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My dirty little beauty secret: Make-up Wipes

I have one dirty beauty secret that I need to own up to… I have a fondness for make-up wipes. I know, I know, spawn of skin satan, atrociously lazy etc but I do use them. I have gone through so many brands of wipes at this stage and there is one that I keep coming back to. The good news is that they are so bloody cheap, the bad news is, well they’re face wipes.

The wipes in questions are Spar Cleansing Wipes for face neck and eyes. I bought them first in an emergency situation and ended up loving them. They cost €1.49 for a pack of 25. They don’t smell gross, in actual fact they are milder than most brands I have tried. I have normal to combination skin that is prone to sensitivity. These are the only wipes I have used that don’t cause a reaction, spots or inflammation. That’s quite shocking considering the fact that they are also the cheapest I have tried. They do a pretty good job of getting off my make-up. They aren’t great at removing eye make-up so I usually do that separately.

I try not to use these wipes every night but I do use them at least twice a week and I have no problems. They provide a little light exfoliation and for that price you can’t go wrong. Wipes are never amazing for you skin but these beauties do exactly what I need them to.

What are your thoughts on cleansing wipes?

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  • Thea

    World is now lazy and bored of the natural beauty tips,they dont want to waiste their time even if they dont do anything,so now washing your face is just a waiste of time for them,but water is saint!

  • Aoife

    I used to use facial wipes. I bought Johnsons ones – the 3 in 1 – brought them to Paris on my holidays and ended up with puffy eyes. Not pretty and kind of uncomfortable. I was using tea bags to calm them down. After that experience I never bought any wipes again!

  • Aimskii

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with using cleansing wipes to remove make up if you’re traveling or just pushed for time. I do prefer washing it off though, it feels cleaner.

    • Amy

      @Aimskii That’s true, nothing beats the clean feeling that comes with cleanser :)

  • Tricia

    I have to confess, when my “sister” came over to the States from Galway, I made her bring me the Johnson’s baby wipes sold in Ireland…I use them to take off my make-up when I am too wrecked to wash it properly! We can’t get the same kind here.
    I also like Neutrogena and Loreal Revitalift, although the Loreal seem a bit more harsh. I feel bad using them, but when I am so tired, I am with Sarah, I just figure it’s better than going to sleep with a dirty face!

    • Amy

      @Tricia haha Tricia that’s exactly my reasoning :)

  • beatriz

    I only use makeup remover and a washcloth. I find this to be a much “greener” solution. Makeup wipes are extremely wasteful and like prefer the sturdiness of a washcloth. I use Avon’s lotion based makeup remover and I LOVE it. It really takes off everything!!

    • Amy

      @beatriz Good point! Wipes aren’t very green. Must have a look at the avon cleanser :)

  • Clo

    What’s wrong with using cleansing wipes?? D: (I’m genuinely wondering)
    I’ve been using them for like 6 years.

  • Elle

    Love facial wipes, but always follow them with a cleanser (unless I’m super tired after a night out…) My favourite are by a brand called Swisspers, which I think might be an Australian brand.

    • Amy

      @Elle Ooh must keep an eye out for them :)

  • Alyson

    My dirty little beauty secret is the Aldi facial wipes. Not sure on the price but they’re very cheap and amazing. Best wipes I’ve ever used. The only ones that don’t break me out and they actually do take my make up off. The Simple exfoliating wipes are also quite good, but I wouldn’t use these every night as they can be quite harsh on the skin!

    • Amy

      @Alyson I also heard good things about the aldi night moisturiser :)

  • Charan

    I always use baby wipes (hee) and I usually get them in boots because they have good offers :) . I wipes all my makeup with baby wipes and then wash my face with cleansing face wash :)

    • Amy

      @Charan Love the smell of baby wipes :)

  • Esther

    I always use face wipes, I don’t feel like my make up is coming off with any other clensing type product. :)

    • Amy

      @Esther I know what you mean :)

  • Claire

    My favourite face wipes are by Simple. When I use these wipes the only breakouts I get are hormonal ones, and this has always been the way. I’ve tried using skincare brands from Superdrug and Boots which all have broke me out, I also tried the Clinique 3-Step System which provoked my worst ever break out.

    Wipes aren’t recommended for good skin, but they do the trick for me and keep my skin clear :)

    If I feel like a deeper cleanse I like to use Clearasil Cleansing Pads or a Tea Tree Cleanser from Superdrug.

    • Amy

      @Claire It appears we have the same beauty regime :)

  • Bethany

    I love cleansing wipes. My favorite is the Yes to Cucumbers cleansing wipes. I mainly use them in the morning because I’m only giving my face a quick cleanse. My favorite part about them is the aloe in it. I love how it makes my skin tingle and feel so refreshed.

    • Amy

      @Bethany Sounds lovely!

  • Louise

    Ooh I love cleansing wipes hehe, their good if you can’t be bothered to faff around with your eye make-up. They just take it off in one, leaving a clean slate for your beauty routine (or if I’m really lazy, that’s all I do! oops)

    • Amy

      @Louise haha me too!

  • Shabna

    I ONLY use make-up wipes and eyemakeup remover *blushhhh* :S

    • Amy

      @Shabna haha I didn’t even use eyemakeup remover before bed tonight so your step ahead :)

  • K / bihadadiaries

    WOW, what a coincidence – I JUST did a blog post reviewing the Neutrogena wipes!

    I typically don’t like to use wipes as well, but they are handy when you just want to go to sleep!

  • sarah

    i’ll admit to this too!i try to use them as little as possible, usually after a night out but surely it’s better than sleeping in makeup?

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