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Mint Mojo – thumbs up or thumbs down?

I have been loving pastel nails, like most of you, over the past few months. However I have just come across a polish that has destroyed my faith in this trend. Enter Collection 2o00 Mint Mojo

It looks like a palm green. It was easy to apply, cheap (€2.49), two coats were enough for perfect coverage and it lasted a few days without chipping. The brush is a little wide for my nail bed which meant the polish kept getting on my fingers but that was easily remedied.

This shade does nothing for my skin tone and looks quite cheap on me.I much prefer Button Moon which is more of a blue pastel, here’s a photo for comparison.

On the up side, my faith in Collection 2000 polishes has been restored.

What are your thoughts on pastel polish?

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  • Abbie

    if you like the collection 2000 range, try big hair it is a lovely cherry red colour, my fave!! 2nd fave is the hoola hoop or the sherbet lemons, definately recommend those three!

  • Katie

    I wore an Essie “Candy Apple Mint” the second to last time I got my nails done and they came out so great. maybe you just got the wrong shade. I’m currently wearing a lovely shade of lavender =)

  • Style my Closet

    thumbs up all the way!

    • Amy

      @Style my Closet Yay! :)

  • Essjay23x

    Oops, I meant that I WAS disappointed with Revlon Minted!!

  • Essjay23x

    I was not disappointed with Revlon Minted. A beautiful colour but only when it is applied absolutley perfectly otherwise I think it looks quite cheap. I’m preferring the Barry M Pale Purple!

    • Amy

      @Essjay23x I’m really glad I didn’t get it now!

  • dressjunkie

    I love the Hot Looks range but I recently did a tidy up of my whole collection, and had to throw out ALL of my Hot Looks. They had separated, gone lumpy, I tried vigirous shaking and even thinner in one, but they were unsalvagable. I haven’t had this issue with any other range, other than the odd OPI that was maybe 2 yr old or so. Disappointing as I love the shades

    • Amy

      @dressjunkie Now that you say it Arlene, I had a pinky shade that I had to throw out because it separated!

  • Lizzie

    This is so weird i was in superdrug about 10 minutes ago comparing these 2 nail polishes! I have the dynasty pink one which is really pretty. and only £1.90. yey!

    • Amy

      @ Lizzie Great minds think alike! haha

  • Rocaille

    I’m wearing Barry M Mint Green on right now and like you, I’m not really liking pastel green on my nails. The shade isn’t just right and reminds of dentists. My husband likes it though, so it’s all personal preference.

    • Amy

      @Rocaille Dentist colour! Your so right haha

  • Ramlah

    I can’t believe i wasted £6 on Revlon Minted, which is so streaky and needs 3 coats when i could have bought this instead!

    • Amy

      @Ramlah I’m delighted I didn’t waste my money on it so!

  • Bianca

    tbh, I like the mint mojo on your nails. I think it looks well. However, neither the green nor the blue are colours I would ever wear at work. So, I usually give those a miss.

  • Catanya

    Nevertheless, looks pretty and kind of reminds me of Mint Candy Apple!

  • Reme

    Unfortunately I give them both a thumbs down Amy… IAs you say, they look a bit cheap and the shades aren’t complementary to pale Irish skintones. This season I’m sticking with creamy pale pinks, nudes and greys for nail colour as they don’t clash with my outfits and are perfect for the office : -)

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