Mother of Jesus What Have I Done to my Hair?

My once cool red locks are now chemical orange. I say chemical because if I were a natural red head I would be delighted, this is a far cry from a natural red head. To top it off I have lovely fair roots, which look ridiculous. I’m not sure how this happened so quickly. My hair had faded very little until today. Man was I shocked this morning when I washed my hair and a my bathroom was speckled in red dye, the term ‘blood bath’ comes to mind. Here’s a photo so your can point and laugh…

Does it remind anyone else of Rubex?

I was visiting my Nannie today, who is a hairdresser, and decided to give a semi in Chestnut a whirl. It couldn’t look worse right? We waited 30 minutes and rinsed. To my horror my hair looked an even lighter chemical orange. I drove home feeling sorry for myself whilst grumbling at the rush hour traffic.

I was only home 2 minutes when the phone rang. It was my nannie ringing to let me know that we did not in fact put colour on my hair, we used the conditioner. Oops! So now my hair looks faded and jaded but at least I had a deep conditioning session (always looking on the bright side of things).

My dilema is that I have another box of Chestnut semi here on front of me and I am tempted to use it. The Irish Blog Awards are Saturday night and I don’t want this washed out Bianca hair. Should I do it or wait for professional intervention (aka Mammy)?

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  • Alyson

    Ha the first time I used the Boots range of hair dye I also put in the conditioner by accident, they really should make the bottles less similar, can be a bit confusing if you’re not paying full attention! :)

  • Aoifee

    Haha Bianca hair!!!

    love ittt

    • Amy

      @Aoifee hee hee

  • Ellie

    Hehe your post made me laugh :)
    Don’t worry, I don’t think it looks too bad xx

    • Amy

      @Ellie You’re just being nice Ellie, it’s so gross haha x

  • Amanda

    I’d go for the Chesnut! (then when summer gets closer maybe some nice golden highlights?!)

    • Amy

      @Amanda Oooh sounds nice :)

  • Dorothy

    How about some Henna? :) Doesn’t damage your hair and gives you a lovely colour. Personally, I’d wait for professional intervention, just to make sure. Better safe than sorry. :)

  • sparklzandshine

    @Amy – I know you didn’t :) My hair started fading when I was 20, I’d dabbled in henna a bit, but when someone described me as having mousy hair I took it up permanently. ‘Mousy’ when you’ve survived ‘carrots’ ,’Duracell’ and every other variation!!!

  • lorraine

    it certainly looks to have changed colour slightly somehow. if twas me id ask for advice. cos if you put the brown on over that, can you really be sure that it wont turn some other strange shade. you should ask your mom :-)

  • Em

    Can your mam give ya some professional intervention before the awards!!!? – that would be a plan.
    otherwise i would say go for it, and good luck!!!:)

  • orla

    GO FOR IT !!!! chestnut brown wud really suit u …. ul be a lot more confident in yourself if u do it and dont think it looks good now ..

  • sparklzandshine

    I could take offence at comments about birght orange hair lol ….but actually this just reminds me why I’m happy to stick to Henna! Hope you get it sorted x

    For some reason your comment form hates my web address, always claims it’s invalid?!

    • Amy

      @sparklzandshine Of course I meant chemical bright orange. If I were a natural red head I wouldn’t be dying it at all. Love real red hair. Why do you darken yours?
      Will look into the email thing x

  • Stephanie

    it’s really not that orange! it’s not as bad as you think :) x

  • innerbelle

    :o !!!

    Dye it, it can only look better right? im pretty sure ull be sorted dying it over a darker shade

    good luck and let us know how it worked out.

  • Gemma

    Yes! Chestnut would look perfect! I will keep my fingers crossed! x

  • hannah

    for the love of god yes, dye it chestnust brown. it looked better dark red than orange anyway.

  • Sarah

    Dye it! What’s the worst that can go wrong?

  • Jen

    Yeah go for it , it can’t really get any worse that bright orange {no offence :) }
    your hair does look really healthy and shiny though I guess your nans misjudgement was a good thing!x

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