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My experience with Gel & Acrlic Nails

It occurred to me whilst writing my blog post on getting your nails back into good condition after gel nails that I have never shared my experience with gel and acrylic nails on my blog before. A few people asked me if I recommend them. Here are my thoughts…

The first time I got my nails done I went for acrylic tips. I had them done in the Nail and Beauty Bar in Clarehall shopping centre. It took an hour and a half and I pretty much hated them. I hated the feel of them but most of all I hated the shape. They resembled something like this…

Do you see the ‘shovel’ effect. I think this shape made my hands look stubby and for some reason they gave the impression that I was ‘high maintenance’ – a little Snooki from Jersey Shore. I felt like I should have an orange tan to go with them. As soon as I got home I filed the sides of them down so they looked like they belong on my hands. I would honestly rather have scutty nails than this shape.

I had them removed after a month since I wasn’t happy to pay €30 to have them refilled every 3 weeks  and have them look like shovels. My nails then crumbled into oblivion after the technician soaked and filed the overlays off until I was close to bare fingers.

About six months later I was going on holiday and my nails were disgraceful so I opted for acrylics once again but this time I tried a Slender Health Beauty salon in Raheny. I explained to the technician that I hated my nails the first time I had them done. She promised that she would keep them the shape that my own nails grow naturally. I paid €65 for them but they were worth it! (I think most salons do the for about €50 now) They looked beautiful and natural. I went on holiday and enjoyed my perfect nails. They looked similar to this picture…

Again, the upkeep was too much. Although I didn’t really want part with the €30 for refills every few weeks, I just didn’t have an hour to spare to have them done. I’m not one for pampering, I don’t enjoy sitting in salons, I get too bored and an hour feels like a week!

After the removal this time I started a 4 step plan to keep stop my nails flaking and crumbling away (How to get your nails back into good condition after overlays).

I also tried gels at another stage and found the same problems after removal. They also break easier than acrylics.

So do I recommend them?

They look gorgeous if applied and shaped well but they are very high maintenance. They are great for going on holiday or over Christmas and the New Year. But you have to be prepared for the nail crumbling afterwards. If you don’t look after your nails well after removal they will be in a much worse state then when you started.

What do you think?

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