My First Ever Beauty Column – Metro Herald Clobber Blogger

I was delighted with the opportunity to be part of Metro Herald’s Clobber Blogger segment. My first beauty column was published today – Yay! I’m  not going to lie, I’m kinda’ delighted to be on the same page as Mr Farrell. Sorry to make you look at my mug again!

Ok, enough about me, me, me. How are you? :)

I’m off to prepare a post on my recent obsession – YSL nail polishes. I have a problem, seriously.

Have a lovely night (or day, depending on the geography)

Amy x

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  • robyn

    How cool!!! You are such a great role model for your little Eve!

  • Sonia Bourke

    Well done Amy. It reads very well :)

    • Amy

      Thanks Sonia! :) Not the best with words!

  • Cheyanne

    Love it!!! Now I need all of those products :(

    • Amy

      Ha ha Cheyanne, maybe one? :)

  • Martha P

    Ah Amy was so proud when I saw it. Have been reading your blog since the start. Still love you as much as the first post xoxox

    • Amy

      Aw Martha, you made my day :) Thanks so much x

  • Anne Balfe

    I wanted to tell everyone on the bus I WATCH HER VIDEOS lol I didn’t tho, I was already getting funny looks for opening the paper on the person beside me’s lap Lol

    • Amy

      Ah the joys of public transport etiquette :)

  • Caoilfhoinn

    Just read your column on the dart :-) Are you doing more?? Loved it xxx

    • Amy

      Doing more Caoilfhoinn :) x

  • Lana McMillan

    Saw it on my way to work and got so excited!! Hope you do more :)

    • Amy

      Hi Lana, few more in the works :)

  • Mana

    So cool Amy!

    • Amy

      Thanks a mil :)

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