amy! I voted at 9:15 am :)

    I hope you win!!!

    Good luck!!!

  • Karolin Weingärtner

    good luck, amy :)
    voted at 10.14

    greetings from germany!

  • Rosie

    Voted at 9.11am, good luck!! xx

  • Georgie Dempsey

    i voted for you at 9:10 at English time, good luck!

  • Louise Hau

    I voted for you at 9.09am!

    Good Luck!


  • Sonia Hernández

    I voted! 10:06

  • Sarah

    Voted @ 9:02 17/04/10
    Good luck!!

  • Hayley Taylor

    Hi Amy, i voted for you in all 4 categories at 08.59 am, where i live, hope you win!

  • Hannah

    I voted @ 08:56 am on the 17/4/2010 :)

  • Olfa Meliani

    Hi Amy, I voted for you at 9:54 on the 17th of April.
    Good Luck!

  • iiSmokeCrayons

    Hey Amy, Good Luck (:
    ii Voted 8:53/54 irish time (: Hope ya win xx

  • Monica

    Hey Amy! Hope u win! I voted at 10:53 (my local time, which is +2h GMT). Best of luck!!

  • Sarah

    Hi voted at 8.38am! Good luck!

  • Anja

    I voted for you :) good luck

  • Tarra Barnes

    I voted 4/17 12:35am PST in all 4 categories. GOOD LUCK Amy you deserve it all!

  • Tina

    i voted as well! in all 4 categorys. in germany its 09:35 right now. good luck youre awesome! :)<3

  • emma p

    best of luck Amy, the site is so helpful and it’s great that you take the time to reply to everyone.
    i voted @ 8:32 this morning (scotland) :)

  • Lowri Davies

    Hey Amy :) I voted for you at 9.34 am belgian time :D Hope you win, you really deserve it :) Lots of love x

  • Megan

    YAY! I voted for you at 5:30pm AEST. Good luck! <3

  • Pat

    I voted on Saturday April 17, 2010 at 3:16 am Eastern Standard Time.

    Good Luck!

  • Emilie Knudsen

    i voted at 9:11 am
    european time

  • Sam Walsh


    good luck Amy xxx

  • Rubeena

    voted at 2:57 AM :)

  • Franka

    Good morning, I voted at 08:38 am. Good luck!

  • Helen

    i voted 11.39 pm hun good luck hope u win

  • Sarah Webster

    Hi Amy! I voted for you at 4.20pm Good Luck

  • crystal nash

    i voted for you in all 4 catergories at 10:54 pm. good luck!!

  • Jenny Steiger

    Good luck Amy! Voted for you at 12:53am (U.S. Central Time).

  • katie petty

    i vote for you in all 4 categories 12:47 am. good luck, i hope u win!

  • megan hiltz

    I voted :) 2:42AM.

  • Ali Adema

    DONE! =)
    10:43pm U.S. PST
    Good luck! I hope you win!

  • Amy

    I voted on 4/17/10 at 1:40am EST.

    good luck!

  • Brittany

    I voted in all 4 categories: 10:41 pm PST!

    I hope you win :)

  • Ashlee

    voted at 07:40 CET in all 4 categories
    I hope u win. Good luck!

  • Nina

    I voted at 22:31 PST! Good luck!!

  • Katrina

    i voted for you at 1:25 am :)

  • Shyamala

    i voted at 0:56AM local time. i’m from malaysia

  • northerngurl

    I voted in all four categories for you at 11:05pm (my time). Good luck!

  • Joyce C.

    Hi Amy,
    I voted at 12:51AM EST time (USA) :)
    Good luck and I hope you win!!! You’re the best!

    Sorry I’ve hit ‘enter’ before I finished the comment. You can disregard the first comment. :)

  • Katie

    Voted on 04/16/10 at 10:52pm!

  • Joyce C.

    Hi Amy,
    I voted at 12:51AM EST time (USA) :)
    Good luck and I hope you win!!! You’re the b

  • Kaitlyn

    I voted for you at 11:49 p.m. central time (US). Good luck!!! =)

  • Alice palmer (:

    i voted for you at 8:38, good luck! i also told my friend to (:

  • mslovemakeup

    I voted for you in all four categories at 12:41 here in our country
    Good Luck!

  • Michaela

    I voted for you! You’re the best! 4/16/10 @ 9:39 pm PST :)

  • Nicole

    Voted at 12:41! Good luck, I hope you get it!! :D

  • maggie skuba

    good luck! i hope you win!! i voted.

  • Yvonne De Villa

    I voted
    12:33 GMT

    Good luck dear!

  • Christy Lyon

    Hi Amy, I voted for you in all 4 categories @ 23:40 CST. Good luck, hope you win!!!

  • Michelle

    I voted at 11:26 p.m. Good luck! :)

  • Marcella Tabares

    Hello! I voted for you in all 4 categories at 12:18 am! Good luck girl ! :)

  • Diana

    hey Amy i just voted for you, in all the categories u were in i voted 11:11 pm today. hope u win u deeserve it ;)

  • Shamyl Hernandez

    Hey Amy! I voted for you in all the categories you were in at 12:09 am Hopefully you win atleast one(= Good luck hun!!


  • Marie-Céleste

    I voted!

    00:05 04/17/2010

  • Hannah

    I voted at 10:59. (:
    Good luck!

  • Tigi Curtis-Wood

    Good Luck Girl xxx I voted At 04.56am 17/04/2010

  • Jennifer

    I voted for you at 11:55

  • Marilyn Madera

    Hope you win! :) voted at 8:50

  • Peggy Ng

    I voted for you at on Apr 17th at 11:50am my time. good luck ^^

  • Amanda

    Voted at 9:33!

  • Jessica

    Hi Amy, just voted for you and the time here in Hong Kong is 11:31am. Good luck.
    (subscriber jjcs78)

  • Alexis A.

    i voted at 11:28 :) <3

  • Isobel Morrice

    Hi! Good luck Amy! I love your site it is so informative xx
    I voted for all four categories at 11:26AM Hong Kong time (GMT+7) x

  • Amy

    Hey, I voted at 11:24 pm or 23:24 (eastern time in the united states)

  • Monica

    I voted! you put so much effort into this website! =] x

  • naomi

    Hi Amy Good Luck xx
    Voted 04:13

  • Angie Rentmeester

    Hey Amy! I voted for you in all the categories you were in. :)

    I voted at 10:06 pm <3

  • Sue Booth

    I voted at 11 pm Ontario, Canada time in all 4 categories. Good Luck :)

  • caitlin

    i voted at 10:58 p.m. EST..
    wish you the best of lick!!!!

  • Scarlet

    9:56pm Central. Good luck!

  • shelly block

    i voted amy at 10:49 pm

  • Ingamaybe

    I voted for ya sweets, hope you win.:)

  • Erin

    I just voted!

    It’s 10:40PM 4-16-2010 here :)

  • Donna Andrews

    I voted at 10:37pm US Eastern Standard Time.

    Good Luck, Amy!!!

  • Devon Crossman

    Voted at 10:37

  • Lakin Davis

    I voted for you at 10:34 eastern time in the U.S. :) Good Luck!

  • Dana

    I voted! 10:32pm in New York time!

  • Ashley Byers

    I entered at 9:30 pm :) Good luck! :) xo

  • Sabrina M

    Hi Amy congrats on being nominated! I voted for you in all 4 categories at 10:22pm EST on April 16th :) Best of Luck!

  • kate

    good luck!!

    i voted at 10:25 pm est

  • Liz

    love you Amy! I voted at 10:19!

  • Candie

    Voted for you!(:
    7:16 pm(:

  • morna

    3.14 gmt, fantastic news on being nominated! best of luck will send a few more buddies to vote ur way!!

  • seneteminpu

    I voted 10:16

  • Olivia

    Hey! Voted today at 7:13 PM pacific time
    good luck!

  • alldolledup26

    good luck Amy.
    I voted at 10:08pm

  • kimberly

    I voted for you! (: all 4.
    7:10 Pm.

  • dan-ling Chen

    vote 10:09

  • Belle784

    Just voted at 10:06pm eastern standard time. Good luck from Boston, Massachusetts!

  • jane

    03.04 voted =)

  • Maria Baguilat

    I voted for you in all four categories. I voted at 7:01 PM. =)

  • BeABC

    03.03 London time:) -good luck!!Love your channel :)

  • Daiane Negretti
  • katie

    good luck! voted at 6:59

  • Lori Peck

    I voted for you Amy! Thanks!!

    6:48 PM, Pacific Standard Time

    … Oh duh! 04/13/10

  • Lori Peck

    I voted for you Amy! Thanks!!

    6:48 PM, Pacific Standard Time

  • Applesaucery

    I voted at 9:55 my time. Good luck! : )

  • Kristin

    Voted in all four categories @ 8:50 4/16 Good Luck!

  • Kendra

    I voted for you in all the categories and I really hope you win, you are truly fantastic. its 9:49pm.

  • anasan09

    i love your videos amy. i voted 9:46 good look i hope you win

  • Michelle

    good luck amy!!
    i voted at 9:45 pm

  • Margaret

    Upsss I forgot to say when i voted 12:13pm i’m in Canada. Good Luck once again x x

  • Juliette

    hey amy! I voted for all 4 catagories at 9:41. Good luck! I hope you win :)

  • Margaret

    Good Luck and way to go you deserve it x x x

  • Lucy Victoria

    I voted at 02:37am!

  • Anna S

    I voted for you at 9:35 pm
    good luck!

  • Kim

    Hey Amy!!
    I voted at 2:32 or maybe, just maybe, 2:33! Goood Luck, although I dont really think you need it! x

  • Kari Kendall

    Voted 9:32pm EST. Good luck!!

  • Lisa Kay

    Hey! I voted at 7:32 GMT Hope you win!!

  • Erika

    I voted at 9:23 US time.. good luck!!!!

  • Jessica Santibanez

    I voted for you at 6:24 California Time on 4/16/10! =) I hope you win!

  • Katie M

    I voted all 4 categories @ 9:18pm! Good luck !!

  • julie-kim laurin

    Continue your great work, i voted 21:18

  • Valentina

    I wasn’t sure if people outside of Ireland could vote but I did anyway!

    11.10am Australian Eastern Standard Time.

    Good luck. :)

  • Madeleine Anne Velasco

    hey amy! i’m one of your youtube subscribers and i went ahead and voted for you at 9:06 (or 9:07) pm. i live in new york so i don’t know the time difference between here and ireland. (sorry =( ). thank you and i wish you the best of luck! =)

  • Tara Swain

    Hiya I voted for you at 02:08 am :)
    Good Luck!

  • Sue

    I voted for you in all four categories just now. Good luck!

  • Hirra Rohail

    Good luck… hope you win
    voted at 9:09pm

  • Rema

    I voted for you at 9:04pm. Good Luck ^_^

  • Mai

    I voted in all 4 categories for you :)

    9:06 PM Eastern

    Good luck!

  • Aisling

    i vote 02.00 =] good luck!

  • mylyn torremocha mascarinas

    hello amy=)
    i voted for you in all 4 categories at 8:40am here where i live…gooodluck!hope you win=)

  • Carolina Orellana

    Voted @ 20:54, 16/4/10 Good Luck!! :)

  • mylyntm

    i just voted for you in all four categories at 8:40 am here where i live

  • Carolina Orellana

    Voted @ 20:54 EST 16/4/2010

  • Rebecca

    you deserve all the praise you get!!! good luck, Amy! (voted at: 19:56 pm)

  • Sasha

    I voted for you! Hope you win!! Voted at 5:52 PM Pacific – Vancouver

    Twitter :

  • Kassanndra

    Voted! I really hope you win, you’re fab! I voted at 5:49pm PST

  • Amy

    Hi Amy, best of luck! PS: You look awesome with the auburn hair.
    I voted at 8:47pm (Eastern Time)

  • jennymarie valerio

    Hi voted for you @ 8:45pm (i’m in new york) :) Best of Luck!!!

  • Emily T

    I voted at 8:41 pm in all 4 catagories! Best of luck!

  • Monica

    Hi Amy! :) I voted at 8:42 PM Eastern Time :]

  • Lisa

    Hey Amy, good luck! I voted at 6:40pm. (Eastern Time)

  • Gemini Mockridge

    Hiya … I voted at 1:36am x

  • Shanna

    Hi Amy I am in love with ur utube videos!!!!! so I voted at 10:30 am!!!!

  • Carissa

    I voted 4-16-10 at 7:25 PM (Central Time Zone)

  • Erin

    I voted at 5:22. I hope you win, Amy! :)

  • senea

    I voted for you all for categories.. 5:20pm thanks and hope u win <3

  • Rachel Edwards

    Best of luck Amy! I voted for you in the 4 at 01:19am :P X

  • Madison Andriessen

    I voted at 7:16

  • Alicia

    I voted good luck:)

  • grainne

    i voted at 01:13am!!

    late nite lol…best of luck! x

  • Lisa/xMaterialGirlsx

    I voted in all four categories on April 16, 2010 8:12 PM EST

    Good luck!

  • Ciara Barry

    I voted at 1.10am GMT on saturday 17th of april..good luck amy hope you win!


    i voted at 8:08 EST
    Good Luck!

  • googleflex

    Oooohh i’m sooo excited for you!!! i HOPPPE you wins!!

    Mega good lucks :]

    I voted for you at 01.09 a.m (17/04/01) :]

  • Chantelle Arovo

    Hey Amy!!
    Good luck!!
    I voted on April 17th at 01:07 am

    Hope that you win all four :)) xx

  • MariaDJ58

    I voted for you in all the four categories and Hope you WIN!!!!!!!!!!!
    Voted ar 5:07 p.m. Pacific time

  • Jennifer

    Hi!! I just voted right now! and its 8:06 am. GOODLUCK!!! and congratulations for being part of this. XD

  • Hangla

    I voted for you @ 5:07 pm

  • Ellis Murphy

    I Voted For You @ 01.07 Good Luck :)

  • chiffonxdreams17

    i voited for you at 8:05 today! good luck! im sure you’ll win!

  • Jessica P

    I voted for you at 7:02pm central time. Good luck!!!

  • lindsey

    i know you’ll win! i voted at 7:50 PM

  • kaitlyn mattson

    i voted at 4:59. good luck to you!

  • Stine

    i voted on 17.4.2010 at 01.57

  • Alicia Gilby

    I voted on April 16th at 7:59pm

  • Jennifer Shih

    heyy i voted at 4:58 PST on april 16. good luck!

  • Charm

    Hi amy, I just voted for you ;)
    Good luck, hope you win :D
    By the way, I’m from Spain (GMT+1) so I voted at 1:57am on 17 of april 2010

  • Claire Ellis

    Hi Amy i voted on 17/4/2010 at 00.53
    Good Luck ! <3

  • Svenja Knoke

    voted at 1:51 am CEST. good luck :)

  • Tori

    heyy. I voted at 7:50 eastern standard time. :]

  • Laura Hess

    Good luck my dear!!! i voted at 7:49 :)

  • SiobhanG

    Good Luck Amy! I voted at 00.49 am

  • lauren crowther

    i voted for you at 00:45 :)

  • Hannah

    Just voted! At 00:49 AM GMT. Good luck!!! :)

  • Rosa Guzman

    I voted for you today April 16th at 7:43 pm eastern time

  • Molly A

    I voted at 6:41 Central time

    I love you!

  • Jo Thumb

    Hey! I just voted !
    Good luck ( :
    The time is 7:40 pm EDT

  • Ellen Kirby

    Hi amy, good luck!
    i voted at 00.39 pm xx

  • erin espejo

    Good luck! Voted at 5:39 MST :)

  • Lorna ;D

    Hiaa Amy. I Voted At 00:38. Good Luck ! Xx

  • Marta Rodrigues

    I voted at 00:36, Lisbon time

  • elizabeth braswell

    I voted Amy! 4-16-10 at 7:36

  • lucy

    Goodluck!Entered at 00.34

  • Mariah Crawford

    Good luck!
    I voted at 6:36 pm (Central time)

    I really hope you do well! It was a joy to vote for you.

  • salome

    Good luck Amy. I voted at 7:34pm

  • Cristi

    i voted for you at 4:35 PST

  • tori

    i voted!

  • Vicky

    You to win all 4 categories !! Done at 00:33. I should get to bed. Ha.

  • shelly

    hi amy, i voted, i hope you win, voted at 17/04 9:33am aus time.

  • Dayna

    I voted at 7:32 p.m 04/16/2010

    I hope you win :)

  • Jenni

    I voted for all 4 categories at 4:32 pm

  • collette o keeffe

    voted for you at 12.30 am, good luck amy :)

  • Stephanie

    Best of luck Amy :D I do hope you’ll let us know the outcome!!

    I voted at 12:31AM BST in all four categories so I hope it’ll help!

  • Ajda

    Hy :) I voted for you in all 4 categories :)
    The time was 1.30 at night (Slovenia time :D )

  • Micaela

    i voted at 4:30pm (pacific)

  • Ashley Beidler

    Amy!! Hey girl I hope you win!! I voted today at 5:25 pm Mnt time!! good luck!!!!

  • Reilly

    I voted at 6:30, good luck!

  • Rhiain Flint

    hi amy good luck i voted 17/4/10 at 00:25am

  • Girley

    I voted @ 00.26

  • Ricquetta Francis

    HIi Amy! Good luck! I voted at 7:26 or 7:27 lol :D

  • Jeneille Lewis

    Voted at 5:10pm 17/04/10.

    Good Luck!!!

    I hope you win:)

  • Aghna cooney

    i voted at 12.26 am ….. good luck!!x

  • TheHannaLisa

    I’m from Germany which is why I’m one hour ahead :) just if you’re wondering.

  • Kendall

    Hope you win!

  • Sarah B

    I voted at 7:24 US Eastern time. Good luck!!!

  • TheHannaLisa

    I voted for you at 1:20 am in all categories. Good luck!

  • Sabina (sab7362)

    i voted, the 4 categories, at 6:49PM =D good luck..!

  • Hanna mayer

    I voted for you at 1:20 am!

  • kelsey nash

    Hi! I voted for you at 421pm today! ;o)

  • Katelyn

    Voted for you at 19:21. Good luck!

  • amy

    voted at 0:19….forgot to say hehe…
    good luck!
    love your videos!

  • Hipo

    Hi, Amy! I voted for you at 00.20 ! Hope you win!!! xxx

  • Ashleigh Evans

    I Voted for you At 00.18 , Good Luck Amy :D x

  • amy

    voted for 4 categories!good luck!

  • Shannon

    Good Luck!!
    I voted at 00:18

  • Natasha K

    Voted for all 4 categories at 7:18pm EST. Good luck sweetheart!

  • Amber

    Good luck! Voted at 1:16 (now it’s time for bed!).

  • Cody Couch

    Hey! I voted at 7:16pm

    Good luck! I love your videos!

  • Victoria

    I really hope you win :D
    you deserve it x

    I voted at 00:15
    haha :)

  • Toshia

    I voted for you at 6:12 pm, I also had some of my friends come and vote for you!, I HOPE YOU WIN, YOU ARE THE BEST!

  • Alexandra

    Hi!! I voted at 00h12 good luck! kisses

  • Noreen O’Connor

    voted for you in all categories, best of luck :D

    17-4-10 00:11

  • Laura

    Hi i voted for you at 00.07
    Good LUCK:D!!!!!

  • kerrie

    hi, i voted at 00:11 xx

  • Ruth Kenna

    Best of luck with the awards Amy, u deserve to win, fingers crossed! I voted at 00:08 on the 17th April! :)

  • Sarah

    I voted at 5:09 pm! Good luck :)

  • Celia

    I voted at 7:08 pm (EST) Congratulations and I hope you win!! x

  • Abbie

    Hey Amy ( :I voted foe you at 00:06 in all four categories. I hope you winn, Good luckkkk x

  • Alefiyah Adamjee

    Hey, I voted at 12.04 am
    Good luck! :)
    take care x

  • vicki h.

    i voted at 4:07 PST!

  • Christine Tsao

    I voted at 19:07

  • yvonne Lynch

    Just voted for you you at 0:06!
    Good Luck! :) xx

  • Nichole
  • Lorelai

    I voted at 01:00 my time, GMT +1.

  • Eva

    i voted for all of them at 00.04, good luck hope u win!!!

  • Christina H

    I voted for youuu! good luck! :)
    9:03 AM (EST) <3

  • Lorelai

    hi Amy i voted for you at 01:00. Good luck!

  • lori mailer

    Hi Amy! My mum and i voted for you for all 4 catagories! we are both avid viewers and there is no question that you will win (: we voted at 00.02 am (:
    Good luck and our fingers are crossed for you here in Scotland (: !

  • Rebekah

    heey amy,
    i voted for you in all four categories,
    good luck with the competition.
    x x x x x

  • Anne Dee

    Voted for you in all 4 categories at midnight mostly because I am really impressed and inspired by your advice, videos and products. I am learning from you so keep up the great work and tips, and keep them coming.

    Very Well Done!

  • LaurahKate09

    i voted at 00:01 gmt :)

    i wish you the best of luck :D
    you truley deserve it xx

  • Aislinn Conway

    Hi Amy
    I voted for you at 23.59.
    Best of luck

  • Rowan

    I voted at 6:00 p.m in all four categories! Good luck!

  • TheSarahAllen

    I voted for you in all four categories at (UK time) 00.01 April 17th… Though by the time i’d found this place to comment, it may have been the minute earlier! Good luck xxxx

  • Jessicaox

    good luck amy (: i voted at 12.01 am for you

  • Saby

    Hey Amy, Good Luck! :)
    I voted at 12.01am x

  • Jess M

    I voted at 01:00 (french time) so 12:00 in england :) Good luck!! x

  • Emer Smyth

    I voted for you in all four categories at 00:00. :)
    good luck!

  • Sierra

    I voted for you at 7:00pm est

  • Lana Tran

    Hi Amy!
    I voted at 7:00pm EST.
    Good luck!

  • Zoe

    Hi amy :) i just voted at 6:57pm eastern time zone time

    good luck!

  • Karolina

    I voted at 00:58 (Sweden time) 17/4 -2010

  • Hillary Johnson

    I love your vids! I voted at 5:59 pm

  • Hannah

    Hi amy, voted for you at 23:59 by my clock! lol

  • sara

    voted 04/16/2010 3:57pm..Good Luck

  • sarah

    3:58 Pacific time(Pst)

  • Mary

    I voted! April 16th at 6:58 pm. Congrats and good luck!!

  • Ramae

    I voted for you @ 23:57

    Good Luck Hun!!

  • Dana

    I voted for you in all four categories at 1855. Best of Luck!!!! :)

  • Aryn

    4:54 MST (on april 16) for all 4. Great contest, you get something out of it as do we! <3

  • Chloe H.

    Hi Amy! Voted for you at 6:56 p.m EST. Good luck!!

  • Jessica

    Hi! I voted for you in all your catagories at 23:53. Hope you win! xxx

  • Kristina

    Congrats Amy!

    I voted for you, in all 4 categories, at 11:50pm on the 16th of April 2010.

    Thanks xx

  • K / bihadadiaries

    I voted for you in all four catagories at 00:51

  • Sarah Kirwan

    Hey Amy voted at 23:47 :) Woohoo go you for getting nominated 4 TIMES!!:O
    Congrats will keep voting :)(if thats able)
    Keep up the great work :)

  • Gwawr

    Hey Amy! I voted for you at 23:24 :) all four categories, you deserve em! love watching your videos, i’m always looking out for your videos in my subscriptions! best of luck to you xx

  • Amanda

    Hey Amy, Votes at 16:43. Good luck hon!

  • Katie

    Voted April 16th at 3:53pm EST

  • Samantha

    Ahh congratulations :D I hope you win all 4 :D
    Voted 04/16 @ 13:52 CST =]

  • Bridget M. Ortiz

    I voted the second time on 4-16-10 at approx. 6:30am.

  • Bridget M. Ortiz

    Urgh! As you know I voted for you twice and forgot to leave a comment here!!! I hope you haven’t already chose your winners. I voted the first time on 4-13-10 at approx. 7:55am.

  • Emma

    Hi Amy voted at 19.23. Best of luck. x

  • sophie

    i voted at 18:10 :)
    good luck <3

  • Sophie

    I voted for you at 5 39 pm Good luck XX

  • Aoife O’Neill

    I voted at 17:22
    Gook Luck :)

  • Elaine

    Voted at 17.14 GMT 16/04/2010
    Love the site!! Hopw u win!

  • eimear cahillane

    hey! i voted 16th april at 10 past 5 in afternoon!!
    best of luck x

  • Lauren

    Hi Amy
    I voted for you at 16:52
    Good luck :) xxx

  • Jessica Roe

    @ 16:45

    good luck! :D x x

  • Lorna Archbold

    Hi Voted all 4 for you, 16/04/10 about 16.35pm
    If they have any sense you will walk away with it!!! Best of luck….. :)

  • aycan ( missmakemeupp)

    16/ 4

    oo lots of 16’s there!!

    good luck chuk x

  • Sharon

    I have voted for you in all 4 categories! It is currently 12:57am (aus time) 17/4/10. Goodluck :)

  • Louise Murphy

    I voted on the 16/04/10 at 14.19

    Best of luck Amy!

  • Rebecca

    Of course I voted for you! Prize or no prize, you deserve to win!
    Voted on April 16th at 22:40AEST.

  • TaraB

    Voted @ 13:53, 16/4/10. Go n-éirí an t-ádh leat Amy! :)

  • Becca

    I voted just now 16/04/10 13:46! You totally deserve to win all of them, fingers crossed =D x

  • Emma


    Just voted , 16th April at 13.45.

    Hope you win, you deserve too….proud that you are Irish!

  • Whitney Farrelly

    Just voted there at 13.20 16th of April. Hope you win good luck :)

  • Dolores

    I’ve voted for you at 13.10 today the 16th of April. . I had done it already two days ago but forgot to comment here. I just did it in twitter. I hope it counts :)

  • jessica chiodo

    i voted on 16th april 2010 at 12:59

  • Laurali87

    Hey Amy, I voted at 12:53 on 16/04/2010.

    Good luck!


  • kelly hodgson

    i voted on the 16-4-10 at 11.26

    good luck Amy :) x

  • GM

    I voted for you at 22.15. Good luck!! x

  • Eimear

    Best of luck Amy!! Voted at 8.42pm (Irish time) today. You definitely deserve it!!

  • Sadhbhy

    Just voted :D
    7.50pm 15th April,
    best of luck, i truly believe you deserve it! I remember watching some of your first youtube videos, you’ve come to far!!

  • Beth Parkinson

    I voted, 19:01 :)
    Good luck !!!

  • Harriet Hellfire

    I voted in all 4 categories on April 15th at 11 am MST. :) Good luck!

  • Kara K.

    I’ve voted. 18:29 GMT on 15th April.
    Good luck!

  • Celine H.

    I voted for you in all four categories at 18:25 GMT 15/04/10 . Best of luck!!!!! You deserve it :)

  • Liz

    I voted for you in all 4 categories at 16.24. Good Luck! ^_^

  • Ting Ting

    I’ve voted. 11.06am on 15th April.
    Good luck!

  • Charli Louise

    Good luck lovely, I voted you for all 4 at 10.05am on 15/04/ xx

  • Andrea

    Amy, I voted for you in all four categories 15/4/2010 at 9:44 am.
    Best of luck!!

  • Katie

    Hey Amy, I voted at 10:25 PM Eastern Standard time. Good luck! And its so sweet of you to do a contest, I would have voted for you anyway though!

  • Aisling H

    go néirí an bóthar leat amy you so deserve to win!!! just voted right there at like 3.03am ha i think its bedtime now :D

  • Vera

    Yay! I voted! I hope you win them all! How cool for you!

  • Tracey

    Voted for you 1.47 am 15th April ;)

  • Claire

    I voted last night, not because I want a prize, just cause you deserve to win! Good Luck!

  • Penny

    Hi Amy! I voted for you in all 4 categories at 20.50.Good luck! :)

  • Sarah Meehan

    Hi Amy,

    I voted at 22.20 today 14/04/2010.
    Best of Luck! xxx

  • Ruby

    i voted for you at 5:06pm eastern standered time :) good luck!

  • Hannah

    I voted for you, 22:02 on the 14th April.
    I wish you the best of luck and i love your videos on youtube.

  • Zoë

    Well done Amy. I voted earlier @ 13:46 x

  • Katy Mc Padden

    Hi Amy I voted at 21.10 pm GMT today,
    good luck!

  • Leanne

    Hi Amy!
    I voted at 3:35 P.M. EST on April 14th, 2010

  • Corey

    i voted :D

    20:43 14/4/10

    good look.

  • Olya08

    Best of luck Amy. You deserve to win. I voted 20.10 14/04/10

  • Beth

    I voted,, 20:07. Good luck!! Love. x

  • S.S.

    Best of luck Amy! I voted in all 4 categories at 20.04. You totally deserve to win!

  • saoirse

    voted at 7:52 , good luck amy :)

  • Olivia Smith

    Hey Amy well done on getting nominated :) I voted for you in all four categories of course :) at 19:40!
    Good luck I really hope you win you deserve it xxx

  • Jen

    Hey Amy, goodluck ! I voted for you at 19.37 (GMT) I love your videos and I’m glad to see you’re getting some recognition for it :)

  • christina

    hi amy! good luck! i voted at 2:31pm (eastern time in the US) on april 15, 2010. i hope you win!

  • Adeele T.

    Hey Amy! ;) I voted at 19.13! Good luck!!

  • faith

    i voted at 11:08 am PST ( good luck!)

  • shauna

    hi amy i voted at 18:43 hope you win

  • Caitlin Thompson

    i voted at 13:46 eastern time i believe. i live in florida in the

  • shauna kelly

    i voted the very best of luck amy!!

  • cliodhna

    hi amy i voted for you at 18:53. good luck! xxx

  • Melissa

    Hi Amy. I voted for you in all four catagories at 18:35. Best Of Luck!

  • Donna Kelly

    Hey Amy, I voted for you at 18:29, I really hope you win, anyone that can slip the odd “bejesus” into a skincare video is a winner in my book! The best of luck and keep up the good work :)

  • Niamh

    Hey Amy! Voted for you at 18:27. Good Luck!!!

  • melissa

    voted for you in all four catagories at 18:09….good luck!!

  • Bríd

    Hi Amy!firsty congratulations!!u deserve to win in all catagories!!:) i voted for you in all four catagories at 18:01!!!!:) xxx

  • Jenny

    Voted at 17:57 :)

    Good luck Amy! Hope you get it!

  • selina

    I voted at 17:45, good luck, you deserve it!xx

  • Nellie

    Hey ya!
    Voted on all 4, 12:52 p.m. New york time (not sure what category that is, sorry) Best of luck!

  • huong

    Good luck, voted at 17.41

  • Quang

    Voted for you, at 17.49 uk time. thanks

  • Trang

    just voted for ya at 17.47, good luck!!

  • Thuy

    I just voted for u in all four categories at 17.44. good luck :)

  • Aoife Birmingham

    Voted for you at 17:39 , Good luck =D

  • irina

    Hi Amy, good luck, you really deserve this award :) voted at 7.34 pm

  • Holly

    Hi, I have just voted for you in all four categories at approx 17:32. Best of luck, you deserve to win :) x

  • emily barrett

    Hi Amy I voted at 17:30! Good Luck

  • cassie

    I voted for you at 9:20 am pacific time. I hope you win… you deserve it :)

  • aoife o’neill

    Hey Amy, i cant believe this! im so happy for you! ive been watching ya since ya first came on youtube and fell in love with ya irish charm:) congrats and of course i voted for ya! xpose live was amazing! hope ya pick me :P i voted for ya at 17.18… good luck!

  • Alisha Groot-Nibbelink

    I voted for you in all four categories at 11:39 am eastern time. Good luck!

  • anna

    Voted in all 4 categories at 4.35 pm. Good luck Amy!

  • Glamstr3ss

    Hey Amy congrats on 4 nominations…just voted @ 16:24 UK time!! All the best hun xoxo

  • Sophie

    I voted at 16:23

  • Stevie Hislop

    Hey Amy,
    I voted for you im so excited for you i hope you win!!! I voted for you at 1:04am Australian time!! i love you channel your a great soul!!!
    Stevie xoxoxox

  • Jenni Ranson

    I voted at 15.50 on the 14/04 amy you truely deserve recognition!! I’ll be hoping and praying for you!!

  • Kate

    Voted at 2.55 pm. Good luck!

  • Clare Hodgson

    Hi Amy, i voted at 14.49pm in all 4 categories….GOOD LUCK!

  • Desi

    Hi Amy,
    I just voted for you at 15:50 (GMT + 1:00). I really hope you win, you deserve it. Good luck! xx

  • kate

    Hey Amy i hope you win :)
    I voted at 14:45


  • Sara B

    Hey Amy just voted there 2:34pm :) Best of luck! x

  • Farjana Alam

    hey amy
    i voted 2day (obviously in all 4 categories since u deserve it) (14/04) at half 2 n i really hope u win, ur da best and good luck

  • Jo L

    Hey Amy!

    Just voted for you, so pleased that you were nominated, good luck!!

    Jo xx

  • Angela

    I voted for you in the four categories at 15:22 GMT. Good luck!!

  • Melanie Winyard

    I voted just a minute ago, all of the possible for you, ofcourse!
    Good Luck!!

  • haunterella

    I voted Amy good luck!!

  • Salma Mussa

    Hi Amy. I voted at 14:10 british time. I hope you win. Good luck!

  • Lilly

    Just voted for you now…. best of luck!!!

  • Katharina Mosler

    I Just voted for you Amy, because you really deserve it! Good luck.
    I voted on 14.58.

  • Eimz83

    Hi Amy. Voted for you at 13.49. Best of luck : )

  • Laura

    Voted for you just now at 13:43 Irish time – best of luck!

  • Tara McComb

    Hey Amy I just voted for you at 1.40

    Best of luck xxx

  • Jennifer Herrera

    hi amy i voted 4/14/10 at 8:07 am…good luck!!

  • Lex

    Just voted at 8:01 EST (US time) :). I had to put “NA” in for Company… it wouldn’t let me leave it blank. Anyway, good luck and congrats! :)

  • Stephanie cummins


    Voted 12:48 – 14th April

  • Ulrike

    Hi Amy, just voted for you at 12.26pm.
    Good luck!!!


  • Moira

    Congrats on all 4 nomination, I VOTED!!On 04/14/10 07:10 EST!! Good luck u deserve it!

  • courtney

    I voted at 12:05 GMT :D


    good luckkkkk!!!

  • Leanne Hickey

    hey! congrats on the nominations

    i voted at 12.04 on 14-4-10

    Hope you win!

  • nicola mchugh

    11:44 on the 14th april :)

    voted for you in the 4.. hope u win let us know how you get on. i love your videos :)

  • karen m

    hey amy,congrats on the nominations!i hope you winI voted at 11.33 GMT 14/4/10 X

  • Claire

    Hi, just voted for you on 14/03/2010 at 11.25am. Good luck! x

  • Minxy

    I voted:) 6:17am EST 04-14-10
    Good Luck!!

  • Jackie

    Hi Amy, I voted at 11.18 am. Good luck

  • Ellen

    I just voted at 14/4 12:03 (NL)
    Hope you win!!!

  • Caz

    Hi Amy,
    I voted at 10:57 GMT on 21/04/10

  • ciara nolan

    Voted for you in all four categories at 10.49 on wed and then found out one of my mates was nominated in another category so I voted for her too. Good luck. :)

  • Louise Smith

    Hey, i voted for you at 10:48am GMT.
    I hope you win!

  • Kirsty

    Hi Amy,
    I voted for you at 10.41 on 14/4/10!
    Good luck!

  • Natalia

    Hi Amy! I voted for you on 14/04/2010 at 10:39 (Dublin time). Hope you win!

  • Lyndsey

    Oooh, Congrats I am so excited for you. Cast my vote’s today at 10.30am……fingers crossed :)

  • Dee

    Voted! At – uh – well, it’s 7:02 pm in Adelaide, Australia. I don’t know what time it is in your part of the world.

  • Agnetha

    Hi Amy!

    I voted for you at 11.27 am (holland)

  • Sheena Elliott

    I just voted, 10.05, hope you win, ou deserve to, i get so inspired from reading your blog and watching your videos…. good luck! xx

  • nur hafizah

    i voted at myt 5.04pm ,wednesday-14.4-2010

  • Danielle

    Hey Amy! I’m so happy for you! I hope you win! I voted at 3:56am CST :)

  • Odette G.

    Hi Amy, I voted at 09:57 GMT. Best of luck :)

  • Connie Moody

    I voted on 4/14/10 at 4:44AM. Best of luck!

  • Rupy

    Hey Amy, I voted at 1:42AM… good luck! :)

  • Amanda Culley (MakeUpMadeEasy)

    Hi Amy,

    I voted On Wed april 14 at 09:11am. I hope you win you deserve it. More to the point if they have a brains and b taste its in the bag for you. I will keep my fingers crossed for ya xx Amanda

  • tara

    Best of luck Amy. I voted at 9.00 a.m

  • Peggy O Neill

    Hi Amy, just voted for you there (8:58 am) Best of luck hope you win!

  • J

    Voted for you 8.37am 14/04/10,I check in everyday to have a good read, enjoy the website, very informative!!

  • Maja

    I voted at 9.19 CET. Hope you win ;)

  • Ellen

    Hey Amy! :) voted for you at 08:18 am
    good luck :D

  • Stephanie

    Voted at 2:13 am CST in the states (insomnia!) I wish you all the luck possible! Congrats on the well deserved nomination!

  • Barbara

    Hey i just voted.. 04:08 am here in brazil

  • Jessica :)

    i voted at 11:49 PST! :D

  • Majella Browne

    I voted at 8:39 (Spanish time), I’m Irish though! The very best of luck!

  • Gretta Alexander

    I voted at 10:15 pm California time.

    Congrats and I hope you win :)

  • x Joelene x

    Voted in all 4 @ 06:11am GMT.
    Best of luck! :-D

  • marti

    I’ve just voted at 9:08 pm pacific time. I hope you win. You really deserve it :)))

  • ishellkopf

    I voted at 11:48 pm EST

  • ishellkopf

    Hi Amy! Congrats! Very inspiring and I voted for you!

  • Fahima

    I voted on 4/13/2010 at 11:37 PM Eastern U.S. time (New York City)

  • haley

    voted for you. best of luck

  • Amyaehe

    I voted….Good Luck

  • Nar

    Voted 10:10 PM CST
    Good Luck!!

  • Susanne

    Hi Amy! I love your blog! I voted for you in all four categories at 10:30 pm est. Good luck, hope you win!!!

  • Dorothy Colinco

    I voted 7:30 pm Pacific Time. I hope you win!!!

  • Michelle

    Hi amy! congrats! i voted for you at 11.15am, eastern standard time! (: good luck!

  • Brona Clarke

    Hey Amy..voted a 3:23 am
    Best of deserve it.. with all the hard work you do to keep us up to date with all the latest beauty tips and tricks! xx

  • janina

    i voted at 9:02 p.m. central time (u.s.)

    good luck!(:

  • Melanie

    Hi Amy! I voted at 10h01 EST on April 13th.
    Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We’re all hoping you will win!

  • Brandi Stagg

    Hey Amy, I voted at 9:55 pm Eastern Standard time. Good Luck!

  • Angela Finn

    i voted at 02:47 irish time 14/4/10 Good luck!!!

  • Kate

    Voted at 2.45am GMT :)
    Hope you win!

  • Zoe

    Hey Amy (: I hope you win! I voted for you at 19:34 :)

  • Belinda

    Hey Amy,
    Congrats! I voted at 2.32am Irish time :)

    Best of luck,
    B x

  • Claire

    Just voted! 9:26 EDT, good luck!

  • Lizzie Rieck

    Just voted for you at 9:28pm Eastern Time (America) Good luck… I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  • nicole

    good luck! I hope you win. I voted for you at 8:25P.M. central time

  • Catriona McG

    i voted at 02.26 GMT! good luck :)

  • jennifer Lee

    voted!! at 9:22 pm
    good luck

  • Ingrid

    I voted for you at 6.20pm US PST. Congratulations on the noms!!

  • Kelsey

    i voted at 6:03 western time, good luck!

  • Katy Holland

    Hey Ames,

    Voted at 10.58 Australian Eastern Standard Time.

    Love your work babe, good luck!

  • Críonna

    Hey Amy, Just voted for you in the 4 of them. You deserve the win! Go n-eiri leat :)

  • Tarandip

    Hi I voted for you!
    at 8.43am GMT

    You deserve the award!

  • Caroline Schmidt

    I voted for you in all of the 4 categories at 8:26 PM on 4/13/10!
    Good Luck! :)

  • Julie Hallyburton

    I voted at 01.28 GMT, good luck :)

  • Erica Jane Rudkin

    Congratulations! That is so exciting :) :) I voted at 8:20pm. Best of luck, I have learned so much from you, as have countless others, you deserve it!

  • Annie

    Congratulations and good luck dollface!! i voted at 5:00 PST on 4/13/10

  • amanda

    oh, and i voted at 9:20pm NST

  • amanda

    HEY AMY!!
    Its amanda, AKA @sparklymee and i JUST VOTED FOR YOOOU!!!
    I just got home from an exam and i’m off to study for another one!!
    I’d love to win some MAC! (there is NO MAC where I live, like, i have to get on a PLANE to get to a MAC store. lol)

  • enid

    all votes for you! ( voted at 7:46 pm EST) best of luck amy!

  • Ashley

    Good luck!!! Really no doubt you’ll do well! Love your site!!! I voted at 00.42…. I also passed the link for ur site onto my girls… They love it too and I’m sure they’ll be voting tomorrow! Best of luck!! Ash x

  • madeline

    I voted @ 7:44!

  • lucypink86

    congrats,i voted at 1.37am spain time :) i hope u win xoxo

  • Melissa Sloyan

    Congratulations Amy and the best of luck! you thoroughly deserve all of the awards your up for :D

    voted at 00:33 GMT! :)

  • Gemma

    I voted at 1.30am (which might show up as 12.30am your time) eek should be asleep!

    Good luck lovely hope you win!


  • Sara

    I voted at 00:27. More than deserved, good luck Amy :)

  • Brittnee

    Voted at 6:24 PM. Good luck! : )

  • Stephanie

    I voted at 01.14 CET, best of luck

  • Sarah Cooney

    Hey Amy,
    It’s 12.09 am and I just voted!! Best of luck, I’ll have my fingers crossed for you!

  • bethr82

    i voted in ll 4 categories at 00:07. just after our local pub quiz. good luck

  • fiona

    hey i voted at 00.02
    i have my fingeres crossed for ya
    best of luck

  • MissShoptastic

    Hi Amy, just dropping you a line on here to let you know I voted this evening. I think it was 11:50pm as I didn’t realise I could skip voting in the other categories haha.

    Good luck, I really hope you win! x

  • Johanna Doering

    I voted at 00:56 German time, so that would be 23:56 Irish time, right?
    Good luck to you Amy, I hope you win, you deserve it!

  • Dannii

    I voted for you in all four categories at 23:57. Good luck Amy x

  • Louise Brettell

    Hey Amy, voted for you in all four categories at 23:55GMT. Congratulations on being nominated and I hope you win =).

    Good luck!!


  • leanne

    Hey just voted :) 23.50pm

  • stephanie

    i voted for you in all four categories at 6:46 pm EST on april 13, 2010.

    congratulations and good luck!

  • Elaine

    voted @ 11.45 on april 13th! good luck. i hope you win!!!

  • Charan

    voted at 11.44 pm on 13 april

  • Amanda Daniel

    Hi Amy – voted for you in all four categories at 8:42am Australian Eastern Standard Time (Wed 14th). Good job – and good luck!

  • Erin

    Hi Amy!
    I voted for you in all 4 categories at 6:41pm (Eastern Standard Time).

    Good luck!! :)

  • Katie Banres

    voted at 23.42….best of luck! x

  • innerbelle

    oops, 23:39 lol

  • Heather

    hi amy i voted at 11.37pm
    goodluck hope u win! :)

  • innerbelle

    voted my love!

  • Adail

    Hi Amy,

    I voted for you today at 6:38 pm EST. Good luck!

  • Laura J

    I have voted at 23.29 GMT

    Best of luck to you Amy! you deserve to win an award your blog is amazing. Thank you for all the amazing advice xx

  • Deirdre Wilson

    Hi amy I voted for you at 23:29 in all 4 categories good luck!!

  • Rhiannon

    Hey Amy,
    Voted for you in all 4 catagories at 11:19pm.
    Hope you win! You deserve it (:

  • Fiona

    oops – forgot to say I voted at 23:08

  • Fiona

    So pleased for you.
    Voted not just because I love this site, but because I think you deserve it.

    You’re so pleasant, informative and helpful. Very inspiring stuff altogether :)

    Hope you win!

    (from Dublin too!)

  • Roseanne


    11.04pm (Irish time)

  • flic

    Well Done Amy..well deserved.
    Just voted at 23:00

  • Sarah Connor


    I voted at 11pm GMT :)

    Good luck!!


  • angela

    I voted for you in all cats. 5:57PM EST <3

  • Irene Aloveros

    Sorry forgot to put the time i voted… 22:45pm…best of luck again!

  • Becky

    Wow Amy congrats :) i’ll be keepin everythin crossed 4 u!! voted 4 u at 10.50pm xx

  • Cassie

    Just voted, hope you win. I voted at 22:50 GMT. Good luck :) x

  • orla gill

    hey amy , good job on all ur successes ! i voted today at 10.48 pm :)

  • Hannah

    I tried to vote, and then I realized I couldn’t, because I wasn’t a part of an “organization”. Which made me really depressed, so I clicked on to leave you a comment for good luck anyways. And then I read some other comments and figured out how to deal with that pesky organization box! So yay! I got to vote for you at 4:42 (central standard time).

    Good luck! :)

  • Irene Aloveros

    I voted for you..good luck!

  • 13CP

    Voted at 5:45. Hope all goes well and you win! You provide excellent advice esp with your homemade remedies! They do work!

  • Lizzie Munro

    Hey I voted at 22.40 – hope you win!!

  • ashlee

    voted 4/13/10 @ 1736 is EST.

  • Catriona

    22:37 GMT 13/01/10

    Best of luck Amy! Hope you get to go to another fancy awards do and hopefully get a trophy this time. :)

  • Ais

    Hey Amy just voted around 22.20(?) oh the 13/4/2010.I voted for all 4 categories. Had to put in an organisation so I just wrote ‘The Best One’ :).Congratulations and good luck! xo

  • Abbie Mullen

    Hiyaaa Amy,
    Good Luck at the awards, fingers crossed you will win!!
    I voted at 22:35

  • Mariam ali

    12:30 am best ov luck amy
    I have voted for you in all ov the four categories

  • jenny

    I’ve voted :) hope you win Amy.

  • Maddie Legg

    Hi Amy, congrats on the nominations! I voted at 22:28 :)

  • Melissa

    ok this is probably a ridiculously stupid ques but when you are voting and you need to fill out your name and that at the end? what do you put for organisation??

  • Leona Byrne

    13/04/2010 22:25

    Good Luck Amy!!

  • lenny

    congratulations on being nominated! :) i voted at 22.26 GMT
    good luck x

  • Natalie

    I voted at 22:26pm, British time.
    I voted Best Business Blogger
    Good luck!

  • Heather Spratt

    Hi, I just voted at 22:20, hope you win , you really deserve it :) thanks xx

  • Rebecca

    Besta Luck Amy!!
    I voted at approx 10.18pm GMT

  • Ciara M

    I Just voted now at 22.22 Irish time :D Good luck Amy!

  • Erica (madameir)

    best of luck amy! voted at 22:21

  • Ellie

    22:20 13 April….Voted!

    Good luck Darlin :)
    You HAVE to win, your blogs the best!


  • Louise

    22.18 13/4 Good Luck Honey Hope You Win xx

  • Heather Johannessen

    Hi Amy, I really hope you win, you deserve it! :) I voted at about 4:15 central time, (in America — Same as Chicago!) on April 13! Good luck!!!

  • Daisy

    22:17 GMT :D

  • katy

    I voted at 22.17 pm GMT :) Good luck! xx

  • Zara O’ Dowd

    I voted at 22:16 :) good luck:D

  • emer moore

    hi amy i voted at 22:13! best of luck! xx

  • Aileen Fitzgerald

    22:11 13/4/10

  • Jen C

    I hope you win Amy! Your videos, and blog are both very helpful! I voted at 5:09 EST

  • Thifa A.

    Congrats! :-) I voted for you at around 22:50 (21:50 in the Irish timezone). Good luck!

  • Holly

    Hey Amy, I hope you win! I voted at 9.45 pm GMT :) Good luck!

  • Katherine

    Hey Amy
    Congradulations on the nominations, you really deserve it. Voted at 00:38 GMT +4. Hope you win!

  • Scarie

    I’ve just voted for you, em within the last 10 mins so betwen 9.27 and 9.37 pm!

  • Agata

    that’s great – good luck! i voted at 21.31 :) xx

  • Heather

    Oops, forgot to leave the time, I voted at 4:28pm EST :)

  • Heather

    Voted for you :)

  • Chloe:)

    Hey Amy!
    Hope you win, you deserve it after all the hard work you’ve put into the site – it’s paid off! I voted at 21:26 GMT:)

  • Susie

    Hey Amy =D
    Best of luck!!
    i voted at 21.24

  • Aoife Ryan

    That’s so brilliant Amy. Congratulations! Hope you win! I voted at 21:22. Best of luck!

  • Michelle Mangan

    Congratulations Amy! You deserve it! I voted at 21.20pm
    Really hope that you win :D

  • Sheniz

    Voted 21:13 you truly deserve to win. Good luck! ♥

  • Louise Biggar

    I voted at 9.07pm – good luck! :)

  • Sarah C

    So happy for you, you deserve every bit!! just voted 21:03pm..Best of luck!! xXx

  • Linda

    The best of luck with the awards Amy! Just voted for you @ 20.55.

    Good luck!! :)

  • TheBeautySpark

    I voted at 20:48 :) good luck!! xxx

  • viv

    Good luck I hope ypu win you diserve it!!!!! I voted at 21:42

  • clare

    good luck just voted there :)

  • Alethea

    Hi Amy. Congrats!!! Fingers crossed you win :-) I voted at 20.35

  • Bonnie

    Congrats Amy!!! I hope you get it. Good luck!

    ps. I voted at 12:35pm PST

  • Caoimhe

    I voted at 20.32

  • Caoimher

    I just voted for ya – 20:20, 13/04
    You deserve it!

  • ann

    I voted @ 20.15pm.Congratulations Amy.Good Luck I hope you win,you deserve it with all the hardwork you put into your videos and also chatting to people.

    : )

  • Catriona

    Hey Amy, i voted @ 20:10 13/04/10, well done and good luck x

  • clare loe

    Voted for you in all of your categories at 20:11, good luck amy!

  • Ruth

    Voted at 8.08 pm :) Good luck, Love your blog! xx

  • Lynsey Martin

    Hi Amy,

    i voted for you at 8.08pm. :-)
    Good luck! xx

  • Elisa

    I voted at 3:05 pm, eastern daylight time.

    I wish you the best luck you really deserve to win! Thanks for putting so much effort into your website for your readers, I appreciate reading it every day :)

  • Kerry

    Hey Amy! I voted at 8:07pm. Good luck, hope you win! :) x

  • lorraine

    20.03. I voted. Wishing you the best of luck Amy :-)

  • Aoife Collins

    i voted at 20.01. Best of luck!!!

  • Katherine Cameron

    I voted @ 7:56 !! I really really hope you win !! good luck !!

  • Essjay23x

    I voted and my computer said it was 19.54. Congratulations,four nominations, you are doing so well. Good luck Amy! :-)

  • emily carter

    i voted at 7.51pm xx

  • Elle

    I voted! @ 7:48 your time.

    Best of luck :-)

  • Lucy

    How exciting for you…good luck! I voted at 19.46 GMT today (13th) :)

  • Emma

    Done – 19.43 13/04/10.
    Best of luck hun – you totally deserve to win!!! – always come to check up whats new with you everyday:)xx

  • Alyson

    Good luck Amy! Voted at 19.37 13/04/10

  • Clairebear

    Voted for you Amy at 7:32pm I really wish you the best of luck, you truly deserve it, your are a insperation to all of us… Thank you for all your advise it is very much appreciated…


  • Aoife Collins

    I don’t have an orginisation and am not a member of any orginisation.can i still vote?

    • ray

      Hi Aoife, yes just put in NONE or NA for company name

  • Kiki

    Hey Amy,
    voted for you at 7.20 pm. Best of luck, love the blog!

  • Emma Smith

    I’ve voted; good luck Amy!

    7.15pm xx

  • audrey kelly

    Hi amy , i voted at 19.10 pm
    Good Luck :)

  • Laura Plaistow

    I voted for you in all four categories at 19:09. Good Luck!

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