Morning Waffle… October 22nd

It’s been a while since my last morning waffle so I felt the need to offload some of the shallow stuff.

Here are some things that are on my mind this morning…

1. Sugar Coma’s

Halloween is upon us and that means my house is chocker block full of junk food. I’m not watching my weight or anything but I do have big issues regarding sugar addictionI have been known to black out with hyperness in the midst of a sugar injection, once I even lost vision in my eye for a few minutes. It almost always ends in tears… but only after a lot of laughing.

This is why it is not helpful to have bags of sugary goodies around a sugar junkie-  who lets face it is probably well on the way to a sugar coma. I must keep control of myself!


2. No foundation

I have been passing on foundation this week and using only concealer. The concealer of choice this week is Benefit Conceal it! It’s a pencil stick but still creamy and has great coverage.

I apply it under my eyes, around my chin and nostrils. Then jump right into my blush and eyeshadow routine.


3. Starbucks Christmas

Yes, I am actually excited about Starbucks Christmas cups and gingerbread slices.

For me this marks the beginning of the festive season. I can’t wait!!! I can smell the pumpkin pie from here.


4. Chicago

I’m flying to Chicago this December for a few days. There won’t be the same level of shopping there was last year, I will need to behave myself. It’s my favourite city on the planet, I could pack up and move there tomorrow. It’s particularly magical at Christmas time and I prefer it to New York for shopping and eating. Snow boots, ear muffs, mittens, Cheescake Factory, West Egg for breakie, The Water Tower mall…woo hoo!


5. Twenty two books later and I’m reading this again?!

Ok, I agree, it’s getting ridiculous. But I can honestly say that I have read 22 books this year and not one of them captured my heart or even my attention to the same degree as Ms Meyers work. I can’t explain it, I wish I could, but after 22 average reads surely I deserve some Twilight romance!

On another note I bought some Winter boots – if you want a look I’ll see you back here around 11.45am!

What’s on your mind this morning?


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