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My Favourite Natural for Nails – Petite Polish by Eyeko

I’m a big fan of bright colours but sometimes a girl just can’t face it. I am having one of those days today. I never leave my nails bare as I tend to pick at them. Instead on apply a natural shade.

My favourite for natural nails is Petite Polish by Eyeko.

I think it’s meant to be used for French Polish but I’m afraid I can’t master that one. Rather, my left hand looks perfect and my right ends up looking like a five year old applies my nail polish. Not very chic.

As you can see from the picture my nails could do with a white tip layer. It just isn’t meant to be.

It’s creamy and easy to apply, like all Eyeko nail polishes really. I applied two coats. One coat is almost transparent but shiny whilst two coats provides a creamy peachy tint, exactly what the top layer of a French manicure should look like.

This is one of those reliable nail polishes that you reach for regularly despite the fact that it’s a little plain.

I will be repurchasing.

Have you tried Eyeko polishes? Do you have a favourite?

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