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My Breakout Clearing Skincare Arsenal

I have been whining for a week now about the state of my skin, as you all know. I decided to leave my skin alone and see would it clear itself. Nothing happened. Enter my skin clearing arsenal:


  • Netrogena Visibly Clear 2-in-1 Wash
  • Clearasil Rapid Action Cream
  • Profound Advanced Performance Glycolic Cleanser

After 2 days of using this combination of products my the breakout has dried out. The marks are still these but no more spots are coming up. In the past I have relied on a combination of the Neutrogena 2-in-1 and Clearasil Rapid Action to tackle a bad breakout and they have never let me down. I decided to add in the glycolic cleanser to help eat away the dry skin left from the use of the other 2 products.

Both the  Neutrogena wash and the Clearasil cream contain salicylic acid which eats away dead skin cells and penetrates the pore to clean out impurities. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and is anti-bacterial.

Since there are some harsh ingredients in these products, I don’t use them regularly. I like to save them for times that I really need them. Another downside is that the skin on my chin is now flakey and dry (Yuck!) so make-up looks all wrong. Think I’ll be going au naturel this week!

What are your favourite products for clearing your skin?

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  • kulyllo!

    hi everybody!!

    Amy, I’m from Spain and I want to buy your magic product “Profound Advanced Performance Glycolic Cleanser” because I’m 25 and I’ve got bad skin but, I don’t know where!!! are there any website to buy on-line?Please!!
    Great Post!!!

    Many thanks!

  • Christina

    Hi Amy, thank you for a great website.
    I was wondering if you could buy the Profound Advanced Performance Glycolic Cleanser anywhere on the internet? I live in denmark and I haven’t bin able to find it anywhere:(

    Love Christina

  • Laurie

    I think my skin is really bad, I always get spots but my mum and my friends say it’s like I’m the only one who can see them! I went to a good chemists I know and they said it’s not acne (but I think it’s close) anyway, they recommended La Roche Posey (I don’t know if I spelt that right!) and it’s brilliant! I didn’t have a single spot after one week, I think the face wash I used was like 13 euro, but I don’t recommend the moisturiser, it doesn’t moisturise at all. Thats the downside of this product, it’s really drying! my hands even dried up from holding the face wash, so much so that they bled!
    Over all though I’d still give it 5 stars, but don’t use it as a daily skin care routine!! x x Amy love your blog and videos!! I send hugs!

  • emma p

    I have a spot which isn’t really a spot, it’s kinda under the skin but its huuuge and i can’t get rid! I’m using the new Garnier 3 in 1 wash/scrub/clay mask type thing at night but it’s not helping at all. Any help guys?

  • Claire Campbell

    Over the years I have always been very careful when it come to clearasil products as I had many breakouts with it when I was younger… my skin is oily in the t-zone, dry in other areas and i get frequent breakouts…

    Heavy rich products such as the Boots vitamin E night cream recently dried up my skin.. however i adore Boots essentials moisturising cream in the green tub… very inexpensive and works well in my skin. The Nutrogena Wave gave my skin terrible results, brought out all my inperfections and i understand that happens in a facial but my friend a beautician told me how terrible some of the ingredients in it were so i stopped using it…
    Im currntly looking from a primer that wont break me out… smashbox photo finish i head is terrible for breakouts… anyone got any advice xoxo

  • Edda

    My skin has always been fine until I turned 19/20. I started breaking out like crazy for no obvious reasons.
    I tried so many products, used the Clinique 3 Step system and Cetaphil but nothing seemed to work. I found out that my skin reacted with silicones and added alcohol. But it is nearly impossible to find anti-blemish products without these ingredients!
    Then I tried the Liz Earle Hot Cleanse and Polish thing and this is a miracle! Even though I was skeptical at first since it is a cream cleanser, it removed all of my huge spots and bumps on my face within a few days. and it’s completely natural! I use a Origins toner with it, it is a 2-Phase one. it contains Kaolin which naturally unclogs and clears you pores.
    Harsh products like Neutrogena seem to help for a few days but then they make me brake out.

    • Amy

      @Edda I’m the same, I use the harsh stuff to clear the breakout then I go back to the gentle stuff. Love Cleanse and Polish, it’s the stuff of legends! hee hee

  • Niamh

    Netrogena Visibly Clear 2-in-1 Wash breaks me out every time.
    i use there spot scrub and its amazing being using it for two months and my skin looks amazing.
    Wish i could use the 2-in-1 wash :(

    • Amy

      @Niamh It’s mad the way something that works for someone and not for someone else. Must check out the scrub x

  • Fiona

    Its strange, I had heard so many good things about the clearasil rapid action stuff, so I decided to try it. I was disappointed with it. REALLY disappointed. It did nothing to my skin, absolutely nothing. Im 13 so maybe its just that or something but still I expecting some inprovement.
    The boots own range facial wash (the green one) works wonders on my skin and its about €3. There was also o nivea moisturer rhat strangely got rid of my spots but can never find it any more.

    • Amy

      @Fiona To be honest benzoin peroxide products work much better for spots than Salicylic acid on MOST people. For some reason I’m an exception to this rule. I use the boots own stuff occasionally, never breaks me out. Good stuff. Must check out the facial wash, cheers x

  • Julie

    Oops! Typo in my original comment – the other brand I was going to mention was enjo, though I haven’t tried their microfibres myself. And forgot to mention a further step … I’m going to sound like an advert for Body Shop now, yikes! … but I also use the Tea Tree Oil Blemish Fade Night lotion underneath my moisturiser. I only use this on the problem areas though as it is slightly drying.

    • Amy

      @Julie TBS tea tree got me through adolescence haha I need the fade lotion!!! Thanks for bringing this product to my attention :)

  • Julie

    Three things that helped me with blemishes:

    1. Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Facial Wash.

    2. Removing cow dairy mostly from my diet (though I still cheat now and then)

    3. Using a microfibre cloth after using a cleanser. You would be amazed how much makeup and grime is till on your face even after cleanser and toner. I started by using these but I know that the international brand sells something similar. There are also recommendations for using supermarket microfibre cloths if you’re watching your budget. There’s a thread on these here too

  • Julia

    I usually have very oily skin an do tend to have break outs every other month (on my chin as well, actually! ;)). I can really recommend vichy normaderm. it might be a bit more expensive (check for online pharmacies which ususally are a LOT cheaper) but it has cleared my skin and it’s also quite ‘normal’ now – smaller pores, no shine, etc..
    oh, and I use products with glycolic acid as well at times and in order to not look like a dried raisin I use weleda wild rose moisture cream in the mornings…works well under make up but smells a bit odd if you don’t like roses.
    have a lovely day! :)

  • LovinMakeUp&Beauty

    I use the Johnson’s baby soft shower wash on my face and the new Garnier (green pump) thats a gel and lathers into a smooth mouse, and the Yes to carrot exfoliator :) I hated my skin and did have spots but now my face has drastically improved, and I am happy to say that I wouldn’t mind if I had to rush of somewhere without my make up! Amy I bought my second bottle of Revlon Colourstay in Natural Beige and I am loving it, but my brother got me the Revlon Beyond Natural in Light Pale and I have to say I wasn’t too fond of the texture, it didn’t suit my skin :( I was very disappointed because I had high hopes for that product because I do love Revlon!!

  • Laura J

    I totally understand how unhappy bad skin can make you I suffer which acne.
    The product which made a big improvement in my skin is Differin creme but its only avaliable on perscription. If your acne persists its worth asking your doctor for some differin creme.

    Are you going to be on TV? what channel?

  • ella

    i have used the Netrogena Visibly Clear 2-in-1 Wash and the Clearasil Rapid Action Cream. They both together and alone only made my skin just go crazy.
    The one i use johnson 3in1 cleanser it cleanes, tones and moisturise. it is a great only product that has made my skin great.

  • Sarah

    It’s expensive, but you just have to try the Dermalogica Overnight Clearing gel. It’s a miracle worker, seriously.

  • Tracey

    I think your Blog is great. I like that you take time to Research things and also to reply to people’s comments. Anyway I checked out this Glycolic Acid and didn’t see any products in my local supermarket. I found out that it is found in sugar beet, pineapple and unripe grapes. So today i bought myself a pineapple and pineapple juice. Lets see if it makes a difference to my skin. I had bad Acne and took Roaccutane and now looking for something to smooth the scars. I bought L’Oreal Skin Genesis today, it has Pro-Xylane and Hyaluronic Acid. So I will see how that goes. I used to work for P&G and they had a case against them over Clearasil…as it really damaged a girl’s skin…definitely good not to use it often. I’m going to try the aspirin mask too. I used to use Vit. E capsules, burst them and rub on my skin…bit greasy, but cheaper then cream and worked. (Sorry for long post)

  • ciara

    ooh youre going to be on tv?
    what programme and what day?

    i currently have a mountain range on my forehead, its my own fault though, its due to an overload of sweets,chocolate and fizzy drinks last weekend.:(

  • lorraine

    lol it must be breakout wk all across the country. i use the neutrogena visibly clear daily exfolitiating wash, and i use the visibly clear rapid clear treatment, as it helps reduces the reddness. another thing i use which i cut up are the garnier daily purifying pads and dab it directly on to the spot it dries it out and it works quite fast :-)

    • Amy

      @lorraine Oooh something else to try haha thanks Lorraine!

  • Ellie

    Hey, I depend on Neutrogena wash and the Clearasil Cream when I have a bad breakout too. I really like them but I need to moisturize a lot more cause of them. Great Post :) xox

  • Aoife

    My skin is just not happy these days! I had 2 whoppers on my forehead that haven’t gone yet. Their cousin moved in on my cheek the other day! These are annoying but I know they’ll clear up with the help of your number 1 & 2 there! I have them and think the Clearasil works really well. It takes the sting out of them!

    The worst part about my skin at the moment is (what I think is) congestion on my chin. Lovely bumpy crap on my chin and on one side it’s drifting towards my jaw! Not good. I could be putting too much moisturiser on and it’s clogging it all up. I’m going to try that for a while or else I’m off to Dermalogica for a facial! :-(

    • Amy

      @Aoife I’m the same, keep moisturising like a mad woman when clearly my skin can’t take it haha I’m going for a facial myself this week for TV3, sans make-up on tv? I already feel sick haha Enjoy dermalogica :)

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