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My Favourite Moisturiser – Liz Earle Skin Repair

I have been using Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser for the past two weeks. As always, no beating about the bush – I love it. I can’t believe I’ve had this is my drawer for nearly a year and hadn’t given it a decent try.

The reason it spent so long in my drawer is that when I first tested it it seemed quite rich, despite being for normal / combination skin. If you’re a regular reader or you watch my YouTube videos you will know that I am plagued by breakouts on my chin. I am always afraid to use heavy moisturisers on this area, fearing that it would lead to more clogged pores.

Imagine my surprise when I resurrected this moisturiser and found that after a week of use the acne on my chin looked better! I am absolutely delighted. My breakouts are thanks to hormones but also skin sensitivity. I don’t have oily skin, rather combination / sensitive. I wouldn’t recommend this moisturiser for those with oily skin, it would be too much.

What I like most is that it is light yet richly moisturising. It hasn’t blocked any pores and has actually eased the breakouts.

According to the tube, Skin Repair contains active ingredients – Borage oil, Avocado oil, Echinacea, Beta-Carotene and Vitamin E.

It doesn’t have a very strong scent, it actually smells quite natural – more like natural oils (not essential oils).

I bought this as part of a Liz Earle set on ebay (the seller sold it as an unwanted gift). I always check ebay for unwanted gift sets, I often find things I like for €10. I’m going to buy the full size from the Liz Earle site this afternoon. €19.75 for a 50ml jar or tube. I have the 15ml trial size right now (€7.50). Handy to try it out first instead of wasting money on a products that doesn’t suite your skin.

I’m still using Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish (click here to read my thoughts on this gem) morning and evening with my muslin cloth. It’s just plain fabulous.

Have you tried any Liz Earle products?

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  • Lorraine

    Where can i buy this cream, and how much does it cost?

  • Lorraine

    I love the sound of this moisturizer as i have terrible combination skin, especially on my chin and nose, it can be oily yet flaking off with dryness! I have tried so many creams my heart is broken! Where can i but this cream and how much does it cost?

  • Shannon

    Hi Amy,

    I’m currently having major acne issues with my chin and back. I’m currently taking the birth control pill to attempt to control it. Cystic acne. I’m wondering, what are your thoughts on using the birth control pill as a way to control acne? Have you ever been on the pill for acne? I too would prefer a more natural approach but it seems nothing but this works for me. Love your site, keep up the great work.

    • Amy

      HI Shannon,

      You raise a good question.Let me say first that I’m no expert :)
      The pill is great for rebalancing hormones, particularly if you have a little too much male hormone which can cause cystic acne. I myself have elevated levels of Androstenedione which have lead to Polycystic Ovary Disorder.
      I was on the pill for about 8 years and had no spots at all. I came off it last year and cystic acne took hold. If I go back on the pill this will correct the imbalance but it won’t deal with the actual problem – the reason your hormones are out of whack.
      The pill could be a great short term solution for you but it is a bandaid. It’s possible that when you decide to come off the pill that the imbalance may still be present.

      On another note PCOS affects 1 in 10 women (so I hear) Acne, increased facial hair, irregular periods, weight gain can all be symptoms. I had no symptoms except for acne. When I spoke to a specialist he said that I have had it years but that the pill hid the problem.

      You’re right regarding the natural approach but unfortunately if there’s an imbalance it needs to be corrected. The pill will add the female hormones to balance out the higher level of male hormones but it doesn’t actually deal with the cause.

      I hope this helps!

  • Tara

    I couldn’t agree more. This moisturiser is phenomenal!! Love the smell too :)

  • Amy

    I have to be honest,I never thought that a moisturiser would help my acne. Delighted and surprised! :) Glad it worked for you. I need to go order more now!

  • Emma

    Liz earle = amazing!! i havent looked back since i started using the products!! use cleanse and polish and it is ssooo excellent!! i love it and the moisturiser and toner thing too!! i just find the only problem is that often the sizes of the products are fairly small- but in saying that they do last for quite a while. i realy love them..oh and amy if you buy from their website they always send a little sample with the products, they are also always packaged so lovely!! and because i have bought stuf online from them i always get their newsletters and catalogues too- even the paper is good quality- you should check out their christmas gift ideas – i think they are lovely presents for mums! oh and i live in dublin too and the delievery is fairly fast as far as i can remember…ok end of my rant now about liz earle- to cut a long story short …love it!!!:)

    • Amy

      Sold Emma! I’m off to order from their website haha Thanks a mil, Amy x

  • Olivia

    Oh yep I’m addicted to Liz!

    • Amy

      She’s a reliable aul bird! :)

  • Kat

    I’ve been using Skin Repair Light for the past month and I absolutely adore it! My skin is super oily and acne prone, and this moisturiser is so perfect for me- not too heavy/ oily and my skin has healed and acne reduced. Fab stuff!

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