Morning Waffle (2)

Yes, it’s time for another morning ramble. Here is what is on my mind on this fine morning:

My annual cartwheel: It has almost become a ritual. When the weather starts to improve and Summer is on the way, I start off the season with a cartwheel. I don’t know why, it’s just fun. Yesterday I did my first one of the season in Malahide park. I was delighted with myself til I woke up this morning with muscle spasm. Serves me right I hear you say? Yes it does.

Stupid jaw surgery. I went for a routine check up and I now have the pleasure of jaw surgery thanks to a fainting spell. I often get lightheaded and it appears that I damaged my jaw (and chipped a few teeth) when I fainted in the bathroom and hit my face on the sink, I’d love to have seen it happen – sounds funny! Anyways that’s very annoying. Surely one couldn’t talk and chew eclairs if one’s jaw has been rewired?

My arms. Everyone is allowed to hate a body part. This is mine.

Thumbs down for being muscular. This may seem like a weird thing to be on my mind. I am quite muscular, athletic shall we call it. The upside is that I find it very easy to tone (after 6 moths without working out, a few sets of sit ups and I have a flat, solid tummy again) The downside, and this is the side that is on my mind, is that I build muscle very easily. This may seem like a stupid complaint to some but it  means that most forms of exercise makes me look muscly, ick! They say women don’t bulk when the lift weights etc well then I must be some exception to the rule. After 6 years of regular gym workouts and plenty of trainers I have accepted my body type. I am now pondering Pilates or something but since I’m such a giddy person I love exercise that is intense. For example, a walk bores me, a jog is a little monotonous but a sprint is fun! For the chance of some lean muscle and no bulk I’ll put the fun aside and try some ballet or pilates.

True Blood: I’m on Book 8, what on earth am I going to read when I’m finished?

The Body Shop Sleep spray. Love it. I thought this was going to smell like lavender like every other sleep inducing product but it doesn’t. My love for this spray is down to the beautiful scent. Regardless if it affects sleep or not it certainly does relax me. I spray it on  my covers right before I snuggle into bed, it has become a night time ritual.

My neighbors parties: Raves are so 90’s!!  I wouldn’t be complaining if the music was good. I like a bit of background noise when I’m settling off to sleep, silence makes me restless. Hardcore house music is not very ambient. Get some taste people and I’ll be a happy neighbour.

What’s on your mind this morning?

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  • Evette Kerber

    Cool. Thanks for typing this. It is always cool to see someone give back to the community.

  • Lyndsy

    Hi A. I started Pilates classes about 2 mths ago and thought that it wld be boring like Yoga (slow ) but i was pleasantly surprised. I like to keep fit & since having a baby 2 yrs ago i am now almost back to pre-baby weight but found that pilates helped me tone those areas that every other exercise i tried couldnt. Give it a go i think u will be impressed! Good Luck :)

    • Amy

      @Lyndsey Oooh sounds much better than I thought! Thanks for your encouragement :)

  • Courtney

    The 10th Sookie Stackhouse book is being released in the United States on May 4th I’m so excited! I’m going crazy I want to find out what happens!

  • J

    Love True Blood….I was lost when I read all the book… them! Vampire fest!!

  • Kaitlin

    Sorry to hear about the jaw surgery : (! So my morning thought has to do with my job.. I am a wedding planner and I look forward to the day we go to the floralist because I just love flowers and the smell of the shop. I feel when I am stressed out arranging flowers, buying flowers or even stopping to smell te flowers makes my day. Oh and cake tasting of course but mainly flowers!
    Also I have been a mood to listening to show tunes on the way to work in my IPod.. songs from west end shows.. amazing.. makes me wish my life was a musical! It just puts me in a good mood. Hope you had a good day today!! xoxo

  • Laura J

    I love the sunny weather!
    I am sorry to hear that you need jaw surgery you poor thing! I hate my Jaw too I have braces and when I went to the orthodontist for the inital assesment he said “we can fix your teeth but your jaw will still stick out unless you have surgey” and now I am have a complex about it, I decided against the surgey.

  • Amanda

    Amy have you considered Bikram yoga? It’s yoga done in a hot room, and it’s a lot more intense and cardio effective than other forms of yoga. I love it!

  • Hanah

    OMG I feel for you completely on the muscles aspect! Its not SO much my stomach but I do have a six pack lurking in there ,yuck!
    I do quite a bit of gymnastics, so I guess thats where I get it from I suppose…cartwheels EVERY WEEK for me :D
    Also I refuse to do cycling for the fear of my leg muscles blowing up…do you ever get that? But I would still rather muscle than flab :/
    I’d love to start somthing like pilates (or yoga) but all the classes near me are fo slightlty older people…(am 15) but still…

  • Bonnie

    Hey now Amy, ballet/pilates are fun. haha. You just have to make it enjoyable for yourself. Maybe don’t think of it as your work-out, but as a way to relax. I think pilates, yoga too, are great ways to de-stress. Perhaps, growing up as a ballet dancer has made me bias, but still, I got to leap, turn, point my toes and it must have been fun, I did it for 20 years. haha. just give it a chance : )

  • Emma

    heya amy – thought of you when i saw that with the new issue of Instyle theres a free bottle of nail inc varnish – think there is a choice of 3 colours and they’re really nice!!:) – jst though id give ya the heads up to look out for it as i knew you would appreciate it!!!:)xx

  • Katelyn

    The new TRUE BLOOD comes out in May. You will have something new to read soon!

  • Claire

    Hey amy, I hope your jaw surgery goes well! I have to get my jaw broken and put back into place in splints and wired shut So I can imagine what you are feeling I damaged mine when I was 11 when I bit into a apple, yeah I know not as severe as you but the damage makes my jaw lock up crack and click and it’s out of line cause extreme headaches and earaches too! Glad your getting it sorted hope all goes well!


    • Amy

      @Claire Thanks so much Claire. You poor thing! Know the feeling

  • Cheryl

    I really want to try that Sleep Spray – I keep going into the shop and sniffing it!

    • Amy

      @Cheryl It’s definitely worth a sniff haha

  • ams

    I found book 8 to be really crap compared to the others so when Id finished it I was kind of over the whole thing! Problem solved!

    • Amy

      @ams Know what you mean, I just finished it today, feel like I missed something. Seems rushed

  • Lyndsey

    My sister will be amazed when I tell her someone else has the same type of ‘condition – as we call it’ that we have. Both of us are scarcely over 5ft and can bulk up by just looking at a weight bench! However, she is like you and loves to get sweaty on the treadmill, but I like the walking – maybe it’s my age!!
    Pilates is great for our body type though, I can recommend it.
    I love watching Trueblood, but haven’t seen the books, so straight onto Amazon for me!
    I feel so sorry for you, I had a dental implant some years back, and they cut open your gum and screw the implant directly into your jawbone. It wasn’t pleasant, but was nowhere near as bad as what you have to have done, poor you.
    I am starting to pack up my house today as I am moving in a couple of weeks. I cannot even bear to think about what’s in the loft – 8 years of rubbish probably!!

    • Amy

      @Lyndsey Oh no! I don’t envy you. I had clearing out!! I’ll get cracking on the pilates. Best of luck with the move :)

  • Erica (madameir)

    Cartwheels? your a mad thing! Pilates is too slow and controlled, have a slightly less giddy nature that you ie. no desires to cartwheel in the park but still quite buzzed about the summer! haha

    I really need to get a move on studying! not feeling it this morning… have one massive grá for a browse around pennys. must resist temptation. makeup will not pass my exams for me. :(
    I’m thinking the sleep spray may come in handy in the next few days and liberal dosing with rescue remedy. no im just making excuses to leave the house and head to the shops!

    • Amy

      @Erica Pennys visit can be a study reward! I don’t envy the studying, you poor thing!

  • Aoife

    Loving the sunny mornings and singing in the car coming to work. I have some cheesy stuff on my itouch! I hope no one can hear me!

    I put Lush Dream Cream on after my shower and I’m loving it!

    BIG oh oooh!! (for my wallet!) I may be putting in an order for your new soaps! They look fantastic!! I can smell them from here!

    Jealous of your muskells! I’m sure I have some too beneath the flab!!

    I’ve been doing 3 different classes in the gym – Spinning (slow death on a bike!), Body Blast (weights on a bar doing squats & the likes) and Pilates. I really like the Pilates. It is making me think of my posture and sucking in the belly flab at the desk!

    I have a couple of DVDs that I sometimes do at home which are great. Any of the Davina McCaul ones are really good. Another good one is, you know the “Call on Me” video? Well they have a work out DVD called Pump it Up. It is hilarious! Also Jennifer Kries Pilates is fantastic. She’s lovingly called “Bendy B**ch” by myself & my sis!!

    I’ve just decided I’m going to plan a SingStar and Margarita party soon!! ….that is all!

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