Morning Waffle – 1st of June

I have been feeling a morning waffle coming on for a few days now, time to give in. Here are some things that are on my mind this morning (please note the lack of depth, waffle is waffle).

1. Happy June! Where have the last 5 months gone I ask you? I seem to have misplaced some time. Quantum leap anyone?

2. Moaning about sunshine – Ok so we Irish always complain about the weather. When it’s cold we moan, when it’s damp we moan, when it’s sunny we moan. The latter is in reference to the sunny spell we were enjoying. If I heard one more person saying Jaysus it’s too warm I was going to chase them with a garden hose.

3. My driving test – I can’t tell you when it is because if I fail I will cry. I can feel the boo hoo’s coming… Please Mr. Driving Test Man, that roundabout came outa’ nowhere! Watch this space.

4. The Ministry of Sound Pump it Up Workout – Love this! I bought it online about 2 years ago but I couldn’t hack it back then. I like that there is no beginner bits, Follow Monica in the back for the easy version etc. It’s just hard core, tone up, burn those fat cells into oblivion. I’m actually not concerned with fat cells at the moment but it sure as hell toned me up in no time. I noticed the change in muscle tone after one workout, I have a muscular build though. I love the intensity of the workout, the take-no-prisoners approach. I find that incredibly motivating. Most of all I like that it’s so tough that I think I’m going to die 5 minutes before the end. Now that’s a workout worth doing.

5. Clearing out – I can’t stop clearing out. Getting rid of clutter is cleansing for the mind. My head was starting to feel like my wardrobe – chocker full of rubbish. Time to let go.

6. Eyeliner abandonment – I can’t believe I’m saying this but I haven’t touched eye liner in weeks. Time for a thermometer?

7. Neutral lip liner – I have been lusting after MAC Stripdown liner. At the moment I have been enjoying Du Wop in Switzerland. It’s the perfect neutral shade for  my lips and it’s moisturising. I have been using this all over my lips since it’s so sheer and then adding a little bit of lipper to the centre.

8. Flats – Who ever would have thought that Amy Dillon would have parted with heels three days in a row?!  I heart ballet flats.

9. TV Series’ – I’m not a big TV fan, in fact the only shows I watch are Criminal Minds and Cougar Town (and occasionally Glee). A few weeks ago I started watching some shows online; True Blood, Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries, Dexter…yes, all of them! Yipeeeee!!

10. The Book Depository – These lads are legends! An order that would have cost be €74 on Amazon only cost me €46 on this site and they have free shipping across Europe. I found them on Amazon and followed the links. Amazing value. The great thing about the free shipping is that they ship each book when it’s in their warehouse. I’m converted!

I think that’s the majority of the rubbish that’s on my mind today.

What’s on your mind?

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