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Monday’s Most Wanted: Vera Wang Princess Night

Oh my God!

Yes, I just started a blog post with those three words. I have not been this excited about a fragrance since I first smelled Stella waft from a girl who worked in Korky’s shoe shop all those years ago! I was handed a fragrance card spritzed with Vera Wang Princess Night in Arnotts yesterday. I cannot stop smelling it! I should point out that I have been handed quite a few fragrance cards over the years and I rarely like the scent – the worst was in Macy’s when a lady handed me Magnifique, I put my fingers on it and couldn’t wash off the stink. Ick.

Ok, a lot of waffle today. Apparently I talk rubbish when I’m excited… or so I have been told :)

Be prepared. Those three words are about to be used again… Oh my God look at the beautiful tackiness of the bottle.

Image from

This was born for my dresser. Even looking at the image lifts my heart. Ridiculous.

The nocturnal edition of Princess perfume came on the market this January. Princess Night is described as a blend of exotic flowers, fruits and woody tones.

“The top oozes with wild berries, watermelon and raspberry. The composition’s core is formed of jasmine petals, spiced orange blossom and a touch of passionate rose, while the intensively sweet base features crushed sugar, vanilla and musk”.

My sister is a fan of the original Princess, it suits her perfectly but didn’t quite feel grown up enough for the likes of me. This one is the perfect balance – it’s still sweet but also has a depth to it.

It comes in three sizes 30, 50 and 100 ml Eau de Toilette and costs between €42 to €75 here in Ireland.

Must have. Nuff said.


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