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Musings about Hair Removal – What do you think?

I find hair removal such a chore these days. I’m a bit of an obsessive hair remover and I used to enjoy the process but lately I dread it. With this in mind I though I would have a little rant about hair removal options and get your opinion.

Bear in mind that this is just my experience with hair removal methods. I’m no expert and like everyone else have learned though trial and error… a lot of error!



I can’t stand the long, hairy wait before a waxing. This is enough to put me off! The first time I had my legs waxed in a salon the beautician left bruises, not good. Needless to say I switched to another salon and had no such problems. It’s expensive if you rely on a salons services.

As far as waxing at home goes, I tried it once and it ended in tears. I applied a wax strip  under my arm and then couldn’t get the right angle to rip it off. There was also no one else at home. I ended up peeling it back little by little. The result? Patches of smooth skin mixed with patches of tissue trauma… there was blood! Yes, I’m an idiot.


Home Laser Hair Reduction Systems

I have heard a few YouTube beauty guru’s and bloggers talking about the Boots Smooth Skin Intense Pulsed Light Hair Reduction System. It costs a bomb –  £325! (couldn’t find euro price). Apparently it reduces hair growth after a course of treatments. Boots say that it may not work on blonde hair so this would mean that my legs are out of the question but perhaps I could use it elsewhere. £325 is a bit of a risk though! Have you tried it or heard anything about it?

I found a little google image..



Laser Hair Removal

The idea of being hair free permanently is what attracts me to laser hair removal. I know for many, it’s more a hair reduction than a removal but I would settle for that. It’s obviously an expensive option (although I’m seeing ads everywhere for clinics offering 80% reduced price). It also requires repeat visits but then again, any form of hair removal requires maintenance.

The cost is what has put me off laser hair removal in the past. I also have blonde hair  on my legs and I was told a few years ago that laser would not work on me. I did consider under arm and bikini though. As far as I know there is more advanced technology now.

Bottom line – I’m seriously considering it.



I just hate shaving. My skin is sensitive, dry and prone to ingrown hairs so I have to exfoliate  like a crazy woman. Despite a decade plus experience with shaving I still manage to cut myself every time! I don’t mind using a razor for touch ups in the Summer – if I have waxed or epilated and have a few sneaky little guys growing back but I don’t like relying on them. I also hate ladies razors, they never work as well as mens. Mach 3 all the way :)


Hair Removing Mitts:

Yeah right! I bought some of these last year – they did a great job of exfoliating but did very little in the way of hair removing, for me anyway. I’d be interested to hear if these worked for anyone else.



Any of you that read my blog regularly will have heard me rave about the Braun Silk Epil. Don’t get me wrong, it hurts like a mother but the results are fantastic. People told me it would become less painful –  so I waited, and waited, then waited some more. No such luck for me! It’s still torture.

I would imagine that the experience is quite an individual thing – some people think it barely pinches, others run out of the bathroom crying. I’m the latter.  I just can’t bear it at the moment. At least in the Summer you have a goal in mind, right now I just couldn’t put myself through the pain!


Depilatory Creams:

How many of us spend a fortune on Veet and Nair?! I use it on my brows and in summer on the white fluff on my arms (hope no men ever read this post haha). This is my favourite for instant results – smooth, easy, no pain. It has a major downside for me! It only lasts 24 hours before I can feel regrowth. Ok so it might be days before I actually see anything but I hate the feel!

It’s quite an expensive method of hair removal when you consider how much of it you use in one application. I have tried some cheaper brands and haven’t found them as good. If you have come across anything let me know.


I’m a lost cause!

What is your favourite method of hair removal?

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  • Lieenie

    I looked into Laser but Hormonal Changes can cause the hair to grow back! Yes that’s changing your pill and having babies. Hmmm Not that I’m planning to do either soon but research research research

  • Melissa

    The hair removal process really is a chore- i’m so over it, but ofcourse it’s a must. And wow I didn’t know you could do the laser removal at home now.

  • pharmacy tech

    Great site. A lot of useful information here. I’m sending it to some friends!

  • andra

    hey! i haven’t shaved for at least 6 years. i use waxing or epilating. waxing is expensive though and i hear you when you say that you have ti wait until it grows, i hate my legs in that period, but after that wait when i wax them they are really smooth and no hair left <3. in the past year i learned to wax myself with cold wax, and it's really cheap. and also i epilate, i have a phillips but still i didn't get used to the pain.
    i would very much like to remove my hair with laser or pulsating light, especially in the bikini area when i always am terrified to wax :P
    so that's about it i think!

  • Lyndsey

    I Veet my bikini line as shaving gives me terribly painful ingrown hairs down there otherwise! I am too chicken to have waxing or epilate as the pain of waxing -the one and only time I had it done – was just horrendous. Venus razors are my weapon of choice for my legs and under arms, however, I agree that the blades are not effective enough for anything more than 24 hour hair removal. After that the dreaded stubble returns!

  • ClaireM

    Eugh! It’s all such a pain. I shave or epilate (when I can bear it and after taking two painkillers or a load of wine). Ingrown hairs are the bane of my life no matter what method I use. Dep creams are so expensive for the length of time they last and they stink up your bathroom and your skin! Waxing at home is messy and in a salon, too expensive!
    Waiting for the day they invent a permenant, painless and quick solution!!

  • Riina

    I tweeze my eyebrows (I’d love to thread them, but I just fail every time I try….); shave my legs (because it’s the fastest), use my Philips epilator AND a razor on my bikini area (because I find it the smoothest way); and during winter I shave my underarms and in summer period I use my epilator or go to the salon and get them waxed (because this way I can lay around the beach without any worries for aprox 2 weeks).

    I used to epilate my legs too with my trustworthy Philips epilator, but I started to find ingrown hair, so I went back to shaving, because I don’t get ingrown hair with the ladder.

  • Monica

    Since July, I get my wax and laser done in the salon! Both are NOT painful at all! Only con side would be the cost factor though!

    I used to epilate my underarms cause shaving made the hairs darker. I didnt find it painful but it does take time to epilate it all! So I decided to go for laser which made my life so much easier over summer! I did my 3rd session (out of 6) last week and I’m liking what I see so far =] I’m not expecting a permanent hair removal but definately a reduction in growth! You should go for laser hair removal esp loads of salons are doing discounts now! x

  • deepika

    after your post about the silk epil, i went and got one for myself. i have arm hair that i just hate like none other. i’ve been insecure about since i can remember, and the epilating actually works beautifully on it. i use it about once a week or every 2 weeks, and i’ve started to notice it’s coming in less this and the hairs are lighter. i tried it in other places, too, and honestly find that for me, it’s best for arms and arm pits. in fact, i LOVE it for arm pits. i have completely forgotten i have armpit hair! it comes back in thin and light and i can barely even tell it’s there!

    for legs, i still just plane shave. i havent found anything else that gives a nice smooth shine like shaving does… upper lip, though, it’s all about the depilatory creams…

    geeze, what a chore it can be to be a woman who isnt naturally hairless!

  • Ruth

    I’m a beauty therapist and I shave! Would get someone else to do my waxing if I had a holiday or something special but otherwise a good razor like Venus does the job. I use left over hair conditioner as a shave gel and never get a cut – softens the skin and uses up the leftover conditioner when the matching shampoo is done! Can’t shave bikini line though it leaves dreadful rash! Has anyone tried electrolysis?? I’m not trained in it and always wondered would it be less expensive than laser but more lasting than wax? If you get a bikini wax thats more than just a tidy up your beautician should always use hot wax and wear gloves – if not go somewhere else – also make sure they use a clean spatula – you’d be amazed at the places i’ve seen with a used spatula sitting on the edge of the waxpot ready for the next client!

  • Birminghamlady

    i epilate. i’ve just bought a new Braun and have used it on my legs for 4 months. it’s not true that is doesn’t stop hurting. i still hate it. but i love the fact that i can stay up to a month without using it again. love. for the bikini and armpit area… oh well… can’t stand the epilator. it’s bloody and it hurts. i ahve a shaver. i know, not the best solution, but :-?? saloons are too expensive for me (but they do wonders in some areas). and waxing strips are just a big joke to me.

  • Ashlie

    OMG, thanks!I was tweezing whilist this was prob. being posted….(and while trimming my brows).. thinking, “ARRRGG man, I donnnn’t feellll like doing this again!”.

  • Nikki

    I stick with the razor, saving for a Philips Lumea to diy hair removal @ home !! I get my brows threaded and have gotten laser on dark hairs on the sides of my face and its worked wonders after 4 sessions !! I’ve seen those 80% off ads too but its still expensive – on the plus side its once a month so that leaves you a month to save !!

  • Caoimhe

    I’ve used the dimples hair removal cream and it works well and is cheap,,, i need to do loads of exfoliating too which exfoliator do you find is best..???

  • Ellie

    I love Brazilian Hard Wax! It’s the strip-less kind that only sticks to the hair and not the skin, so it is much less painful and works great for sensitive skin. I have red hair and fair skin, and traditional waxing tears my skin and leaves me red for days. I use hard wax on my bikini area and my eyebrows and it virtually pain free. The trick with hard wax is to apply it in thick strips and pull it off before it hardens completely, it is super quick and easy once you get the hang of it. The wax comes off very cleanly and pulls EVERYTHING with it, there is no sticky mess to clean up after. I use the Gigi kit that comes with a tub of hard wax and a warmer – they make a microwave version as well but I find the warmer really helps to maintain a nice gently melted wax for long periods of time so it doesn’t harden on you mid-wax. You should definitely check it out, it is an “obsessive hair remover’s” dream! :) A few more tips in case you try: don’t overheat the wax, you want it to be slightly gooey, not runny; also, apply an oil to your skin and hands before waxing (baby oil works fine) – this ensures that the wax won’t stick at all even if you try to pull it off before it “sets”. You should definitely check it out, it is an “obsessive hair remover’s” dream! :)

    • ClaireM

      Ohhh. I’m very intrigued! Where’d you get this? Is it a particular brand or what?

  • Rebecca

    don’t you find you get ingrown hairs with epilating?
    i’ve recently started this painful method and i also love the results! but i do get alot of ingrown hairs as a result…
    what also draws me to epilating is that it’s meant to make the hair regrowth get lighter over time, which i am keeping my fingers crossed for!

    • Amy

      I didn’t get any ingrown hairs Rebecca but as I said, I’m an obsessive exfoliator. The skin on my legs is very dry so I exfoliate every time I shower and moisturiser morning and evening. I also use a little antiseptic ointment after epilating – I wonder if that helps

  • Mise

    I’m a brunette Amy, so imagine how I feel :( I gave up on getting my legs waxed as it lasted no length, and having to leave the hair grow long enough for a re-wax, not good! So now I just stick to shaving my legs and underarms.
    I got my underarms waxed once and never again, 10 times worse than getting the bikini line done.
    I get my lip waxed though, and my eyebrows either waxed or tweezed, got them threaded for the first time ecently, but I don’t think it lasts any longer than waxing to be honest. I still have to tidy up the stray hairs inbetween visits.

    • Amy

      I agree with you on the threading (must blog about that – thanks for the reminder)
      It’s such a pain, continual grooming, when will it end!

  • robyn

    i do use nair on my legs

  • robyn

    I am such a baby when it comes to hair removal. i do not love waxing, apart from my eyebrows…i just shave and deal with it :)

    • Amy

      I think I’ll be joining you haha

  • Sarah

    Veet In Shower (the one wit the scrubby sponge)….no other veet has ever worked for me, but this is amazing. Probably a combination of the cream and the exfoliating effect of the scrubby kind of sponge you get with it.
    Worth a try!

    • Amy

      Ooh this is the shower formulation one? Must try it

  • Becca

    I hate shaving as I’ve got really sensitive skin too, but what i find helps is if I use veet leave it for a few mins and then use it as shaving cream if that makes sense. My skin is always really soft – the only downside is i really dont like the smell of the veet. so I slap on loads of body butter afterwards.
    :) x

    • Amy

      It stinks alright! I hate that it leaves the smell in the house for ages

  • sharon

    I tried laser hair removal and to be honest it didn’t work and was very expensive maybe it was just the place I went to :-( I’ve got the Silk Epil and it does work very well. I find it hurts less if you use the wipes beforehand. Failing all else and if I just can’t be bothered then the trusted razor makes an appearance.

    • Amy

      I have the wipes in the drawer and have never looked twice at the, feel stupid now haha Will try with them. Thanks!

  • Jo

    I’m an absolute wimp! Can’t handle waxing or epilating, hate the thought of a laser. Looks like it’s razor forever for me!

    • Amy

      If you have found a method you don’t mind then your right!

  • Caroline M

    I’m a shaver. I hat doing it and always cut myself too but I have a low paint threshold ha haa

    • Amy

      Ha ha the pain is enough to make me reach for the razor instead

  • Michelle

    I wax, always have. It does cost me a fortune though. Would think about laser hair removal in the future too

    • Amy

      In the salon every time?

  • Tara

    I just shave. I’m terrified of everything else haha

    • Amy

      I can see your point! :)

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