Morning Waffle…

I fancied a chat about rubbish and I couldn’t think of a better outlet than you ladies. Here are a couple of things that are on my mind this morning:

The mother of all breakouts: I’ve been informed “that’s all the badness comin’ out of ye”(read in Dublin accent). That may be true but a girl deserves a break once in a while. I have decided to put the breakout down to two things, hormones and poor diet. I’m quite lazy about eating and find I need to remind myself that my body needs nourishment, man that is so lazy.

Trying to find a decent book: Every book I have read since the Twilight saga has been a huge let down. As a result I have read the saga a few times over.  I don’t even know what genre I like anymore, I’m going through a reading transition. The horror, thriller and crime books I once lived on don’t appeal to me anymore. Any recomendations?

Planning a little visit to MAC over the next few days: I. do. not. need. any. more. make-up! Blah blah blah… After my flit around BT’s in Galway City I feel like giving the aul’ MAC Pro card a bit of a bashing. A light bashing.  Maybe a gentle tapping. We’ll see.

Cupcakes: Love the idea of them, buy them regularly and am always disappointed. I picked up the prettiest little lemon coloured one the other day. It was unbelievable pretty (I’m ashamed to admit that it also went with my dress that day haha). I poured myself a cup of tea and dug in. I regretted it right away. Who puts philadelphia cream cheese on cupcakes? Savoury cupcakes? I don’t get it. That’s what you get for trying to find fine foods in your local Spar Amy!

Redecorating my bedroom: I have felt a wee bit of a revolution building lately. The first stage of that was wanting to change my hair. I realise now that this was a bit of self cleansing project, a means to wipe the metaphorical slate clean. Stage two  is home redecoration. I’m taking on my bedroom next week, I want a country cottage room in my suburban house. Too much to ask for?

Cleaning: This goes hand in hand with my ‘wiping the slate clean’ mentality. Since I’m on the topic, Barry Scott is a liar. Cilit Bang is sh#*!

I’m glad I got this off my chest. What’s on your mind this morning?

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  • Rachel

    You must read The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson. Its Amazing!!!

  • millie

    I recommend the Millenium series by Stig Larsson. They are great! And also anything by Kate Atkinson :)

  • Maria

    I second The Time Traveler’s Wife.
    I’m usually very wary when it comes to books which were made into a film… but I loved that book. Couldn’t put it down.

    I also loved All Quiet On The Western Front and The Great Gatsby. If you’re looking for a YA book, give Before I Die a try…
    Also great are the Bell Jar and the first The Vampire Chronicles books by Anne Rice.

  • Rhiannon

    Ugh I hate those bloudy cupcakes! :P Best bet it to make them yourself and get some Betty Croker icing :)
    Hmm, not sure on the books front. I’m reading The Brightest Star In The Sky by Marian Keyes..not bad. :O Have you seen Remember Me with Robert Pattinson? Soo sad :(

  • Tricia

    Amy–I have a book for you. “The Thirteenth Tale” by Setterfield. AMAZING! It restored my faith in the novel! Hope you have fun at MAC!

    • Amy

      @Tricia I’m going to go to Easons in the morning and get this, thanks for your recommendation! x

  • mollie

    I never had acne throughout my teens, but I just turned 20 and started to get baaad breakouts (I’m talking like bleeding, cysty gross things and about 20 on my face at once)
    I started taking magnesium supplements and they COMPLETELY cleared. It’s all about the vitamins/minerals!! :)

    • Amy

      @Mollie I’m off to Natures Way to get some vitamins/minerals haha Thanks so much :) x

  • Laura J

    I know what you mean about breakouts spots suck!. I had really bad cyctic acne last year which I am still taking antibiotics for it and seeing a dermotologist for it.
    If you want a trashy, glamorous book to read I would recomend Wives V Girlfriends by Katie Agnew it was what I read on holiday.

    • Amy

      @Laura J Have added your book recommendation to my list :) Thank you!!

  • Amanda

    I loved your Morning Waffle post :)
    I cannot comment on the Twilight books, cuz I haven’t read them, nor seen the books……EEK!
    As for MAC, they have the new Liberty of London collection out, which is lovely, I have the lipglass in Frankly Fresh :)
    and as for your bedroom, get lots of wooden things….even a batch of sticks tied together with a pretty fabric! and soft colors like soft pink, brown and pastels :)
    but the more wood, the BETTER! and the more country it feels.
    Visiting this blog is such a nice moment of my day, cuz it’s always just as I get home from school or work. LOVE IT! xoxo

    • Amy

      @Amanda Thanks so much Amanda, your comment made me smile :) Sticks is such a great tip for my bedroom, the wallpaper is going up as we speak. Can’t wait to get started with the decorating. x

  • Ciara

    Don’t get me started on spots.
    I have an actual MOUNTAIN RANGE on my forehead, with more mountains than the Himalayas.
    I went on a school trip to Paris, eating nothing but chips,chocolate, sweets and fizzy drinks. And now ‘jaysus all the badness is comin’ outta me!’

    When i was a kid i loved reading. Then went off it at around 11, read twilight at 13, now nearly 15 and no book can hold my attention. I love magazines though.

    Me and my sister are switching rooms and redecorating them. THinking bright pink on one wall and light reflecting white on the others. And thinking of putting my makeup on a three tiered cake stand :) Apart from that havent got any ideas:(
    Update us on your redecorating progress!

    • Amy

      @Ciara The cake stand is a great idea! Hm may take inspiration from that for my nail polishes :) x

  • Hannah

    I totally feel your pain about the book thing! I LOATHED reading until the age of 20 when I forced myself to read the Twilight books, because I was sick and home bound and had nothing better to do. And I loved it, I loved it so much I read the saga four times. And now I hate it, lol. Bella drives me crazy! If it weren’t for Edward, I would probably burn my books. So I sought out to look for some good adventure books without whiny, wishy-washy, boring girl characters!

    Now I am obsessed with reading all of the young adult adventure books I should have been reading when I was in High School.

    “The Hunger Games” Series by Suzanne Collins is AMAZING! Katniss would totally kick Bella’s… errr… butt! Lol.

    The “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” Series by Rick Riordan, is great as well. WAY better than the movies! I love Greek Mythology, and all of the characters (both male and female) are so strong and smart and admirable.

    I also geeked out with “The Ranger’s Apprentice” Series by John Flanagan. It’s like Lord of the Rings meets Camelot and Knights of the Round Table. This book series is definitely geared towards boys, but I loved it.

    Maybe these will help you out! Or maybe not, lol. I don’t know.

    • Amy

      @Hannah Thanks so much for your recommendations and info. I’m making a list :) x

  • Katlyn

    I recommend the Lauren Conrad LA Candy series. It’s a quick, easy read that managed to keep my attention throughout the whole book! :) I’m not even a big fan of The Hills but I’ll continue buying these book when they get released!

    • Amy

      @Katlyn I’m sold! Thanks for the recommendation. I actually picked it up in the book shop last week and put it back. I had no idea LC wrote a book. :)

  • Aoife Collins

    If you like vampire books try reading The Vampire Diaries or The Night World series by L.J.Smith but if you’re in the mood for something more serious you can’t go wrong with Margaret Atwood books!

    • Amy

      @Aoife Collins Haven’t heard Atwoods name in years, I did Cats Eye for my Leaving cert haha Have taken note of the your recommendations, thanks so much :)

  • Ms.Wedgie

    All i’m thinking about today is that as of 5pm I have 5 glorious days off work!! Only a few more hours now and then it’s DVD’s, cups of tea and shopping! YAY!!!

    I had the same problem after Twilight…everybody seems to be doing vampy werewolf stuff now and it’s starting to get a bit boring!Neil Gaiman has kept me going post-twilight. Stardust, The Graveyard Book and Neverwhere are my favourites! They’re like trippy fairytales for adults!

    Philadelphia on a cupcake!!! Ewwwwww…nasty nasty nasty. It’s supposed to be that sugary, buttery stuff!

    Have a fab Easter!

    P.S. Justify your new make up purchases by accidentally (on purpose) mislaying a huge great pile of products and then (miraculously) finding them when you return from your shopping trip! :)

    • Amy

      @Ms.Wedgie I like the way you think! haha Thanks for the fairytales for adults recommendation, that sounds like something I would love :) x

  • Erin

    OMG! I feel the SAME way about Twilight, nothing I’ve read since is nearly as good. Have you read Stephenie Meyer’s other book, The Host? Its not related to the Twilight world at all, but it is SOOO good!! I didn’t want that one to end either, but it helped me with my Twilight withdrawal a bit :p I hope she continues to write more books soon…

    • Amy

      @Erin Me too! I started The Host 3 times and never got passed chapter 5, I missed Edward too much haha I must read it! x

  • Lyndsey

    Amy, I can truly sympathise with you. Sid the spot arrived on the side of my face a week ago, since then he will not budge – and I have tried EVERYTHING! It seem’s to anger him and he get’s worse. To add to the insult, three days ago he invited his whole family to take residence across my chin and other cheek – I have given up. It is down to being run down and stressed I think.
    Book wise – I find that if I am not in the mood for some ‘heavy’ reading, that The Little Black Dress publishing house do some really good chick lit reads. (I normally take 5 of them for reading on the beach on hols)
    I am ashamed to say that I have never visited a MAC counter as I live in the back of beyond – will try better!
    I do quite a lot of baking at home – so never buy from shops – it is so easy and they are always nicer. Banana and choc chip muffins are a firm fav in this house.
    I have just agreed a sale on my house -hence the stressed breakout – so my decorating is done until I find my new home. Try the Ecover range from the supermarkets. It’s natural so no yukky chemicals, and really effective.
    Good luck with your cleaning and your ‘country chic’ re-decorating.

    • Amy

      @Lyndsey You’re a gem! Thanks for all the great info. Stress breakouts are a b*@#h to get rid of aren’t they! Ecover is now on my list. Congratulations on the sale of the house! x

  • Valentina

    I sufferred from post Twilight reading depression too. :) I have just started reading The Girl with the Dragan Tattoo though. It is the first of the Millenium trilogoy books (if you have hard of them which I hadn’t). It is a crime novel and so far so good. More reading over the easter break will be had!

    • Amy

      @Valentina Enjoy! Keep us updated :)

  • Jody

    Great minds think alike ;) Me & my daddy are busy spring cleaning the house from top to bottom after having a new kitchen put in, which also means alot more healthier eating x

    • Amy

      @Jody Daddy and daughter spring cleaning, I like it!

  • Kate

    Mornin Amy :)
    my meteor coverage has been gone 2 DAYS now, i am going crazy here!!!!

    will you be going to the Expose Fashion show in dublin?? I’ll be ordering my tickets tonite :) xx

    • Amy

      @Kate I was thinking about it :) x

  • Erica

    Thinking I’m going to spend the last 100yoyos of my BT voucher tomorrow. I’ve a 9 slots free in my MAC pallet. A few purchases will be influenced by your top eyeshadow video! Had awful mascara mishap this morning my wand BROKE and ended up with major clumped eyelashes and I wasn’t in my own house to fix the issue with alternative wand! Grrr :( I’ve a tonne of ironing to do, running short on clothes to wear… this may be a problem come next week. I’ve a mind numbing assignment due on the politics of Irish healthcare and im dossing on blogs.

    • Amy

      @Erica You poor thing! I don’t miss assignments. Keep us updated if you decide to head to mac hee hee

  • Georgina

    Have you read Girl with the Dragon Tatoo (Millenium trilogy) – it’s a pretty good thriller, even if you don’t like that genre (like me!) x

    • Amy

      @Georgina Thanks for the recommendation, have added it to my wish list :) x

  • Lydia

    The Time Traveler’s Wife book is the first book to properly suck me in since the Twilight saga too! It’s a book I can’t put down – love it when that happens :)

    • Amy

      @Lydia Ooooh sounds good, added :)

  • Caoimhe

    Hi Amy, thought of you yesterday – was in Mango in Arnotts and they have some really pretty ditsy floral pieces!
    Also the best place for cupcakes is Babs, Lolly and Cooks at the Drury Street end of George’s Street Arcade.They even have gluten free ones. Eh sounds like a bit of an advertisement…!But they are best I’ve tried xx

    • Amy

      @Caoimhe Don’t tell me that! Now I need to go to Mango haha Drury st was cupcakes? I’m there :) Thanks for sharing! x

  • Dee

    I have always been a big reader, but I just haven’t been able to sustain the attention to read more than 20 pages of anything in the last few months. I keep picking up books, starting them, putting them down and never picking them up again. No matter what I try I can’t seem to get “grabbed”.

    • Amy

      @Dee I can relate, I’m in the same boat. Everything I pick up is crap. I’m beginning to wonder if it’s my attention span haha

  • Morgan

    Loved this.

    • Amy

      @Morgan Thanks Morgan :)

  • Mandi

    I am also in a huge bedroom rut..mine is boring and kinda thrown together…I want a redo..any ideas?!

  • mandi

    The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver….good good book

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