Morning Waffle – August

It’s been a while since my last morning waffle so it incumbent on me to share the contents of my head with you. (hair post will follow this afternoon)

Hair extensions – If you follow me on Twitter you know that I had some extensions added to my hair last week. I’m a happy woman – blog post and photos will be up this evening.

Where is my tan gone? I’m wondering why I bothered sunbathing at all this year. My tan disappeared after two weeks. This means I’m back to fake tanning. I had my first ever spray tan last week using Xen (post and pics will be up in the morning for this one). I was very impressed, to say the least.

Getting excited about Autumn/Winter – As much as I’m moaning about my tan fading I am looking forward to Autumn clothing. I love layering and accessorising, it’s been too hot to do either lately. I find earrings and necklaces make me feel claustrophobic in the heat.  I’m always looking forward to a more polished make-up look since I’ve been au naturel as much as possible this Summer.

Work load – I’m booking up fast thanks to Debs (like Prom to those of you in the US) season and teen Make-up parties. I have had quite  few Mummy Make-overs which was a change for me, loved it. Note to self, buy a new organiser that does not have Tink on the cover. I’m really looking forward to the Debs make-up parties, they’re always so much fun. Plus seeing other people enjoy their Debs night helps me forget my own – disastrous! That reminds me, I must record a Debs make-up tutorial.

Shopping for the big ‘C’ – Yes I know, I know, it’s 4 months away but I have been shopping online in preparation. I’m never organised so I’m quite proud of myself. Last year I bought most of my presents in December and I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was forgetting something. I have decided to buy two presents per month. That way all that will be left to do in December is put my feet up with a glass of mulled wine and scoff cake. Don’t judge.

Book clubs and – I have wanted to join a book club for years but I was put off by the idea that I had to read a book from a selected genre. I know that’s the point but I feel that after years of reading hundreds of books I didn’t enjoy in school and university that I should be able to read those I will enjoy. I have been milling through books from the Urban Fantasy genre lately and found a group on who share my interest. I’m now involved in reading challenges and am thoroughly enjoying myself. Go nerd!

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  • Jocelyn Burke

    Book club! I have the same dilemma! I’d love to join a book club but I dont want to be confined to readin something boring (as i get bored very easily, no suprise there) and yeah i know the idea of a book club is to get out of your comfort zone and read something you would never have thought of even picking up, but I’m afraid of not even bothering to read it (enter laziness). I love factual books, absolutely HATE fiction (sorry, i know u mentioned fantasy) ….im always on the lookout for books about life troubles like drug addicts, abuse victims, serial killers etc etc……i feel like a creep now after writing that all down :( lol…….so if u have read anything along those lines pass them on……x

  • elaine

    id love debs tutorials!!!

  • dressjunkie

    Happy Days! Can’t wait to get a frock and ridiculous heels on! See you there! xo

    • Amy

      @dressjunkie Ooh ridiculous heels I hear you say. must join you :) x x x

  • dressjunkie

    My thoughts exactly! I spent a lot of time on my hols this yr sunbathing. Initially I had a nice glow but now it’s really faded and my feet just look dirty. All that and I’ve probably aged myself by a year for the sake of a 2 week tan. It’s Zen tan for me from now on!
    Btw you going to the Prudence Beauty Awards next week? I’d love to finally meet you! xx

    • Amy

      @dressjunkie I will indeed. Yay! Look forward to finally getting to meet you :) x

  • Skinni Peach

    cant wait to read the post on your extensions – would love to get them done myself, but no dosh for that at the mo *sigh* I hear ya about the tan, it makes you wonder is bathing in the rays actually worth it at all. suppose the fake stuff is safer all round anywho .x.

    • Amy

      @Skinni Peach That’s a very good point! :)

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