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Monday’s Most Wanted: Ted Baker Laptop Case

My lovely Mammy bought me a gorgeous purse from Ted Baker for Christmas (pic below). I absolutely love it! This morning I stumbled upon the matching laptop case… Uh Oh!

Said gorgeous purse…

And now the matching lap top case…


You can get the purse here – Link! (£95)

And the case here – Link! (£49)

You can see why I need both right? :) At least the case is far cheaper than the purse. Hmm… How often do I lug my dear mac book around though?! At most I bring it my mum’s house and I also have it out when travelling. Think that just about justifies a splurge.

On another note, I always wondered what my Mother’s fascination was with luggage. She once asked for a suitcase for Christmas and I thought she had gone mad. To me that was the same as asking for a nice hoover. Lately though I have found myself lusting after some nice luggage pieces, what has become of me?!

Shall I?

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