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MeMeMe arrives in Ireland – Properly! …….. First Impressions & Pics


So MeMeMe Cosmetics have arrived in Ireland… all over Ireland! Woo Hoo! For those of you interested in the brand you may have noticed it’s presence in Superdrug in Santry over the years. It was always poorly stocked, there were never testers available and all of the products left on the shelves had been opened, used and were smudged or broken. The brand really called to me each visit though – it’s affordable, and the boutique packaging is so cute. It was a tad out of place in our awful Superdrug store. Now it will be available in pharmacies all over Ireland, and not in Superdrug at all. I couldn’t be happier.


I popped in to the launch of MeMeMe cosmetics with baby Sofia in tow this morning. The lovely ladies guided me through all of their products, whilst reading a Marayn Monroe book to baby. I happily smeared myself in all manner of pretty products. The list of products I am dying to try is growing, more of that later. For now I was given a beautiful little bag with a few products to try. I will follow up with reviews and Face of the Days etc., but for now I will leave you with my first impressions, honest as always.


Correct & Perfect Concealer Kit (€8.99) Hydrating cream concealer, setting powder and mirror all in one pot. This can be used for dark circles and blemishes. The packaging is great and very good quality. The concealer is quite thin on first inspection but I will test it properly before making any judgements. Based on the texture I would imagine this one might be best for covering marks and spots on the face and their creamy concealer may be better for under the eye. The powder is finely milled which is nice. We’ll see.


MeMeMe_Correct _Perfect_Concealer_Kit_Cosmetics_Ireland

Luxury Long Wear Lip Cream (€10.50) Persian Pink. Each lipstick has a name but is also associated with a particular goddessIt’s full of shea butter and although its creamy the ones I swatched were pigmented. It’s available in 10 shades. There was a gorgeous pink shade that has been added to my ‘lust-list’. This shade is a really wearable muted nude pink. It’s deliciously creamy – in fact it contains so much shea butter that I was warned to use a a lip brush to apply it instead of using it straight from the tube as it would break. That would sound a little off-putting to me except the finish and the pigmentation is really lovely. I would buy this in more shades. I will follow up with pics of how it looks on.




Blush Me! Blush Box (€10.99) A warm coral blush with a satin finish, no glitter. The pink shade really called to me but Rouge is surprisingly pretty. The packaging is obviously very similar to Benefit blush boxes which I love. I hate to use this phrase but this one really gives you a fresh pop of colour. First impressions, impressive for the price. More on this one at a later date.


Goddess Rocks (€15.50) I have heard quite a bit about these bronzing rocks from other beauty blogs and youtube guru’s. They leave a highlighting goldy bronze haze on the skin. I bet this looks amazing with their Celestial Haze product. I usually hate iridescent ball type highlighters and bronzers, they get stuck in your brush, land on the floor and get squashed. I’m not a fan of mess. But with these rocks that isn’t an issue, they’re big enough that that doesn’t happen. I was a little scared it they would look too intense after my first swatch but it left a really warm bronzey highlight on my skin. It’s not chunky or glittery. First impressions, I like!



Flawless Tinted Moisturiser SPF15 (€12.99) When I swatched this on my hand this morning I was very surprised by the effects. It had decent coverage, for a tinted moisturiser. It made the skin on the back of my hand smooth and glowing so I am really looking forward to trying this on my face (I’ll be back with a review of the products as I try them properly).


Whats rights about this brand

  • Packaging – beautiful! Holds its own against high end brands.
  • Price – affordable.
  • And now widely available, major bonus
  • MeMeMe_Seventh_Heaven_Cosmetics _Ireland

What else I can’t wait to try after a snoop around the products

  • Boho Balms
  • Angels with Halos Celestial Haze
  • Seventh Heaven Facebase
  • Flawless Cream Foundation
  • Little Angels Collection
  • Pink Blush Me!

Who am I kidding, I want to try it all!



I will update this post tomorrow with a full stocklist. Let me know what you think. As I said, I will follow up with full reviews and photos of how the products look on my face.

Any MeMeMe fans? And recommendations? Anyone as excited as me?

 Amy x

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