Morning Waffle…

I fancied a chat about rubbish and I couldn’t think of a better outlet than you ladies. Here are a couple of things that are on my mind this morning:

The mother of all breakouts: I’ve been informed “that’s all the badness comin’ out of ye”(read in Dublin accent). That may be true but a girl deserves a break once in a while. I have decided to put the breakout down to two things, hormones and poor diet. I’m quite lazy about eating and find I need to remind myself that my body needs nourishment, man that is so lazy.

Trying to find a decent book: Every book I have read since the Twilight saga has been a huge let down. As a result I have read the saga a few times over.  I don’t even know what genre I like anymore, I’m going through a reading transition. The horror, thriller and crime books I once lived on don’t appeal to me anymore. Any recomendations?

Planning a little visit to MAC over the next few days: I. do. not. need. any. more. make-up! Blah blah blah… After my flit around BT’s in Galway City I feel like giving the aul’ MAC Pro card a bit of a bashing. A light bashing.  Maybe a gentle tapping. We’ll see.

Cupcakes: Love the idea of them, buy them regularly and am always disappointed. I picked up the prettiest little lemon coloured one the other day. It was unbelievable pretty (I’m ashamed to admit that it also went with my dress that day haha). I poured myself a cup of tea and dug in. I regretted it right away. Who puts philadelphia cream cheese on cupcakes? Savoury cupcakes? I don’t get it. That’s what you get for trying to find fine foods in your local Spar Amy!

Redecorating my bedroom: I have felt a wee bit of a revolution building lately. The first stage of that was wanting to change my hair. I realise now that this was a bit of self cleansing project, a means to wipe the metaphorical slate clean. Stage two  is home redecoration. I’m taking on my bedroom next week, I want a country cottage room in my suburban house. Too much to ask for?

Cleaning: This goes hand in hand with my ‘wiping the slate clean’ mentality. Since I’m on the topic, Barry Scott is a liar. Cilit Bang is sh#*!

I’m glad I got this off my chest. What’s on your mind this morning?

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