Monday’s most wanted…

I was in Blackrock a couple of weeks ago getting some bits and pieces (pretty bits and pieces) in The Organic Supermarket. I decided to pop in for some lunch afterwards. Whilst scoffing a rice crispie slice I noticed a huge Unicare pharmacy. Never being one to pass on an opportunity for a browse around a chemist I decided to have a waltz.

A few things caught my eye.

1.  Isa Dora Cream Gloss Stilo’s. There were 3 shades that I liked; Candyfloss, Bon Bon Pink and Peach Melba. They were super creamy and quite glossy for a lipstick. They were also richly pigmented. I tried them all on and loved all three equally. I decided that I had enough lipsticks in my collection and put them back on the shelf. That was 1 week and 1 day ago and I’m still thinking about them. When something is on your mind you must really want it… and so my search begins.

2. Gosh Light’n Shine Lip Glaze in 05: It may be electric purple in the tube but it’s damn pretty on your lips. It also doesn’t look purple, it’s more like a clear gloss with pink and purple reflects. It’s fun! It’s quite similar to a MAC Dazzleglass. These glosses come with a light up lid and mirror on the side, like the Me Me Me glosses. This actually doesn’t appeal to me at all. Mainly because I tend to apply gloss without looking in the mirror anyway. I tried it on over Isa Dora Candyfloss and the results were truly barbie.

3. Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder: Yes, it looks like chocolate and yes that’s why I want it. Only messin’! I have it on pretty good authority (Gemsmaquillage’s authority to be exact) that this is a fantastic bronzer. Now if I’m honest I don’t actually need a new bronzer, there are plenty in my collection to use up. The problem is that I just don’t want to. I have found true bronzer love in Benefit Hoola which I finished up last week. Since then I have been relying on a combination of Stila, Body Shop, Chanel and prestige bronzer. Not at the same time I can assure you but for different purposes; some have a sheen, some have shimmer, some are golden whilst some are bronze etc. Hoola is a good all rounder. I have heard that the Bourjois Delice does a similar job. I. Must. Have. It.

I’m just glad it wasn’t a high end department store I spied over my capuccino cup. Otherwise Monday’s most wanted would be costing me a fortune!

What make-up have you been eyeing up lately?

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