Morning Waffle – August

It’s been a while since my last morning waffle so it incumbent on me to share the contents of my head with you. (hair post will follow this afternoon)

Hair extensions – If you follow me on Twitter you know that I had some extensions added to my hair last week. I’m a happy woman – blog post and photos will be up this evening.

Where is my tan gone? I’m wondering why I bothered sunbathing at all this year. My tan disappeared after two weeks. This means I’m back to fake tanning. I had my first ever spray tan last week using Xen (post and pics will be up in the morning for this one). I was very impressed, to say the least.

Getting excited about Autumn/Winter – As much as I’m moaning about my tan fading I am looking forward to Autumn clothing. I love layering and accessorising, it’s been too hot to do either lately. I find earrings and necklaces make me feel claustrophobic in the heat.  I’m always looking forward to a more polished make-up look since I’ve been au naturel as much as possible this Summer.

Work load – I’m booking up fast thanks to Debs (like Prom to those of you in the US) season and teen Make-up parties. I have had quite  few Mummy Make-overs which was a change for me, loved it. Note to self, buy a new organiser that does not have Tink on the cover. I’m really looking forward to the Debs make-up parties, they’re always so much fun. Plus seeing other people enjoy their Debs night helps me forget my own – disastrous! That reminds me, I must record a Debs make-up tutorial.

Shopping for the big ‘C’ – Yes I know, I know, it’s 4 months away but I have been shopping online in preparation. I’m never organised so I’m quite proud of myself. Last year I bought most of my presents in December and I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was forgetting something. I have decided to buy two presents per month. That way all that will be left to do in December is put my feet up with a glass of mulled wine and scoff cake. Don’t judge.

Book clubs and – I have wanted to join a book club for years but I was put off by the idea that I had to read a book from a selected genre. I know that’s the point but I feel that after years of reading hundreds of books I didn’t enjoy in school and university that I should be able to read those I will enjoy. I have been milling through books from the Urban Fantasy genre lately and found a group on who share my interest. I’m now involved in reading challenges and am thoroughly enjoying myself. Go nerd!

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