Morning Waffle (2)

Yes, it’s time for another morning ramble. Here is what is on my mind on this fine morning:

My annual cartwheel: It has almost become a ritual. When the weather starts to improve and Summer is on the way, I start off the season with a cartwheel. I don’t know why, it’s just fun. Yesterday I did my first one of the season in Malahide park. I was delighted with myself til I woke up this morning with muscle spasm. Serves me right I hear you say? Yes it does.

Stupid jaw surgery. I went for a routine check up and I now have the pleasure of jaw surgery thanks to a fainting spell. I often get lightheaded and it appears that I damaged my jaw (and chipped a few teeth) when I fainted in the bathroom and hit my face on the sink, I’d love to have seen it happen – sounds funny! Anyways that’s very annoying. Surely one couldn’t talk and chew eclairs if one’s jaw has been rewired?

My arms. Everyone is allowed to hate a body part. This is mine.

Thumbs down for being muscular. This may seem like a weird thing to be on my mind. I am quite muscular, athletic shall we call it. The upside is that I find it very easy to tone (after 6 moths without working out, a few sets of sit ups and I have a flat, solid tummy again) The downside, and this is the side that is on my mind, is that I build muscle very easily. This may seem like a stupid complaint to some but it  means that most forms of exercise makes me look muscly, ick! They say women don’t bulk when the lift weights etc well then I must be some exception to the rule. After 6 years of regular gym workouts and plenty of trainers I have accepted my body type. I am now pondering Pilates or something but since I’m such a giddy person I love exercise that is intense. For example, a walk bores me, a jog is a little monotonous but a sprint is fun! For the chance of some lean muscle and no bulk I’ll put the fun aside and try some ballet or pilates.

True Blood: I’m on Book 8, what on earth am I going to read when I’m finished?

The Body Shop Sleep spray. Love it. I thought this was going to smell like lavender like every other sleep inducing product but it doesn’t. My love for this spray is down to the beautiful scent. Regardless if it affects sleep or not it certainly does relax me. I spray it on  my covers right before I snuggle into bed, it has become a night time ritual.

My neighbors parties: Raves are so 90’s!!  I wouldn’t be complaining if the music was good. I like a bit of background noise when I’m settling off to sleep, silence makes me restless. Hardcore house music is not very ambient. Get some taste people and I’ll be a happy neighbour.

What’s on your mind this morning?

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